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Never Mind… Found solution to problem.

Thanks – Awesome theme!!


very cool Tempalte, but I would have a few more questions in addition.

1. does the picture adapt of the Slider automatically in his size or must have the picture at least size sliders?

2. In the Sidebar, can be exchanged communtiy news and advertise by optionen?

if mine excuses bad in English, but I come from germany;)


1.) image sizes are generated automatically for sliders and thumbnails, you just need to make sure to upload a picture that is at least as big as the slider

2.) yes, the sidebar gets controlled by widgets

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I’m having a problem getting News to show in the side bar and footer on the Home page. It shows on every other page fine, just not on the Home?

What is weird is that the title for the widget ‘News’ shows fine…it just doesn’t pull in any content?

Please help and I love your work :)




could you drop me a link so that I can take a look? :)

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It here http://www.neverpaintagain.info/

You’ll see that the NEWS heading are on the home page but no feed. Click on any other page to see the news as it should be.


For anyone who has the multiplying backslash issue when adding Google analytics code to the theme (and thus breaking it), I think I have diagnosed the problem… A Php function called “Magic Quotes”



The solution is that you need to add a couple of lines of PHP script to the theme file to turn off magic quotes. But not sure exactly where to post it!

As a temporary workaround, I’ve just added a google analytics plugin that seems to allow you to post in the code (hopefully it doesn’t conflict with the site).

Any help for a permanent solution would be appreciated! Thanks


thanks for the help, was already at that point as well, just need to find the time to implement the change ;)

will announce it on twitter and facebook once i got it fixed

regards Kriesi

Quick Question: Where would I find the pages thumbnail output size?

Why? I’d like to reduce the height of the pages thumb image.

Currently: When I put a smaller pages thumbnail image it’s stretched out across the top to fill the space. I’d like to have that be more fluid rather than force a smaller image to stretch out to fill the space.

Thanks again for a great theme! Scott


sizes are located at functions.php starting at line 7



Why I never looked at functions.php is beyond me (shrugs)

Hey, I look forward to seeing this theme develop more, a lot of thought into this design!


This is a really great theme, so easy for a client to take over once everything is in place.

I have tried changing every font to Arial, Helevtica, Verdana, san-serif; in the css and I still can’t change the title of the post in the slideshow on the main page.

I really don’t like that funky font. Sorry :)

How do I change it back to boring?


you can change the font in style.css at

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, legend, .sliderheading {
font-family:"Trebuchet MS",Arial,Helvetica,san-serif;

internet explorer seems to have problems with fonts that faded in or out, depending on the windows version and the IE version. once there is a solution for this i will implement it :)

Ok, I checked it out on firefox and the font is beautiful. I am using the latest version on IE and it’s funky!

Help! lol

wow that is stunning, but i cant change all two weeks my theme :) but this one i have to buy – where is the button for the deposit :) great work, so much worth the price of this and a lot of inspiration. thanx

two questions: 1. is it possible to make a custom home.php ? 2. is it possible to customize some templatepages or to make a new one ?


as with every wordpress theme, this is of course possible as long as you got some basic wordpress knowledge :)

Hi Kriesi, It’s not really a fading out problem, I tried your fix but it just made it bolder not better.

I also took out the “MS Trebuchet”

And it is only a problem with the post title in the accordion slider, not the cross or news sliders.

The font looks really choppy, kind of pixely.

I am using Windows 7, 64 bit.

Looks like I will just have to stick with the two options instead of three for now.

Still love how everything works!

Dear Sir,

I cannot work out how to place a leaderboard ad in the header.

You said to put it after line 162..but that places the ad below the categories menu above the slider.

If I place it any higher in the php code the ad is in the correct place, but it pushes the categories down, please see on our test page here: http://talent.hilkoo.com/

If you can offer any other help that would be great!


it will always affect any part of the theme unless you add give it position absolute in your css. I would heavily recommend to do so, otherwise you would need to edit abot 5 other css selectors :)

give that advertisement a class, maybe called class=”my-sponsor” and add a rule to your css like this


align the ad by changing the top and left value ;)

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Kriesi, I just downloaded ver 1.2 and replaced the framework folder, but the custom sidebars still do not work.

divadev Purchased

I think perhaps I need to be more specific. With today’s updated files, I’m now able to create custom sidebars for each of my pages, and those do work now.

What still isn’t working is this: When I choose the one-column sidebar layout, then go to the Widgets page, there are these widget areas: Sidebar Blog Left and Sidebar Pages Left. When I place content in those, nothing shows up on page sidebars or blog sidebars.

What I’d like to be able to do is to specify one sidebar to appear on all Pages and another to appear on all blog pages. Am I correct in assuming that is the intended purpose of these 2 widget areas? If so, they do not work as they should.

Thank you again, and sorry to keep bothering you about this.


Strange, this one works fine for me. I will have to test it on different server settings and drop an update once I’ve solved the issue :)

divadev Purchased

Thank you kindly!

1) Thank you for the help with positioning the leaderboard ad. The problem is, when I put the css code you said (position: absolute), the advert becomes un-clickable. How can it be fixed so the viewers can click it?

2) Is there a way of having the thumbnail for a post on the home page but when you enter the post to remove the thumbnail?

Thank You


2.) Delete line 41-46 from single.php:

                        echo '<div class="entry-previewimage rounded preloading_background">';
                        echo $preview_image;    
                        echo '</div>';

I worked out the first one by adding a z-index. I set z-index: 20

How can I get rid off the black line with the text in the crossfade Slider?

Thanks for the help!


in style.css add:

#top .fadeslider .feature_excerpt {

I reloaded the theme and the widgets are still not working right.

My category shows up in the widget area but not in the post.


I can’t seem to get anything but the dummy widgets to show up in the posts.

They do show up when the category is clicked on from the post.


Allthough It works for me I have heared that its still not working for a few people, so I will look into it and eventually release another update. Thanks for your patience :)

How can I get rid off the black line with the text in the crossfade Slider?

Thanks for the help!


Amazing theme once again. Curious, is there anyway for the theme to proportionally resize thumbnails pictures without resizing the picture in photoshop? I know WP does a pretty good job of this… but it seems to distort my picture when I attach the picture as a thumbnail post image in the post area.

Thanks, JB


hm, shoudlnt distort any image as long as its big enough. you can see in my live preview that the images work fine, all of them were resized by wordpress

Thanks for your fast support of before^^.

Here i am with another question, is it possible to set the date order? right now even if i set wordpress to display :12/march/2010 the theme always display mar 12 2010.

Kind regards Eleclipse


you can set the date within the template files. search for occureneces of

<?php the_time('M d, Y') ?>

and change the ‘M d, Y’ parameters according to this table: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.date.php