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Regarding the sidebar update – where do we get it from? how is it installed? and will it effect the CSS edits that we have done?

Secondly, why does the final widget in the sidebar cut off at the bottom on Chrome and IE?


abudzz Purchased

Please help me! How can i change font color from wordpress theme editor? I can’t find how…

I really liked your template for WordPress would like to buy, but my credit card does not accept the system You can put me through to the purse Web Many??

is there a way to give unique ids to the posts in the news slider in order to custom style each differently? in the .newsItems div, if the “a” tags would take the id of the post would be great.

is that possible? thanks, Cezar

I have a problem with the pages navigation: links all pointing to homepage instead of where they should.

not sure if I should get off this location with all my questions, but here it goes another one: inline text with prettyPhoto isnt working. am I doing something wrong or isn’t implemented?

abudzz Purchased

Could someone help me how to add more social media icons below author box?

I’m still having a terrible time with the widgets.

I’m using the widget logic plugin.

I have tried the widget set up from the Newscast options but no matter what I do I can only get one widget to display to the side of the page. The other two are at the bottom under the post.



i have a problem with widgets. I want to ad a others sidebars for each categorie. I add it in newscast options i can see it in admin backround i can add widgets but tey will not displayed on the category site. Can you please help me i wrote a emali to you i german becasue my english is not so good

joross Purchased

Hello! I just purchased the theme. I think it’s really cool!

I am in the middle of unzipping it so I can upload it via an FTP program, but in the middle of the unzip process it stops and says that multiple files are “password protected” and it asks for a password before it will continue. So I decided to just try to install the theme straight from WordPress, and I got this error:

“The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description newscast-4-in-1-wordpress-magazine-and-blog-source Stylesheet is missing.”

Anyone know what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance! Jennifer

Using WP 2 .9.2

Hi, there is small bug. Please help me fix it.

If someone leaves comment and don’t fill-up field ‘Website’, theme pick ‘Website’ value as http://Website.

Hope you understand me. I need when someone don’t enter anything for web site to get nothing.

Just to update, I gave up on using outside widget/plugins such as mortgage and loan calculators.

Now the theme works as it should.

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Thanks for a lovely theme, I wondered if it is possible to remove the date, comment and poster links at the top of every post and also the edit button and “about the author” at the bottom of every post? I know its probably mundane to ask but I’m quite new. Thanks for again for a great theme.

Ronnie67 Purchased

Found the solution in single.php


joross Purchased

OK… I found the solution to my problem… I just deleted the _MACOSX files from the zip file before I uploaded it via the WP Theme Installation Panel and it installed smoothly without error messages. Just wanted to post it in case someone else was having the same problem. Kriesi or someone else, please advise me if that was the wrong thing for me to do. For now it seems to be working though. Thanks, Jennifer

NexDog Purchased

Wordpress creates a 180×180 thumbnail of the 700×3200 slider images. However there seems to be no way to tell it which part of the picture to use so it just uses the first 180px. On a 700 wide image I’m getting pretty uninteresting thumbnails. :(

Any fix?

skavan Purchased

Awesome! I keep buying your themes and you keep forcing me to buy more! Anyway—as usual, there are a couple of customizations I’m trying to get done…and need help.

1) default Thumbnail Image.
I’d love the first image in the post to be extracted and used as the default thumbnail. Can you think of anyway of doing this?

2) option to NOT show the thumbnail in the full post.
Sometimes, I want the full non-thumbnail to be in my post. So when I set an image to be my thumbnail, and also have the full image in my post – i get the image shown twice on the main post page!

3) option to rotate in a random thumbnail
I am building a multi-author blog. Some authors don’t put images in their posts…some submit from their blackberries or mobiles etc… the accordian and other displays look really awful when there is no thumbnail…it would be awesome to be able to say, pick a random image from this directory and use it as a thumbnail. Even more awesome would be to select a random thumbnail from a directory—matching a posts category name…and if it can’t find that sub-dir, defaulting back to the main random image dir. The poor mans version of this would be to simply assign x thumbnail images and have a dropdown to choose one inside the new post page.



Hi Kriesi, I would like some help if possibile regarding the ‘Submit News’ function. It’s a great idea (just like the theme) but I would really like to allow users to upload their image directly rather than paste a link to it.

Can you help?

Much appreciated, thanks.

iAndy Purchased

Hey Kriesi,

is it possible to enhance the newscast advertising widget? - I want to see how many clickthroughs there are. - And i want to be able to make an ad for example just for a month visible.


I installed the theme and want to change the style of the featured slider on the homepage, but the option is not there for me. Here is a screenshot of my admin panel, and there is no option to change the banner.