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tmleeek Purchased

Hello , when i write some pages in arabic , the bookmark is null and the links in onepage is not working

Kindly post your issue on our support forum, our developers will assist you once they are back online

Hi I would like ask you if there is a way to setting the section in homepage. I would like to set a different position. Can you tell me if it’s possible? Thanks =)

Did you mean the tiles? If yes you can. Tiles are created using a post type so you can order it easily by native WP ordering method (menu_order)

When I try to see live preview of this theme on my mobile. S4 .. I only keep getting DU booster ad. And takes me to playstore? Is this a bug which is included ? Will this also be there in final download? And this would really kill the project. If it keeps showing the ad, that your phone is slow?

Please reply. I m thinking of buying .

I need complete support if I buy.


We might have skipped this thread among comment flood, we are extremely sorry for that.

Now answering your questions. (Though most of the questions have answers inside Theme documentation and item details page.)

1. You have full control over tiles, like rearranging them, changing colors, icons etc. You can use free tiles, navigation tiles flipping images etc. To change the animation properties and other details you may have to customize the theme code. Especially scripts

2. There will not be many references for Designova brand. You can quickly change them by search and replace.

3. You can add text in services blocks. There is no limit.

4. You can make as many section as you want, but custom blog feeds enabled sections are not possible

5. I can check your site for speed issue, kindly post it on our support forum.

6. Complete demo data is available with the download pack. Only dynamic sub-section data need to be added manually.

7. Horizontal scrolling is not possible.

If you have more questions you can contact us through our support system.

Great now can you please reply to my specific Questions on your own forum

1. Slide Menu Animation & All Animation 2. Image Flips Remove # Link 3. Mobile menu auo close

Hi, you must contact our developers via Support Forum for further follow up on this case.

This comment form is not meant for technical support on themes. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Hello, is it possible to use paralax images in the sectors backgrounds instead of solid color?

Best regards.

Hi, please check your email.


I would like to know the reason for slow response on the mobile phone. Semple page called slow or what? After setting Domain Hosting Can I expect the fast response?

I would like to know more about your device platform and browser.

Hello, I have a few questions about your amazing theme: 1) Is it possible to customize homepage Tiles ? For example, increase or decrease tiles size? Is there a maximum number of tiles?

2) On the “Live Preview”, when we click on “My Services” and then on “Web Design” (for example) a new window appears (the “Web Design” one). Is this new window can be a page/article ?

3) If I’m not mistaken, your theme does not accept widgets right? But is it possible (by code modification I guess) to insert a widget into a Tile or somewhere else?

4) Finally, about the tiles, is it possible to link directly pages/articles/categories?

Sorry for all the questions at once, but I’m really excited about your theme :) Best regards, Fabien


Thanks for showing interest in our product. Its happy to clear the doubts about our product. Kindly check the answers for your questions below.

1. We have added tiles as a post type. You can control the tile column width, color, behaviour, links etc. If you want to increase the height you may have to do some CSS modifications. You can use Custom CSS filed in Theme Options for overriding existing styles.

There is no limit for creating tiles

2. Services is also a post type. Though it appears as a window, its actually something like a light-box popup. As it is created as a post type content management is easy.

3. The theme is not widget ready, but you may easily add sidebar feature in blog standalone pages. Adding widgets to tiles may be very difficult as they are built as Post Type

4. You may link the tiles to section/pages. Title tiles are not linkable.


have a nice day. This theme does not support Turkish fonts. How can I change the font faces this theme? I want to use a text font that supports Turkish characters. How can I do?

Please raise a support ticket at Our developers will assist you once they are back online.


I wonder if I can edit the styles of the blog link , removing the colors of background and leaving neutral as the home . This is done in CSS or directly in the theme settings or at the time of posting ?

The latest version on sale has neutral type blog feature. I can share a screenshot please check


I like to purchase the theme.

Let me know whether we able to place the blog tile on the homepage.

Regards, Siva

Hi thanks for showing interest in our theme.

The tiles which you have seen on our demo is a post type. You can use the tiles as links to pages,sections etc. Blog posts are not represented as tiles, but the home page is free to hold anything like tiles or any other featured sections in this theme.

Hi, I bought this theme, It´s awsome. My question is: Can i put an image background to an section one page ? Like demo About, Services, Contact.

Thanks for your help.


Yeah. For furthur assistance please do post your query on our forum


kosgmx Purchased

Where can I see the changes you made to the version updated on 17 June 2015? Thanks.

Its a security update. We have only changed prettyPhoto.js inside javascripts folder. PrettyPhoto had an XSS vulnarability. We will soon add change log. Thanks


kosgmx Purchased

Cool, thank you!


clamast Purchased

Hi, css classes in a single menu item don’t work. Have you idea? Thanks

Please post support queries in forum. Our developers will assist you once they are online

Very Good Theme Just Purchased Hope every thing will work properly

Hi Thanks for Purchasing, If you need any support please do post it on our forum. :)

Hi, we like your theme :-) but we have some question! 1. Could I create different menu? One for the home with ancor tag to navigate in the home and another one for the other single pages? 2. Does the menu support two o three levels? 3. Can I modify dimensions of the blocks in home? 4. Can I add or remove blocks in home? 5. Can I move the logo? 6. We are a agency so we have to modify “about me” in “about us”: is it possible to add more photo and information of the team?


1. ‘Next’ has two different menu styles left side tile type and normal top navigation. Both support One-page and standalone page navigation seamlessly.

2. Sub-menu support is not available (its not practical in featured navigation)

3. If you are talking about the metro tiles, yes you can from a predefined set of tile widths only.

4. Metro tiles are created as a post type so adding or removing tiles is so easy.

5. Moving the logo requires some css overrides, which is not difficult. We have included a custom css field in theme option for such overrides.

6. You can add as many team members you want. Its fully customizable. Everything is created using short-codes so its easy to manage

Hope this helps

Hi, but if I create a menu with two leves what happens to the menu in the second level page?

Tile menu just shows one level only. If you are using normal menu (top menu) instead of tile menu, it can show sub-menu items up to one sub-level.


ilpadawan Purchased

Hi, I would like that clicking on a services tile doesn’t open the pop up but a new page. How can I do it?

(Sorry but I can’t use your support because there is a loop, and I can’t set up a password)


Drop us an email at with purchase code we can create a forum account for you.

Is it possible or easy to ad spaces between the Tiles? Now the tiles are adjacent to eachother. Also can we place social buttons in the top on the right side?

Both these are customizations, however its not hard. Upon purchase you can register a forum post for the guide lines.