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Hi, Zerge,

How can I close the views and likes statistics functions? These statistics are how the work, affect the concurrent connection?

Because my site recently returned a lot 503 error, godaddy suggested I review the coding to ensure that connections are closed.

If you do not bother, please help to check my website http://ideasgn.com/

Thank you!



The “views” feature used standard WordPress function – update_post_meta.

You can easily disable this feature, just remove in the file content-single.php:


Zerge wanted to know which technique to use the theme to incorporate videos in posts, especially when you choose to post video.


Custom iframe code.


I see you mention compatibility for WP 4.0 but the theme has not been updated in more than a year – are you really sure it’s fully compatible? I’m flirting with your theme but I’m not sure how to take the lack of updates; is it simply bugfree or are you planning to discontinue development for NewsTrick?

No hate!

All the best, Mel


Hi Mel,

Of course, we have tested it with WP 4.0 and didn’t find any bugs.

And we plan to release an update soon (within 1-2 weeks)

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

Hi Zerge! The theme is awesome ;) I’ve been using the widgets with standar post but now there is a new challenge, How can i activate it for custom post types? Thanks in advance ;)


Try to play with parameters (taxonomy) for this part of code:

<?php $categories = get_categories('hide_empty=0&depth=1&type=post'); ?>

It works! We are so close ;) Now i can choose categories of my custom post type but when i selected some specific category doesn’t show anything in the frontend. I tried several times but i can’t get it :( Help. I appreciate your time, has been a great support ;)


You can use “echo” to control (debug) the values of your variables.

If I buy this theme, can you make blog/post layout or template, category, tag, and searching will be looked grid view 2 coloumns? example:

Feature pic 1 Feature pic 2

Post name 1 Post name 2

Feature pic 3 Feature pic 4

Post name 3 Post name 4



Of course it’s possible after some development/customization work.

But unfortunately we do not provide development/customization service.


You can hire someone who can make these changes for you.

NewsTrick 1.04 Available for Download [2014-11-14]


- Improved: Carousel and Related Posts Thumbs widgets.
- Improved: Social Counter widget
- Improved: Compatibility with popular plugins
- Improved: Superfish menu
- Improved: RTL
- Optimized: Speed site performance
- Optimized: Java scripts
- Removed: Google Prettify
- Removed: fitVids
- Removed: Inbuilt “ajax thumbnail rebuild” feature
- Added: TGM Plugin Activation feature
- Added: Open Graph Objects for post page
- Updated: Superfish menu
- Fixed: Issue with the Video post
- Fixed: Issue with the Carousel widget (when displayed only one huge related post image)



“entry-content” seemed short explanation but does not appear now in homepage


update did new theme but did not change the results


thank you I’ll try

other problems


Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/besikta2/public_html/bizimtariflerimiz.com/wp-content/themes/wp-newstrick/functions/newstrick-carousel-widget.php on line 93

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/besikta2/public_html/bizimtariflerimiz.com/wp-content/themes/wp-newstrick/functions/newstrick-carousel-widget.php on line 93


I need access to WP admin panel, to see what the problem is. Send me a message through my profile


I sent

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I would like to add a search box in the upper range. However, I work with the demo layout and the normal search box will appear on the whole page. What can i do? Thanks Ralf

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on the left side -

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one more question if I want to change the linkurl of the headerlogo i have to change the header right? (a href=”<?php echo home_url(); ?>”> ? many thanks Ralf


1. Try to place search box below this part of code:

<!-- .banner -->

in the file header.php

2. Replace only this:

<?php echo home_url(); ?>
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Thanks for the theme. I have a few questions for you to complete the installation.

1) I selected to use the top sticky menu in the Theme Options but it is not saving.

2) Is there a way to randomize the posts like the slider in all of the widgets instead of just displaying as one same post all the time? This is something big that I thought the option would be there but unfortunately was not :/

3) Is there any way to align the headers of the widgets to the left side instead of the right on all of them?

Can I contact you via email?




1. Can you show me this on your site?

2. For this you need to change some code in the theme files. For example, need to add the parameter orderby for WP_Query – http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query#Order_.26_Orderby_Parameters

3. Add to the style.css:

.widget-title {
left: -1px;
right: inherit;
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Thanks for the quick response. I would rather not display my URL here, can I send you an email?


Yes. Send me a message through my profile