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Wow! I really like the concept my friend!

Thank you my friend! ;)

Creative work friend ;) Like it. Good luck to you!

Thanks Mate!

What a productive team in there…GLWS mate

Thank you bro!

Thanks Mate!

Great!Love it :)

Thanks mate!

Good luck with this one , congrats.

Kind Regards,

Thanks mate!

Nice Theme, GLWS ;)

Thanks mate!

Hi dude, tour theme is Great, clean and,perfect.

but it is not compatible with Windows Phone, are you,planning a update or can i disable the Mobile theme??


Oh thanks we will check and update it soon!

BUYED!!!, awesome, 2 years looking for this template.


i have a little issue, the Page builder dont save the changes, what can i do??? regards


Thanks you so much castrodarwin. If you need help just post a ticket to we will very happy to check and help you here.

Pure Innovation!!!

Thanks mate!

Your welcome. Is there RTL support for this theme?

Maybe in next version we will update! Thanks for your interested in!

Thanks for this design, love it. But I have a few questions: I replaced the background with a picture with the same size. First display is ok but when you scroll back 1 cm of the bottom part is displayed at the top.

I get a error notice when accessing page builder – Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in ../administrator/components/com_stpagebuilder/controllers/page.php on line 26

On the website I’m getting also – Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in ../plugins/system/shinetheme/assets/includes/common.php on line 224

Hi addison_harms,

Could you give us your info hosting like Cpanel/FPT + Joomla admin at our support system:

We will check and help you solved it.

Thanks for purchased and love our product!

Hey. Bought NEXT – Unique & Easy Portfolio 14 days ago. What is the difference in these two? Looking to upgrade to NEXT – Joomla Unique & Easy Portfolio.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :-)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you too! We will have next update in next time!

If you need support can post ticket here:

What is the account you bought our template?


Dose this template Support RTL ?

Thanks you so much we will tell you tomorrow for sure

OK I’m waiting you ,, many thanx

We are working on RTL layout and will release soon!

Hello I just bought this template there two days and now that I have the error in joomla 3.2.1

“Notice: Undefined variable: pageparam_sfx”

Thank you kindly help me? cordially

Hi my friend,

Could you post a ticket on our support system at:

We will help you solved it!


i have the same post on support forum shinetheme

Thank you! we will check and help you at our working time.

Hi. Only now I viewed that the version downloaded from Themeforest for NEXT TEMPLATE is the 1.0 e not the 1.1 or 1.2.

I’m not happy for this. :(:(:(

I viewed clearly that the version was 1.1 in the Themeforest site and now is available the 1.2 but if I download the template I receive always the 1.0 version with the Contact Form bug.

Hello paolo0166,

The current is newest version on themeforest and our supporter also explain for your miss understand.

Please check it carefully.


Hello shinetheme.

If you install the new version of the template, in the joomla template list the version number is yet 1.0.

Is my opinion that if you release a new version, all the file must be correct and coerent not only the Quickstart files.

Remeber to change also the manifest file of template for the new version of template.

Thank you.

Hey there! Great work!

I tried to register for support but never received the password via email and when I went to try to re-register, it says my email address is already registered. NEXT step…? Pun intended :)


You can register at our support system the Register link on top

Our time zone is GMT + 7, you can post ticket here we will check and answer you at working time


Great theme! Wish you more sales :)

Thank you so much codeex!

Hello. I wanted the “wordpress” theme , but I mistake purchased this one. If possible , change the theme?

hello Kazumasa! You should contact with themforest supporter for sure!


One more think: I return the “Joomla Unique & Easy Portfolio”theme. —>> how you return if you downloaded?

Beautiful theme. I love it. But is there a way to make the links open a new page rather than scrolling the various links up into focus?

Hello Purpletriangle,
Current our theme don’t support this. But we will support it if you need.

Please Fix the demo site its not working, especialy the next templatev