Newspaper - News / Editorial Blog / Magazine

Newspaper is a wordpress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. We offer great support and friendly help!

Newspaper template is excellent for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing and review sites. It also supports videos from youtube and a rating system. We have the theme integrated with bbpress forum, buddypress, buddy press, woocommerce. It uses the best clean seo practices, it’s fast, simple and easy to use. We also support responsive google ads, adsense and rtl .

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A word about speed:

This is the fastest newspaper theme available. We spent a considerable amount of time tweaking every aspect of the theme to perform at it’s absolute best.

All the queries are hand inspected to be optimal, all the images and resources are carefully compress to make the site load blazing fast and all the scripts are profiled and modified to run at top speed.

Run pagespeed on our demo


The full list of features:

Full documentation

Template list:

Other features:

  • All the blocks – please select your block from the top. You can mix and match them. All of the content blocks support ajax pagination and subcategories (including slides)
  • Live search with ajax and up down keys
  • Mobile swipe menu – open the menu with a swipe to the right on mobiles
  • One click demo install – NO MORE .XML files, with just one click you have the demo data installed
  • Drag and Drop page builder
  • Woocommerce support
  • Custom bbpress styling + custom login system – you can now build a community with ease.
  • Custom auto scaling content blocks – a block changes it’s structure to work perfectly (in sidebar, full width or pages with sidebar)
  • Responsive Google AdSense support via our custom admin panel – the scripts loads a different google adsense spot for each screen size. Once it’s loaded it doesn’t modify it in order to be 100% compliant with Google adSense TOS.
  • Responsive ads support – for ad networks that allow multiple ad spots on the same div or if you want to show your own ads on different devices. This option will change the ad spot on the fly, for example when a tablet is changed from landscape to portrait. (the header banner from the demo site is using this system)
  • Inline Google AdSense or other ads after a predefined number of paragraphs
  • Auto youtube, dailymotion and vimeo thumb downloader – just paste a youtube url and the site will download the largest image available from the clip automatically and it will set it as a featured image. Very easy to add videos to articles.
  • Built in review system (stars, percents, points)
  • SEO: Schema with rich snippet microdata for articles and reviews
  • SEO: Authorship support integrated in theme
  • Built in translation support from our admin panel. No more .po .mo files, you just get a form with all the strings from the theme and the corresponding translations. We hate po mo files :)
  • Multi Language site support via the free qTranslate plugin. All from wp-admin.
  • All the global settings are available in the wordpress theme customizer with live preview
  • gif animation support – this is a beta feature.
  • icons in menu If you like icons you can use them in the menu. We deliver a category, menu, video, contact and social icon that you can use with just one click in wp-admin
  • Google fonts – change the fonts easy from the admin panel
  • Sticky navigation menu – with option to enable, disable or enable only on big screens (not on phones)
  • Each category has:
    • custom layout (no sidebar, sidebar left, sidebar right)
    • featured slide (optional)
    • custom colors
    • custom module style (loop style)
    • custom sidebar
  • Unlimited sidebars – each post, page, category can have it’s own sidebar. Also the author, search, tag, blog index templates all have custom sidebars
  • Built in related posts based on tags, author or category
  • Easy Google analytics support (just paste the code in our admin)
  • Unlimited colors with live preview from wordpress theme customizer
  • 4 footer layouts
  • Custom block widgets (ajax enabled with subcategories and pagination)
    • Big slide
    • Slide widget
    • Block 1
    • Block 2
    • Block 3
    • Block 4
    • Block 5
  • Custom widgets
    • Popular category widget – show most popular category
    • Author box widget – show authors sorted by number of posts, or by name
    • Social counter widget – a social counter that shows numbers of likes, followers or subscribers
    • Ad box – allow you to select an ad zone (you define the responsive ad zones in our panel)
    • Responsive facebook box
    • Tab widget – you can add other widgets in the tabs
    • Gravatar profile
    • Image widget
    • Social icons widget
    • Footer logo widget
    • Rss links

Lifetime updates

The theme comes with lifetime updates. We personally respond to all the request that we receive and we are trying to help everyone with what we can.
Please visit our open support forum.

Thanks for your interest in our theme!
Radu O., Marius, Radu A. and Emil from tagDiv

V 3.6 – 5 AprilThe list of modified files

  • added new font system
  • added support for custom font files
  • added support for fonts
  • added Most Commented sort order option for widgets ( thanks luizsobral :) )
  • added support for font stacks
  • better support for google fonts (it optimizes font delivery)
  • fixed the breadcrumbs for the bbpress forum (no more 404 file missing error)
  • fixed mega menu font issue
  • slides work now with only one post

V 3.5 – 21 MarchThe list of modified files

  • added 4 predefined style: SPORT, CAFE, FASHION, TECH – screenshot
  • added option to uppercase the font for the Header Menu – screenshot
  • added Alphabetical A -> Z sorting option
  • added option to change the typography of the default Blockquote in Theme panel – screenshot
  • added COLOR option for default Blockquote – screenshot
  • added old sharing back – screenshot
  • fixed Ad overlapping on Header Style 4
  • fixed translation for Home breadcrumb
  • fixed issue with video thumb downloader (sometimes it did not download the thumb)
  • better megamenu handling on touch devices
  • added comments on pages ( with option in theme panel – default it’s disabled )
  • post views counter alternative for W3 Total Cache (with WP-PostViewer and Ajax_the_view plugins) –

V 3.4 – 07 March

  • major improvements to the mega menu. Works with hover on sub-categories
  • major improvements to the ajax system. It’s really fast now :)
  • added more source and via
  • added transparent header option in Theme Panel – screenshot
  • added option to switch icons color for Header Menu from Black to White – screenshot
  • added option to switch off the uppercase font on Big Slider/Sliders screenshot
  • fixed sharing style
  • fixed sharing post to open in new window
  • fixed Mega Menu font
  • fixed wp-admin upload file issue on small screens

V 3.3 – 03 MarchList of modified files

  • New sharing icons
  • better design for tags at the end of posts
  • better one click import script. Now our demo that is installed locally is more compleate
  • Fixed translation ‘Home’ in the breadcrumbs
  • Added Sub-menu font in Theme Panel -> Custom Typography
  • Fixed MegaMenu color issue
  • Added new pages and categories to demo install
  • fixed some random appearing issue with the menu and category selection on posts
  • we switched the h3 tags to h4 in the mega menu

V 3.2 – 25 FebruaryList of modified files

  • new mega menu
  • new and improved single.php template (it is now easy to modify for DIY folks)
  • new and improved modules (the modules are very easy to modify now for DIY projects) – also work well with child themes
  • fixed bottom ad issue
  • floating inline ads can now appear at the top of the article
  • fixed more stories appering on pages
  • time line template
  • fixed draft posts appearing in ajax search
  • added support for import and export

v 3.1 – 11 FebruaryList of modified files

More details about this update

  • fixed the child theme again :| – to the person who rated us 3 stars for this, please update the theme and child theme, it should work fine now.
  • added 4 new content blocks and 4 new widgets
  • added 3 new adspots (you can use them in sidebars and in shortcodes)
  • added home template from the demo to the pagebuilder
  • In Theme panel-> Ads tab added option for custom adsense ads sizes for each device
  • fixed style 3 ad (full logo + menu + add) now works as expected
  • fixed style 3 + background issue
  • moved the analytics code to the header section
  • fixed sticky menu on mobiles
  • fixed speed booster plugin + google adsense issue (please update the plugin)
  • updated .po .mo files
  • the option: Swipe menu on mobile is back
  • added option: More Articles on post pages; Theme panel: POST SETINGS -> More Articles Box section
  • added option: Disable Comments site wide ; Theme panel: POST SETINGS -> Post Settings sections
  • fixed the content ad problem
  • fixed social counter twitter coung issue – please update your plugin if you are experiencing issues with it

v 3.0.1 – 4 FebruaryList of modified files

This is a small update that fixes some bad issues that we encountered on v3.0. We are very sorry that we missed them in our testing and we promise that we will do better from now on.

  • fixed function naming conflict with some plugins
  • fixed javascript erros / ui not working in wp-admin for users that are not admin
  • theme panel is only accessible to admins now
  • fixed default module 1 for templates
  • fixed the child theme
  • fixed speed booster plugin (update the theme and it will fix the issue)
  • fixed undefined variable javascript error in console (when no background ads are selected)
  • fixed excerpt documentation link to point to the new site
  • added the patch from 3.0 to 3.0.1 (you can upload it via ftp over v3.0 and it will update it to 3.0.1)

v 3.0 – 2 February

In this update we invested a lot in the user experience, back end of the theme and overall quality of the code.

After 415 code commits to our source, this is the biggest update yet to the newspaper theme.

Even with the added features the theme is faster than ever due to our WordPress Booster framework and a lot of code improvements.

  • New panel
  • New intelligent ad system ( you have to see it live to understand how easy is to use )
  • New setting to allow disabling of ads on each device type
  • New documentation
  • New ad spot at the top of the content
  • New ad spot at the bottom of the content
  • Added support for the AdRotate plugin
  • Added offset support on all the blocks and on the loop templates
  • Added an unique article system that makes sure you have unique articles on the homepage regardless of what template and blocks you use
  • Added support for background click ads
  • Tool to import the category settings from version 2
  • New theme framework (WordPress Booster) – documentation about the framework coming soon
  • WordPress booster – major fixes and improvements in the way it interacts with WordPress. We fixed all the incompatibility issues with most of the plugins.
  • WordPress booster – 10% less memory consumption (We spent a lot of time in xDebug and memory profiling tools)
  • WordPress booster – 15% faster (The framework dynamically loads only the needed code for each page and we take full advantage of WordPress object cache)
  • WordPress booster – new category settings api
  • WordPress booster – new advertising api
  • WordPress booster – new settings api
  • WordPress booster – new faster and smarter datasource api
  • The security of the theme has been audited by us and improved
  • We reorganized the theme file structure
  • tagDiv Speed booster plugin V2 – It now works with google ads and with bbPress plugin
  • New child theme that includes the Wordpress Booster framework
  • All the modules can we overwritten by the child theme
  • More parts of the site can be overwritten by the child theme now
  • fixed bbPress sidebar issues
  • fixed sidebar issues on page template with the right sidebar
  • fixed category background image problem when the theme didn’t had any other settings
  • fixed category background color layout issue
  • fixed bbPress style issue
  • added footer text color setting
  • added top menu text color setting
  • added sub footer text color setting
  • usability fixed small targets on mobiles, the theme has now a perfect usability score on google pagespeed
  • fixed random appearing issue that affected the javascript of the page ( uniqid() function from php is not reliable ).

v 2.4 – 23 January

  • fixed incompatibility issue with some plugins
  • fixed full width logo issue
  • fixed missing translations

v 2.3 – 15 January

  • fixed popular category widget
  • improved the google ads – if you have any problems with them after the update please contact us asap
  • better ads aliment
  • added ios home bookmark icon support
  • fixed metadata issues
  • the swipe menu is now disabled by default
  • much better touch performance on android and windows mobile
  • fixed the scroll to top bug
  • various missing translations

v 2.2 – 6 January

  • fixed forum profile problem
  • better forum styling
  • fixed background tile problem
  • better excerpts – links are removed form them
  • updated the revolution slider to the latest version
  • tagdiv speed booster plugin – it now permits all the theme customizations (color fonts etc)
  • tagdiv speed booster plugin – it works with pages that have the background behind the slider

v 2.1.3

  • fixed an ugly bug with slugs that begin with span row and container
  • fixed pinterest button media
  • improved adsense synchronous ads
  • fixed rss excerpt not respecting the wordpress option
  • small code improvements
  • better windows phone 8 compatibility
  • better responsive videos (including dailymotion)
  • Better mobile (windows phone 8 and android) expirience on our demo

V 2.1.2

  • users can register only when Admin checks ‘Anyone can register’ option in wp-admin/Settings -> General
  • fix issue with ad at the end of content showing on loops that used module 1 (ex: blog pages)
  • now support for bigger `Log In` text in the Top Menu

V2.1.1 update – 7 december

  • fixed sharing translation issue & menu color from the 2.1 update
  • fixed the small logo on mobiles not showing on scroll
  • added support for ad on the header of the site on mobiles

V2.1 update – 3 december

  • added support for responsive google adsense asynchronous code
  • add option in theme customizer for changing the font color of the menu
  • add option in theme customizer to switch between the position of the Menu Header and Logo
  • fix bug sticky post on template with article list
  • fixed twitter id incompatibility with yoast plugin – the theme now works with twitter id or url in author profile
  • fixed google plus metadata on demo
  • fixed read more in homepages with article list
  • better user experience when opening the menu on mobile via slide (it scrolls to the top of the menu)
  • add translation for social counter text like: Like, Fans, Follow, Follows, etc

V2.0 update – 25 november

  • added custom built login/password recovery and register modal (top right on demo)
  • full bbpress integration – demo
  • added footer color options
  • fix bug to change the font on pages and posts
  • fix sidebars and adds name, fix names for special chars like (!@#$ ^x%x *(), spaces, etc)
  • fix filter by tag when using tag with space (ex: 3d max)
  • major speed improvemnts. The theme is a bit faster in general (server side) and a lot faster in some particular cases (2-3x faster).
  • added daily motion support
  • added option to show bannes at the end of posts
  • fixed bug with sidebars names + special chars
  • fixed bug with adspot names
  • fixed various transalion strings
  • better support for the free qtranslate plugin (you can now add multiple simultaneous languages via [:en]translation1 in english[:de]translation2 in in our wp-admin panel)

V1.7.2 update – 9 november

  • new social counter – please delete the old plugin and get this one from /plugins
  • filter on latest articles loop (category, tag, author + sort orders)
  • fixed the more tag
  • fixed the media library search
  • fixed missing translation strings
  • fixed no link on featured image option, now it doesn’t add a link with #

V1.7.1 update – 29 october

  • fixed full header style
  • add option on customizer to do excerpt on letters (not only on words)
  • on blocks 1-5 and slides add option for multiple post types
  • remove links on module, category, attachment, author, page-title, page and tag

V1.7 update – 24 october

  • setting in customizer to allow normal text on the slides (Theme Customize -> Template options -> Upper or lower case title on slide posts)
  • now handling youtube video links in multiple formats (added t parameter)
  • add sort by author on blocks and sliders
  • add random sort on blocks and sliders
  • header with text instead of logo
  • header center (full header centered)
  • top menu color
  • header color
  • add filter for custom post types, on blocks and sliders
  • add Theme support – menu item
  • fix gallery problem

V1.6 update – 18 october – List of modified files

  • order by popular (in the last 7 days) on all blocks
  • google+, feed subscriber count, instagram and soundcloud added to the social counter
  • more page templates added to the pagebuilder
  • fixed the excerpt issue
  • better image alignment and general typography fixes
  • fix comment bottom space
  • fix rating bug layout
  • 404 fixed line height

V1.5 update – 11 october – List of modified files

  • tagDiv speed booster plugin – enable all the optimizations – ultimate pageload speed. This plugin is just for advanced users, it is in beta and it may be incompatible with some plugins.
  • sort by review score in blocks – see here
  • a lot of speed optimizations in the front end (especially on mobile phones and javascript)
  • lowered the memory profile of the theme, optimized the function calls – I’ve spent a good amount of time profiling it with xdebug and xhprof ;) ~ Radu
  • author meta information for SEO
  • post pagination fix – <!-nextpage-> tag – see here
  • fixed aligment issues with scale images in content
  • fixed module 8 and 9 color
  • fixed excerpt bug with html
  • iphone 4/ipod touch 4g/ipad 1 performance enhancements (old iOS devices run our theme more smooth now)
  • subtitle support – have a small description of the article under the title
  • exclude authors from the author widget by ID

V1.4 update – 2 octomber – List of modified files

  • added 980px full responsive mode for those of you who prefer a smaller width
  • added 980px & 1170px fixed mode (not responsive)
  • buddy press integration ( bbpress is on the way! )
  • fixed display issue on mac (safari and chrome)
  • fixed the menu color bug
  • fixed hide comments (it also removes the header now)
  • fixed tabs title font change
  • fixed icon + text in menu – you can now easly add any images in menu
  • added clock with date at the top in the black menu (optional) – see here
  • various translations fixes
  • new module 8 (big image + side text + excerpt) – demo
  • new module 9 (medium image + side text + excerpt) – demo

V1.3 update – 24 september – List of modified files

  • smaller theme file (~5.9MB)
  • better live customizer on demo
  • fixed “error are you sure you want to do this?” issue
  • better function encapsulation, this should lead to better compatibility
  • fixed sort by popular
  • fixed missing translation strings
  • better footer aligment
  • author box appears without description now
  • small logo no ad issue fixed
  • new per category background and background color setting
  • hide post view and/or comment count from theme customizer
  • setting to hide the top black menu
  • featured image – support for captions
  • the theme supports and it’s bundled with revolution slider
  • better footer spacing
  • added the patch v1.2 to v1.3 – it contains just the changed files
  • added po mo files for translations that work without our translation panel for translation plugins
  • added Box Quote Center and Pull Quote Center shortcodes – demo
  • added Woo commerce SHOP integration – demo
  • fixed demo import – latest articles shows a list now

V1.2 update – 15 september – List of modified files

  • added shortcodes(buttons, columns, dropcaps, blockquotes, pullquotes)
  • added shortcode menu to the editor
  • better typography
  • default template – sidebar position and custom sidebar support per individual page
  • boxed layout
  • support for backgrounds and colors
  • better demo
  • always on sticky menu option
  • fixed an issue with the social icons not hiding
  • new header style for all the blocks
  • better customizer expirience, now if you click on customize it will preserver your current url in the preview window
  • option to filter the featured posts from the loops (you already have them on the main slide)
  • public issue tracker :) see what’s next

v 1.1 – 6 september

  • fix child theme issue
  • added font color setting for block header
  • fixed menu, disables itself on mobile touch devices only nou
  • uncompress javascrpt on deploy theme
  • fixed review panel missing from the posts
  • you can select header colors for widgets with a color picker now
  • fixed post settings metabox (primary category, custom sidebar per post)
  • added per post layout settings (full width, sidebar right, sidebar left)
  • added slider with background and pagebuilder template
  • added background color option for the slider template
  • added titles to rows




More info about Newspaper

  • Built for newspaper sites, article sites and review sites
  • Custom colors, selectable for each category
  • Fast loading newspaper section
  • Responsive design
  • Simple to use – basically all the newspaper sections are customizable from the admin. You can have different layouts for each newspaper category.
  • Ideal for article sites, review sites, news, newspaper and more

Newspaper is fast
The theme is blazing fast. It’s really incredible how fast the pages built with Newspaper load. As you know, speed is very important when building a site so we’ve spent a huge amount of time optimizing this theme for Newspaper to load extremely fast.

Long time support and development
We can easily send updates to themeforest each time we make an improvement so with each purchase you will fund the further development of this newspaper theme.

Small number of external scripts
You can easily add your own javascripts without worrying about incompatibilities between the theme and your scripts. Newspaper uses a very small number of external libraries so it’s very easy to add new features to this theme.

Good coding practice and naming conventions
All the html used is HTML 5 valid and it’s incredibly easy to work with.