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Hi Admin,

i have Newly Purchased the theme when i used in on my website i noticed for the default wordpress galleries attachment.php is not loading when we click on thumbnail ….

Here is the screenshot


And also when we uploading 10-15 images to the galleries it creates different sizes of images in the Upload folders …I know some sizes are used to display ..But there should be some solutions to have different sizes of the images only for the featured images we attach to the post ….

–Thanks TollywoodFans.in

cstyn Purchased

Hi. I have this space below menu in homepage.


How to change it and show a shorter distance, more up ? The same issue for footer, seems too large distace from last widget to footer. Please, codes for both ? Thank you.

I’m using slider with big image on my homepage, but I could not change text length which shows only half of my post title. Could you tell me how to adjust that?

bdnets Purchased


Is this theme support ninja popup and my mail plugins?


good themes. i want ask before buy. i see demo this theme. i want ask this theme support subcategory in forums… like this : category forum —subcategory forum --forums

Hi! I want to upgrade my theme How can I do it?

I’ve tried to update files from Patch folder but it makes my site not available


bijocb Purchased

How can i reduce the line space in block three http://goo.gl/6dXdK5


In the block in Author filter i only see the admin, i do not see the new Author/editr i added

Tip! I do not know how it behaves blocks without image , but the ideal is to behave like the picture attached. Ie when there is no image, the text takes the space . No blank or gray. Is it possible ?



A few critical issues that I feel should be prioritised over others -

1. Google+ sharing (meta description is not displayed)

2. Featured images in feeds (any random image gets picked. In case of Styles 3 and 4, no images are picked at all)