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yvinhei Purchased

We would like tot titles and post exerpt to overlay on the thumbnails. Any tips on how we can achieve this?


Hello yvinhei,

Yes that can be done by changing the position of titles to absolute. For example, add these rules inside user.css file:

.flex-caption {
    position: absolute;
    z-index: 999;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    padding: 10px;
    -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
    box-sizing: border-box;
    background: rgba(255,255,255,.5);    

This will overlay the title and excerpt on image. But I would not recommend doing so because it will almost cover entire image, and may not look good when there is no image in post.


yvinhei Purchased

Thanks for the reply. It does not seem to work. Any other tips?


It does work, make sure you clear all browser cache when making changes to CSS. :)


Hi, please I have question: support this theme custom video player?

For example I want install into theme custom video player for adding videos from youtube etc. but with own player.

Works your theme with others video players? For example “JW Player” “Hana Flv Player” or “WordPress Video Gallery Plugin”


Hello PepeCZ,

Yes this theme supports custom video players too. You can place the video player short code or markup inside pages or in text widgets. It supports video player plugins as well.

The videos on live demo are shown using the embed short code of WordPress.


juanortiz Purchased

Hi again,

Im looking into options to have a forum with extended profiles. I will not need groups so considering using UserPro instead of BuddyPress.

Does NewsPlus work well with UserPro + bbPress?


Hello Juan,

UserPro is a premium/paid plugin which I have not yet tested with NewsPlus. I just looked into their Home page and found that most of the plugin features can be added via shortcodes. The theme will work fine with those short codes. You can ask the Author of UserPro if they have any free version on WordPress repository for testing.


I want to customize my website primary menu stacked to the top when scrolled up. I saw this feature is available on your latest updated theme. But as my website (javatechig.com) is using lot of customization, I hesitate to upgrade directly.

I want to include only the stacked menu for my primary menu. Can you please help me what files and what changes should I make.


Hello javatechig,

Sticky menu needs following files to be updated:

style.css (The menu CSS part in section 4. Header)

So if you have modified these files, it will be required to update these with latest ones.


egronnes Purchased

Hi, and thank for your wonderful work! I’m starting to use the toggle function, but need it to start open as the page load. Is there a way to set this in the shortcode itself?


Hello egronnes,

Thank you for kind words and feedback.

Panel can be made opened on page load by adding one line in newsplus/js/custom.js file:

}); // Add above line before this closing brace

Add this line at the end of custom.js file, just before the closing brace.

I will try to add this option in short code itself in future updates.


egronnes Purchased

Cheers! Worked like a charm


You’re welcome.


Can you please help me to achieve below things

1. How to get list of authors to display on my blog? 2. Can I have author bio per user or for some specific posts ?

I am looking for no using third party theme plugins as they will impact my site loading speed. Please help me to do this hack.

Thanks in advance.


Hello javatechig,

You can create a new page template inside templates folder (similar to page-sb-left.php and insert any of these codes:

Get Users for showing all users in same blog or multi blog.

wp_list_authors() for showing a list of authors with post count.

Profiles can be disabled for specific users by using is_author() check inside single.php file where profile is shown.

If you find above modifications difficult to implement, you can use the Author Avatars plugin. It won’t slow down your site too much.


mefta Purchased

Hi Saurabh,

A few questions for you:

1) Is it possible to set excerpt lengths to automatically terminate at the first punctuation mark? For instance, on http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/, all excerpts are 1 sentence. Could a rule be created to end the excerpt at the first instance of a period, question mark, etc?

2) Where should I add banner code if I would like a large leaderboard to universally appear immediately beneath the primary menu as also seen on http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/

3) What user css should I apply to reduce the spacing between post title lines?

Thank you!


Hello mefta,

Please find my answers below:

1. Trimming an excerpt on basis of first punctuation mark requires some advanced regex code. Instead of that, we can use built in technique. For that, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Blog > Use word length in archive excerpts. Enable this option and save settings.

Next, open / edit your post and click on the “Screen Options” button on top right corner. From this panel, enable the “Excerpt” feature. Next, scroll down and write a one sentence excerpt inside the “Excerpt” panel of this post. Finally, update the post. This custom excerpt will now appear in post snippets instead of a trimmed text. Provided, your word length in theme options is big enough. Say, 30 words or more.

2. Banner code for that location can be added at the end of header.php file, after these lines:

<div id="main">
    <div class="wrap clear">

In next updates I will make this a widget area so that banners can be added easily.

3. Post titles are of different size in grid columns, slider, blog lists and single post. So let me know which particular post title you want to have a less line height. I will suggest appropriate CSS.


Hi, I am using this theme and like it – it’s great, However, each of my posts shows a ‘0 comments’ count on my home page.

I see the latest update removes the 0 comments count (see below), but this is still showing on my posts – can you advise how I remove this?

Sep 18, 2014 – Version 1.6.0 Updated code to hide “0 Comments” if there are no comments

my site is northsoretoday.co.nz



Hello apbirley,

It will be required to clear all plugin cache of W3 Total. After that your latest changes will work fine.