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frueco Purchased

Hello, there is no image displayed in the “Slide-Box” – only a spinning circle… Cache Folder is 777! What could be the problem? thanks for help!


Hey, I need a little bit information… did you set up the images properly like described in the documentation?

Hi, i try to customized the theme layout local with Mamp and got a message: “The database tables that are necessary to make “Menu Manager Pages” work could not be installed.”

i have no plugins running. can you help please …


well unfortunatley I cannot take a look as long as you are working on a local server. once you did set up a web server and it doenst work as well I will be glad to help if the issue occurs as well :)


everything works fine, i think i did a mistake with some code in the header.php …

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Hey Kriesi,

is it possible to have a videoplayer on the home-page that is as big as the two sidebars? And to have under it the two sidebars?

- Andy


not by default but you could of yourse add that by hand at the beginning of the sidebar.php file in a div that has a float left applied to it with css and sits above the 2 sidebars

I can’t make a category widget show up on the post page.

The “display everywhere” widget works but I don’t want the same things to show up on the front page as the post pages.

Is this the way it is supposed to work?

Would it be possible to drop the widget program in your theme and go back to the WP way of doing things that way I could get what I want by using the widget logic plugin.


did you try using the plugin? it should work with the theme as well.

However as I still said i will take a deeper look into the widget problem and release an update soon for those who got problems :)

hi again, the problem what i posted earlier is solved …

but i see the same problems with sidebar widget as emmonawire, i changed homepage and blogpage via admin and when i will to show a special sidebar on blogpage there is nothing everywhere works …

and btw. thanks a lot for this theme and with my custome layout i like it much more :)

one more question if i load a picture as miniatur picture, is it possible to get this in the articlepage in the original size? what i mean is f.e. my pic is 610×200 and i use it for miniatur on the blog preview is a thumb f.e.300×300 when i go to the articlepage its the same thumb but not the original size …


in every template file that uses preview pics you will see this line:

$preview_image = kriesi_post_thumb

with a parameter for the size: kriesi_post_thumb($post->ID, array(‘size’=> array(‘M’))

the ‘M’ stands for medium, you can also choose to display S, L and XL or define new sizes at the beginning of functions.php

if you change that character another image size will be displayed. hoewever please be aware that you will sure need to change some css and maybe also html output and that adding new sizes at functions.php will require you to re upload the images.

sidebar widgets will be adressed soon


thanks works fine, the css & html is no problem, when i finish i will post the link :)

Really like your theme. Is it Flash friendly? In particular would a swf work in the accordion slider on the home page? Has anyone had success displaying a swf in that home page vertical accordion door area? Would I need to insert swfobject?



didnt try it but with the help of swfobject it should work fine I guess :)

Great support…

I want in the homepage to show just 5 post in the content page, How can I do that?



you can change that in your wordpress options at settings-> reading

Great work on the theme. I have purchased about a dozen themes and installed twice that many for my site, trying to find the perfect one. Yours by far has been the best. I hate to be a dunce, but I am having a little problems with youtube thumbnails and am wondering if someone can suggest a typical workflow to make use of them. Here is what I have done in the past with other themes.

1. Create my post with several youtube videos embedded with the “Smart YouTube” plugin. This creates all the embedding code on the fly. 2. Upon Save/Update of the post, YouTubeThumb2CustomField automatically creates a custom field named thumbnail that holds the url to the videos default image. 3. TimThumb goes out and creates all the necessary thumbnails based on the YouTube video default image (tweaked timthumb required to pull images from other domain).

This workflow seemed to work pretty well, but the themes I used for this weren’t anywhere near as complete or functional as this theme so I am wondering what the best practices workflow is for this theme, keeping in mind that every post will have at least one embedded YouTube video on which I want the thumbnails to be based.

Any ideas?


The default workflow for this theme would be to add a preview picture of your choice and set it as a post thumbnail like described in the documentation and then just add the url to a second custom field. the youtube image will open in a lightbox when the preview image is clicked.

Thats a really simple approach but the option for timthumb pulling posts thumbnails is pretty cool as well, guess I need to take a look at this plugin :)

I think it comes down to personal taste what you like better :)


I was able to get your workflow to work nicely for images that are uploaded onto my server, but I am having problems with images from YouTube. Here is my workflow. 1. Create the post. 2. Click the “Set thumbnail” link in the Post Thumbnail box 3. In the resulting “Add an Image” box, click “From URL ” 4. In the resulting “Add media file from URL ” form, I populate the info, but there isn’t an option to “set as thumbnail” like there is when you are working with a local file.

It seems like the “set as thumbnail” option is something added to the native WP thumbnail functionality. Is there any way to turn this on?

Do you know if its possible to install any language plugin for your theme?




the theme is coded with wordpress standards in mind so it should work with most plugins out there.

iAndy Purchased

Hi Kriesi,

i’m asking again about the topic “translation”. I read through the link you send me, but i couldn’t get far. It was about translating wordpress, but not about translating a theme.

So far, i have poedit – but no ”.po” file. How can i get a .po file of your theme?

It seems the issue of full-width pages has been addressed. But, I’m still don’t have a handle on it. I can’t find any reference to it in the docs either.

So, can I have most of the template with a 2-column sidebar, but have the About page full-width? If so, how. And where is there reference for it?

Another question. Can I have an additional Slider? I would like to have the Accordion Slider on the Home Page, the News Slider on a News Page, and a Fader Slider on a full-page Article Page. Can this be done. If no right now, will it be something that can be done with WordPress 3.0’s new multi capabilities?

Also, I can’t get the Additional Widgets on Blog Pages to work either.

One more question. Can the News Slider be made to Play like the other Sliders? That would be very cool!

Love the Theme. To be honest, I was looking at the I&S/DC Theme, but they delayed too long and Kriesi cranked out the WP version. Their loss.


Dear Kriesi,

We wanted to remove the thumbnail from only some posts but not all…so deleting the line in the single.php wouldn’t work.

Is there a way to delete it from particular posts we want? One of our categories of posts has a fixed post layout with no thumbnail.


Really nice theme! Great work. May have some questions but not yet.

If your looking for ideas for your next great theme I sure could use an easy to skin theme for Music Bands that would support audio/video and gig calendar.

Thanks Kriesi, The widget logic plugin works!

works the theme with the command “nextpage” i can´t find some instructions ?

Theme update to Version 1.2.1

If you have problems with the sidebar widgets this one might be interesting for you, fixed a bug and improved the sidebar functionallity :)

I still can’t get the Additional Widgets to work on Blog Pages. Everything else I’ve tried seems to be working except figuring out how to make a full-width page. ;-) Any help on the page thing?

I have one more question about the front page slider. I like the accordian version, but most of the images on my site are from YouTube videos that are mostly 480×320. Is it very difficult to change the aspect ratio of the slider from 700×320 to that 480×320 so the images aren’t all stretched?

I looked at the functions file and see where I would modify the thumbnail sizes, but I couldn’t find where the slider sizes are set.

This theme looks awesome and I might buy it. I just have two questions.. Is it worth to use in a site that is already up and running? and do you think it will work well with BuddyPress?

The theme looks awesome and I was really looking forward to working with it but when I tried to install it i get the following error -

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_post_thumbnail_id() in /web2/user21501/website/blog/wp-content/themes/newscast/framework/helper_functions/kriesi_post_thumb.php on line 44

Can you help as I’ve no idea what I’ve done to cause this error. I have uploaded the newscast folder via ftp and tried to install it as a zip folder via the upload function from wordpress but I still can’t get it to work.

Thanks in advance