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lesiba7 Purchased


I uploaded the newsPlus theme and it looks like it can’t find some stylesheet, how do i fix these since it looks different to what I bought now.


Hello lesiba7,

Are you seeing an installation error like “Stylesheet missing”? If so, it will be required to unzip the main download first, and then install the newsplus theme folder. You can download installable from your downloads section too.

If you have already installed the theme properly, you might be seeing widgets in top part of site. It will be required to remove those widgets from Appearance > Widgets > Top Widget Area. From this section you can remove all unwanted widgets.

In order to set up the Home page and contents like live demo, kindly check the documentation/index.html file inside your main download zip. It contains all step by step instructions for setting up the theme. Besides these you can email me at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com if you find any difficulty.



lesiba7 Purchased

Hi, Thanks for the tips they helped a lot, I was wondering about the ad banners, do you have a specific widget you used for the NewsPlus theme or I can use any widget.



You can use a Text widget for placing ads. Inside text widget you can paste the Google AdSense script or simple img markup.



kkri Purchased

Hi Saurabh.
Just used your wonderful way of dividing the header in 3 widgetized areas. I use it for the logo in the middle and the same little banner botth on the left and on the right. The 2 banners are not correctly vertically aligned, don’t know why. Could you kindly have a look? And are they responsive? It seems my slider is not responsive too.
Thank you so much for your help.

Hello kkri,

Edit the text widgets in which those banners are added. Then remove the class names “alignleft”, “alignright”, “wp-image”, etc from the img tag. Only keep the text-align right on the right widget’s p tag.

For responsiveness of slider, it was a customized version which didn’t had responsive fallback. For that kindly add these rules at the end of user.css file:

@media only screen and (max-width: 600px) {

    .list-slider-kkk .slide-image,
    .list-slider-kkk .flex-caption {
        float: none;
        width: 100%;
        padding: 0;

    .site-header img {
        float: none;
        margin: 0 auto




kkri Purchased

Thanks for your reply. My slider is reponsive now! The 2 little banners aren’t still vertically aligned, see my mail please.


kkri Purchased

All perfect now! Thank you so much …

My website is

As you can see, the image in the featured article on the homepage is blurred.

The image is pulled from this article, and the image I uploaded is high resolution enough that it should not be blurred.

Having the same issue with some images in the slider at the bottom.

How can I fix?

The featured image is 2400×3000. The image you linked is not the featured image, it is a different image inserted in the post. Some setting somewhere in this theme is likely causing this, but I cannot discern what it is or where to fix it. Please advise.

Hello flwilliams1970,

The image which I mentioned is being treated as featured image. This may happen if multiple images are attached to the same post in media library. To fix this you only need to remove featured image and re attach it from media library.

In theme, the native get_post_thumbnail() function is used which pulls default featured image. No extra setting is applied for the image. You can further send me your site URL and login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com, I will check it.


Sending that message now.

Dear ,

how to disable the slider effect [ posts_slider effect=“slide” cats = “14” num = “1” excerpt_length = ” 140 ” hide_meta = “true” ] loading photo because it is the last item to load the page. To view follows print and attachment site for access:

Sincerely, Éric Seabra

Hello Eric,

Just replied to your email.



I am planning a theme change and because of some frustrating experiences with other themes I have some questions regarding your NewsPlus theme:

Does it work with W3 Total Cache (including mimification and combination of CSS and JS) to improve performance?

Does it accept Shortcodes (e.g. to use Adrotate)?

I want to place Banner Ads directly below the menu and within the header. Does the theme support this?

Will there be a further development of the theme? If yes, what will be the next improvements?

Is the layout of the featured slider customizable (e.g. background, image size, image positioning etc.) ?

Is it possible to build an author’s site within your theme without much effort?

Is there an author’s box available integrated in the theme?

Does the theme use the defined Standard Wordpress thumbnails as featured images or its own?

Is it automatically avoided to show posts more than once on the homepage?

As far as I can see, you have integrated social media options for sharing and following. Is the German business network Xing integrated there or at leat do you provide support for integration?

Does you provide Support for (easy) customizations?

Thanks and Cheers from Germany Hansjörg

Hello Hansjörg,

Thank you for browsing the theme. Please find my answers below:

1. Yes it works with W3 Total Cache including minification.

2. Yes, shortcodes are supported. In widget areas you can place shortcodes using text widgets.

3. Banner ad can be placed below menu area, but that is not in header tag. That will be in content section. In header section, ad area is supported next to the logo.

4. Future updates are based on new changes in WordPress core functions and majority of feature requests by customers. Right now no major changes are planned. Any compatibility related fixes and updates will arrive regularly.

5. Sliders are of two types in this theme. Post Slider and Content Slider. In post slider you can control image sizes via Theme Options. In content slider you can add any HTML content within slide. No extra options are provided for image positioning. The theme supports third party slider plugins like Revolution or Layer Slider.

6. By Author’s site do you mean a blog? or Multiple author site? In latter case you can use BuddyPress plugin which is supported by the theme.

7. Yes, author profile box is integrated in single posts and on Author archives. That will show only if the author bio is filled in Users > Your Profile.

8. It uses native WordPress thumbnails using get_post_thumbnail(). Featured images on single posts are inserted automatically which can be disabled in theme options.

9. No, not automatically. On home page all post modules are shown using post shortcodes and slider shortcodes. In those shortcodes you can use offset parameter for skipping posts. You can also make use of category or tags for pulling appropriate posts. There is some limitation to offset when posts are shown from multiple categories.

10. Xing social icon is available in Social widget. In posts sharing area Xing is not added. It can be integrated in functions.php using this code.

If the customization is not much, and within the scope of support, I provide it for sure.


Thanks. With authors site I mean something like this


For such functionality you can use a plugin like Authors Page. The theme supports this plugin.



lamdang Purchased

how to add google analytics to child theme


lamdang Purchased

theme option don’t have textarea for google analytics code.

Hello lamdang,

Inside Appearance > Theme Options > General > Custom head markup, you can paste entire GA code script. That shall contain the script tag as well.



danny12 Purchased


I discovered that each time I set up the Newsplus Social Icons and add them to different sidebars, they disappear within a day and you have to add again. I have monitored this and I am sure the widget is removing itself from the sidebar. How can we resolve this please? It is a problem adding over and over again.


Hello Daniel,

Can I have your site URL please. I suspect this can be due to caching plugin, or a plugin related to widgets and widget areas. I can tell more by looking at the site.



danny12 Purchased

Thank you for your reply. I have sent an email


can you tell me how to remove headings from sidebar and generally outside the content?

I wish only headings in the content, set by me.

Greetings Henry

Hello Henry,

Sidebar and widget headings are set inside functions.php file, in a function named newsplus_widget_areas(). You can change heading tags in before_title and after_title variables as required. If you are using a child theme, all those functions can be duplicated in child theme and changed accordingly. I you need any help in second one, kindly send me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.


Right now, many of my posts don’t have featured images. Or any image for that matter. The posts are appearing in the home page, but next to those are empty frames of featured images which are supposed to appear.

Ideally, there should be just an empty space (for a thumbnail) if there is no featured image. How do I tackle this? If there is no featured image, the should not appear at all. How can I make a condition somewhere? The “Check to hide featured image on this post” on the post page is not working in this case.

Hello facelessscribbler,

Can you post message from the purchase account please.


Hi Sharma

Looking at News Plus and finding it almost perfect for my needs.

Only a cpl of Q´s first…

I am building a site for sharing full blogposts, vidoes, photos etc, and i wonder if this theme has that covered or if there is a plug in that you can reccommend for this that works with News Plus?

I want members to have the option to write a full article in an editor where they can write and also add files. And also that they are able to “fast share” a photo/video kind of like in the theme Aruna. These options should have separated buttons and it has to be done from front end. Members should not have access to admin backend.

Is News Plus compatible with:

-Any paying membership plugin -Any frontend submisson plugin or something alike -Any map plugin that has auto generated gps

Many questions but if you could sort some of this out i would be very thankful!! =)

If i ask really nice and pay you aswell, would you perhaps concider a customization like this for me, or recommend someone that can?

Best Regards Magnus Bozell

Hello Magnus,

bbPress is for Forums whereas BuddyPress is for members. So if you need forums, you need to install bbPress. On the other hand, front end publishing can be achieved without any of these plugins. For that you only need Front End Publishing plugin which I mentioned earlier.

For the plugin you mentioned, can I have the links please. I will install and check them with NewsPlus theme.



Yes it is compatible with both these plugins. I have downloaded and confirmed.



yvrmark Purchased

Hi, I am currently on NewsPlusVersion: 1.0.2. Can I safely update to this latest version?

Hello yvrmark,

Yes you can safely update to latest version, provided you keep a backup of customized files. After successful update you will be prompted to install NewsPlus Shortcodes plugin. This is required for working of shortcodes and widgets. You can install that by following instructions on dashboard notice.

Important: During update process, do not access Appearance > Widgets, otherwise widget information may get erased.


delete, please

Hello, I’ll like to know if your theme on is compatible with WPML (for multilingual site building). If no compatible can you tell me the right tools to build an multilingual site using your theme.

Hope to hear from you soon. Best regard Roger T.

Hello Roger,

Thank you for browsing the theme. Yes it is compatible with WPML.


I see Newsplus is compatible with bbPress. Would version 1.0 also have been compatible with bbPress? We’re thinking of changing forum plugin on our website, but have customised a fair bit and would rather avoid upgrading the theme.

Hello nadine7346,

Initial version was compatible with bbPress version of that time. So I am not sure if that one will work with latest WordPress and bbPress versions. The best way is to install and check it.


Thank you. Did appreciate working then doesn’t mean will now, but it’s a good starting point!


harrytij Purchased

Hi, I have updated some settings in the style.css, if I update, will I loose these changes?

Hello harrytij,

Yes that will overwrite the changes.

All custom changes shall be placed in either user.css file or in child theme’s style.css file. If you have made changes to parent theme style.css file, it will be required to keep a backup of that file. After updating the theme, all those changes shall be placed back in user.css or child theme’s style.css. A child theme folder is also included in main download. You can install and activate child theme for future changes.



harrytij Purchased

Is there a way to automatically add a Google Adsense ad in middle of post’s content?

Hi. The posts are not showing sequentially in my News page. I set the correct category ID and number of posts in:

Archive and Blog Options

Category IDs to fetch Archive or Blog Posts

But I would like the posts in descending order as Google reads this page. See the page for reference.

Can you help with this?

Actually, when I look again I see it is working. Must have been a cache issue. I’m sorry about that!

Hello chabotjeff,

No problem. By default posts are ordered in descending order (newest first). This can be changed in template files if required.


Nice work with the attractive themes. Can you summarize the differences between NewsPlus and Volt? I notice Volt supports 2 sidebars, and NewsPlus has a slider. What differences should I be aware of? Thanks.

Hello knowlengr,

Thank you for kind words and feedback.

Both themes have slider and post shortcodes. The main difference is the layout. Volt has 2 sidebars layout, whereas NewsPlus has standard single sidebar.

NewsPlus can be used as multipurpose theme including business, blog, corporate sites. Volt has more magazine look. If you are looking for a theme which can be modified and extended further, I would recommend NewsPlus.