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Hi, i have a pre-purchase question. i have a website 1.5Year old working with Newspaper theme and its extremly awesome theme for wordpress blog. but now i have a requirement to add a sub-domain on my current website with newspaper theme.

But i am not intouch with previous developer and i am come to know that the theme(Newspaper) used by previous developer is a duplicate theme not purchased from newspaper envato market. so there is no update i have got from last year for the theme.

now my question is, if i have now purchased the theme from my personal account what will be the procedure to authorise my current theme to get updates on my website and may i use the same theme for more then one domain/submain?

i am spending thousands of hours on my website and i dont want any mishappening with my website. also i dont want my website with any fake theme or plugin. so please suggest me any solution, i dont want my bolg posts to be missed/lost.

I am ready to purchase theme Thanks in advance


If you want to benefit from constant updates for your theme as well as theme support, you need to purchase the theme from envato and activate it based on the code provided by envato when you buy the product. The standard theme license allows you to use the theme on one single end product at a time. A sub-domain though or a testing platform does not count: http://themeforest.net/licenses/standard

Here are a few useful links from our documentation:

http://forum.tagdiv.com/newspaper-6-how-to-activate-the-theme/ http://forum.tagdiv.com/how-to-update-the-theme-2/ http://forum.tagdiv.com/requirements-for-newspaper/

Here is our official support platform for when you need help with any theme related questions: http://forum.tagdiv.com/forum/newspaper/

I hope this helps.

Thank you! Bogdan B.

Thanks for your words.

but i am stilll afraid to Update my current theme to Newer after purchase. now i have 6.5 version of theme. is there no any problem if i update current theme to direct 7 version?

sorry for my silly questions.


is there any easy way to implement header background image?

i mean, for example i’m using Header Style 3 (Boxed dark menu), but we don’t use ads on the header, instead we want to change the header background (image) so it wont feel that empty.

can u please guide me on how to do that ?

was trying to enable wordrepss theme support custom-header, but it seems that the header isn’t compatible with the wordpress custom-header


Please follow this topic to see how it can be done: http://forum.tagdiv.com/topic/background-photo-in-header/ You will need to use css and place the code in the theme panel ->custom css box If you have further question, please create a new topic on our forum as this platform is primarily for pre-sale questions.

Thank you! Bogdan B.

Hello Team

The theme seems to work only with wp super cache i ve rocket cache https://wp-rocket.me/fr/ and i see there is a problem i ve try others theme and all is ok can you explain why the theme doesn’t seem compatible with this plugin even if is one of the best plugin cache at the moment.



Unfortunately wp-rocket creates problems with our theme. Please use wp super cache as that is the recommended and tested caching plugin. You can see the tested plugins in the plugins section of the theme panel. Not all plugins work with premium themes as the code is custom and some plugins cannot recognize it. Plugins are created on the standard wordpress code. Even if you would use a standard wp theme like twenty sixteen you will still not be able to use ALL plugins as plugins can conflict with one another too. We cannot say for sure exactly WHY the plugin does not work with our theme as it is not tested. We only know id does not based on the reports we get from our users.

Thank you! Bogdan B

Ok merci for your reply :)

hi i Would like to purchase this theme is there any plugin that i can get as default like composer,speed booster ,slider etc. please let me know i am planing it. Thanks & Regards yakub

my site deals with movies which has a lot of images and gallery can this theme handles it by compressing images because my friends site load very slow because of images . do you have any coupons for discounts.


In order to optimize your site for better speed and optimize images we created a guide you can follow and make the proper adjustments: http://forum.tagdiv.com/how-to-make-the-site-faster/ As for the coupons, at the moment we have no discount system in place. Every purchase must be made through envato.

Thank you! Bogdan B.

thnaks i will get a copy

Hi. Nice theme. I’m sure you’re tired of reading that. :) I’m wondering if your theme has push notification features or if you plan to do that. Is the theme fast loading? Thx.

In addition, does your theme allow one to rank/know the most shared post for a period – maybe most shared in a day or week? Thanks :)

One pre order question: does this theme use an own login register and forget password functionality on the frontend? Because my users doesnt want to see the default wp-login pages anymore. I would love to see this only working on the frontend

Hello, i am working with this theme for my client, can you plz tell me , which newsletter plugin is competable for newspaper 7 theme ?

If I activate theme is there a way to deactivate it if i decide to move it to different domain?

Hello… Yesterday I left one message about the button share of facebook… I did all step and doesnt working… another things is that is very very very very slow the site.. can you check the site and try to share a post in your account and will see the problem… my site is www.esahoramagazine.com Thanks


I am using Newspapers video, i want to change video player of post detail page (single video page) instead of using Youtube player . Can you show me which files and lines i should change to get a complete change (desktop,mobile…) .BTW i pretent to use Jw player.


Hello Tagdiv, a pre-sale question:

The is powerful and I think fits my needs. But I need to customize homepage. I want to have a full width section with a search toolbox. It must be full screen. Problem for me is not the Ajax search box, problem is full width.

As long your theme use visual composer I thought it’d be possible, but I’ve don’t see any examples on demos.

Would be possible? Even with some coding… Would be difficult to add or implement this feature??