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Wonderful dark design 8-)

All the templates on your portfolio are very nice.. “Followed”


Glad you like my templates. my pleasure. Thanks

Theme does not seem to work properly in Chrome, or IE… please advise. Thanks!

An update will be released in the next few hours. Thanks

1) User comments are broke on the iPad, all three of the default comments go together.

Additionally, in the documentation it should mention your image won’t appear unless it is 155×155px.

2) On iPad the design looks very ugly for some reason with the medium sized layout.

The medium size design doesn’t work so well. You can force a min-width, but I couldn’t figure out how to just eliminate the medium sized layout so it is responsive to an iphone sized screen. I didn’t spend too long on it though.

3) The preview behaves differently than the latest version. When you click on the iPhone mockup, the images on the side are at an angle in the latest version. On the preview, they are straight. It would be better if they were straight, unless you can scroll with touch.

4) The jquery for the screenshots isn’t iPhone touch responsive. This can be sorted, but it should definitely be touch responsive if you are going to make a carousel where you touch the image.

An update will release in the next few days. Thanks for notice

Thanks, can’t wait!

1) I figured out the 3d angle setting, you can just set it to flat in instead of preserve 3d the css. I think this attribute is not supported in windows chrome, I had it working in osx chrome.

2) I also noticed a weird issue with the android button in ios simulator, but I haven’t tested it on an iphone yet. The button breaks in ios simulator, but I’m not sure how accurate the browser is in that.

3) The 300×300px images do weird things when made to a narrow iphone size too, on all browsers. They align left. It would make more sense for them to be centered when it breaks down to a single column.

Additionally, in those middling views, it should probably break down to a single column, as 2 on 1 side and 1 on the other looks a bit odd.

4) Around 940px or so, again in one of the middle layouts, the text of the “Clean and minimal UI”, wraps under the iphone mockup slightly. It’s just one view, and I am not sure if this problem exists in other views with different text.

Anyway, nice theme, just what I was looking for!

I’m not sure what the last update did, but this is still happening:

thanks for notice. I haven’t this problem in ipad. by the way i’ll make sure that it’s not a serius bug and probably will release and update in few days

I have it in both ipad mini and ipad 4 running latest public releases. It does the same thing in iOS 7 beta too. This is across 4 browsers, although anything not safari runs an older wrapper of safari in iOS anyway.

The text still wraps under the iphone mockup at a medium width as well:


You can be sure that this problems will gonna fixed in the next update. Thanks again

The update solved a few things, but the reviews are still broken in iOS. :-(

Bugs have been fixed. tested in iPad and iPhone. Thanks for bug reports

1) I tested in iPhone 5, and the reviews work in this. It is an iPad issue alone it seems.

2) I made an album of some minor css issues. The weirdest one is that the android button still breaks in iPhone 5, but not on any desktop browser. Grrrrrrrr.

I haven’t started with site yet, so not too bothered. Waiting for these issues to be sorted before tweaking everything, because I can’t figure them out. :-)

Bugs have been fixed. tested in iPad and iPhone. Thanks for bug reports

Thanks for the updates, I still notice one weird issue…

Take ipad in landscape mode and load it. The comments are broken! However, if you are in portrait it is fine, and if you rotate to landscape from portrait, then it is ok too.

Could be a safari issue. I’m not really sure with these responsive themes, I know I just have pulled my hair out anytime I have tried before. I stick to minwidth and making tablet users suffer with the site I do. :-) Tablets convert terribly for shopping, but are convert very well for iOS games!

Just tested the situation you told. I really don’t see it. By the way if i get any other bug report about this issue, i will make a huge change in this area. Thanks

It’s still doing it, and I discovered the bug in desktop browser intermittently as well.

I have installed it to my site and haven’t had many issues tweaking it to my needs, but this one is a mystery. It is probably in the jquery script somewhere. I don’t see anything wrong with the html or css.

Overall it works nicely!