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ronflash Purchased

Such a nice template and NO working emailform???

ronflash Purchased

Well I am a dummy and do not know how to make a contactform working.

Is that difficult? Or does that cost a lot of money to fix that?


Hi Ronflash,

Could you please tell us your URL , so we can check what is the problem.

regards Sami

ronflash Purchased

I am SO SORRY !!! I mailed to the wrong person (I mean another template, I bought a few days ago)

Sorry, sorry, SORRY !!!

ronflash Purchased

It is NOT the emailform in the contact.html. That works well!!!!!

It is concerning:

1. How do I make working the “enter your emailadress’ in the index.html??? Where do I change- or where can I find that script??

2. And how do I make working the GOOGLE map for my OWN address in the contactpage.html?

Look at: http://www.ronaldwildschut.nl/vbmagazine2a2/contact.html

Thanx a lot!!!! :-))

Are you going to make this in 960 grid format??


hi hbarsky.

No, it’s not based on 960gs.


joelam66 Purchased


within the social networks the google+ icone is missing and i don’t have the psd for this to do the same image as the others

have you got it ?



hi joel.

Here i’ve designed a gplus icon just for you.

Gplus Icon

Thanks for purchasing our work.


Can you make the boxes like the ones you have for ‘politics’ and ‘sports’ more rounded?



I’m not sure if i understood you well, did you mean the boxes in drop-down when you hover over ex: Sports, then those boxes you want to be more rounded right??

not the drop down boxes, the content boxes…



Now i understood you well, thnx for explanation, yes you can border the content boxex,you have the class “post-container”which you will add radius 10 pc, and the class “right” you will add 9 px.

Regards Astrit

In the new IE10 the theme is extremly messed up. Just open the index.html and you’ll see.

Is an css-update planned?

Olena111 Purchased

I am so sorry. I purchased a wrong theme. I meant to purchase a Wordpress version. Can you please refund me ASAP?

Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience.


Sorry but as a seller on themeforest marketplace, we do not have option to refund!

Hi, Can the submenu have dropdown items? If so, can you tell me how to implement that?


Great theme so far, but I have a problem Check: http://www.ulasimuzmani.com/ with Chrome, the menu collapses/shrinks. Can you find the solution? (I am suspecting java script)


Hi, it seems that you have made some modifications, can you restore the original version of the theme or tell us what kind of changes have you made so it would be more easy for us to help you!

Hi all,

I bought this template and i love it :-)

Only i have a few questions and hope you want to help me.

- How can i let the slider do auto adjust of images, no somethimes the images doesn’t fit in the slider and i have to make it smaller in paint?

- On my site http://festasbrasil.nl i made row of categories, but when i click on one of them, the last 3 in the row bounch a row lower and then bounch back? How can i fix that?

- I want to make my page wider where do i adjust it?

Thanks for your help and time


How can I use the popular-tab formatting (picture on the left, title on the right) without tabs? Thanks.

myosotis Purchased

Which CSS framework did you use at html version?

Quick question before purchasing – do you think with hacking the template code is there any way the Jquery Flexislider can be full width like on many sites and then drop the sidebar below that ?

Thanks – like the site a lot

Have bought this, can you please tell me where I can over ride the element style for the width of the navigation in

    Would like to make it 700 so I can adjust left padding

I have downloaded the template but there is not theme. There are three folders and none of them contain the theme to install.

- Documentation - next-magazine - PSD

Please advise. Thanks