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Good afternoon , help refresh my page joomla version 3.4.3 and now when I publish certain items with Free AutoTweetNG out other images, and some pages changed colors please help

Thanks for your answer , the problem is that many extensions do not update the images public image above persists, my site is , or if you want you sending the username and password ? help

On Home page I see every images is showing.

Your 2nd issue was pages changed color, I can’t see it

Please, describe your problem easily so that I can help you faster.

You can mail me to also.

Please help Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 365166592) (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /home/eminio/public_html/ on line 807

Please, change the value of your memory limit from php.ini to 64M or plus.

Or you can contact with your hosting provide to increase the memory limit

i am in Greece , i want to buy this template ASAP but because of the capital controls my card is not accepted from paypal not even from skrill ! please help !

ok i made it !

Glad you bought it. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Dear sir, I have a critical problem with your template, When I select from the menu “Extension” then “Template” then open “ts_newsline” , any update performed is not saved Even if use “Save” or “Save and Close” doesn’t work Please it is a critical issue for me I am waiting for your response here. Thank you

Mail me your site url with admin access to

Hi there, Is this template working with Joomla 3.4.4 ? Is it eay to install and set up as I am not familiar with CSS and others ? Thanks

Yes, this template is compatible with Joomla 3.4.4. It comes with Quickstart pack so, you can easily install and get the template look like demo.

Hi there, In the demo when I click on the business tab (menu) I can see a “black tab” inside the page called “business” followed by 3 articles. Then I can see an horizontal line. Is it possible to add another “black tab” (with another name than business) instead? I would like to add news below the first tab and features articles below the second. Thanks

I think double custom section is not possible. This part build by K2.

In Joomla you can easily set French Language.

So no problem with advanced search filters (All words, Ordering,...). It will be in french? Suggestion1: Still in the home page: the magnifying glass in not clickable in the search section Why? Visitors expect to click on a button or icon to start the search. Suggestion2: why not adding at the top of the home page the subscription for the newsletter. It seems to be a best practice nowadays. Thank you for your kind answer. Regards Stéphane

Thank for your suggestion. I didn’t check Advanced search filters in French. The template sold 437 times and no one complain about language issue.

You can see subscription newsletter at the bottom of the Home Page.

I’ve another design which newsletters shows on the top. template name Daily Times


TonKemp Purchased

Thanx for this template. Is is possible to have a menu-item that when opened shows a module (eg the login mdule)??


elbes Purchased

Hi I have just purchased the templates and it looks great, but i noticed that module roksprocket does not support RTL direction, how can I fix this? Thank you

Check that your html selector and css is correct.

Write the below css :

#contact-form.form-horizontal .control-label{ text-align: right; }

hi tripleS…thanks for your awesome template….but i have some question…can i add backgroud picture on white behind the logo…thanks before…

regrads, viantoro

Mail me your site url with admin access to

email sent..

Check the reply and follow the mail.


elbes Purchased

can you please recommend a good server? i need the site to load faster


elbes Purchased

Helo again,how can I disable stciky menu? i need to make it fixed (main menu)

Please, go to this path : templates/ts_newsline/js/main.js and delete line 3 to 23. Hope it will solve your issue. Let me know for further assistance.


elbes Purchased

thnx buddy, I will give it a try..appreciate the fast responses and great support :)

Hi, could tell me please about quickinstall if I purchase, I have template and module same demo except picture really? , and adjust menu ,picture ,content by self, please advise.

Thank you for your interest.

After install the quickstart pack you will get your site look like demo. Just images replaced with dummy images for copyright issue

Let me know for further assistance

Thank you for great advise.

Most welcome.

hi again…why my website get error with code 500???even i do a new fresh install…please help…thanks….

Error 500 means server issue. Please, set error report maximum from admin area >> Global Configuration and Check the error. Or you can check the error log.

thanks for your advise…thanks again…

how to enable rtl for all pages?

Just install RTL language and set the language default the template will move to RTL direction.

Hi, i’ve a problem….....when a user register it is n’t sending an activation code to the user email.please where the problem is? thank u.

Am talking About Users Configuration. i setup on self but its not sending the link to the user

Please, mail me to with your site url and admin access.

From Global Configuration Mail Settings you can using SMTP as Mailer. See DOC how to use SMTP.

Hi, We are planning to buy this template, but before we need to know if the right position can be fixed to have 300px. Its because we use standard 300×250 ads, Can it be done?

Yes, 1100px possible.

Another question, it is possible to use the fixed width in desktop site, and full width on mobile?


i purchase your templates today,and install the quickstart as recommended but i didnt see anything like that of your demo site, can you help me solve it.

I replied your mail.

The Featured news module does not show the module title on How to solve this?

The module position is content-top. Please, go to template manager >> Layout Builder tab and check that the module style is sp_xhtml

If you don’t know how to do, you can send mail with your admin access to

Thanx… I had to add the modulestyle..sp_shtml

Welcome, let me know for further assistance.

When you click on a Featured News item in the featured news module, the item opens on the homepage. I want it to open as a regular article. Just like the demo.. How can i change this?

Found it! You have to set the link to article in the Rock Sprocket module items

Please, mail me to or comment from profile page.


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Theme and perpect technical support. Thank you so much .

You are most welcome. You can give us a rating from template download section. Thanks in advance.