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Love this template! Quick question. The jQuery code that loads the individual portfolio doesn’t seem to work when I try to integrate it into Wordpress. Any ideas? It works totally fine in the HTML (as your set-up), but when I put my code in Wordpress, in a customized template, it just keeps returning the error every time I click on a portfolio image.


ct_3469 Purchased

I figured it out. For anyone who may have the same problem, make sure the url you are loading is something like “wp-content/themes/themename/projects/nameoffile.html” otherwise it wouldn’t work.


If you have a custom post type as project on wordpress. You can refer rart.portfolio function on script.js file and config url for ajax load.


Purchased this Theme a while ago and have only really started to customise it.

Since coming back to the Theme, I am now having issues with the two videos I have on the site.

Both are now showing black bars at the top and bottom of the them depending on resolution and also aren’t auto playing? So both are static on first frame of yoututbe video.

Can you please advise!?

Hello, this is the first time I use a template, I downloaded it and tried to open it up using Dreamweaver, but I don’t know how to substitute my images for your images. I tried saving it as it is and upload it in my webpage with the hope that at least it would look like your template, but I only get letters . What shall I do? Thank you.


and it says that there is a syntax error in line 43 jquery

hi, how can I change your address in the map at the bottom and put MY address?

Question! When viewing your demo with video background, I noticed 2 things:

1. The video does not play, it has a play button in the background, if you tap it, it takes over the device with video instead of playing in the background of the site.

2. The “View” button it not tappable, nothing happens when I tap it on my mobile device.

Here is a picture:


Let me know if these are bugs that are known or how to fix them!

Awesome theme! Thank you!


Hello, whats up with the Wordpress Version .. it’s gone. Not longer available for download. I paid money for this. Why t´there is no longer support for that?

Regards from Germany Manfred

Hello themeart,

Thank you for this template. I buyed this template few month ago. Actually on wordpress, and I don’t know how to put the desktop menu like a “stay on top” on the onepage. In clear I would like to insert the topmenu on the onepage even if we scroll at end of website

Maybe its easy to do, but I can’t find the solution

the link: http://yeeelspreprod.apps-1and1.net

Thank you for answer Mike