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I have set a custom image for my background. How do I remove your image? It keeps overriding my custom background image

This is the code and/or image I need to remove…


Can you please share url of your website?

Thanks, it’s working now. For some reason, the custom code was not actually being saved.

Hello, the slider still doesn’t Autoplay nomather what I do. The data-autoplay=”true” doesn’t help.

Can you provide a solution?


Can you please share url of your website?

On rollover on the slider images (and any images in general that is clickable) we get a grey box with a magnifying glass. How do we change this? Can it be an image? Where do I find this?

Can you send niarra documentation ?,please help me


You the documentation is already included in the main zip package.

I have changed the background image to none in the Option Tree settings and Theme Options custom CSS, but the image remains in the background. I’ve already cleared my cache. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

Please help.

This is the code I’m using:

body{background-color:#03F; background-image: none !important;}

I also edited the style.css file, but it did not remove the image either.


If you don’t want the background image for any page then leave the “Background Image:” option empty when adding/editing a page.

Hi. I have a question about works in Niarra. Is it possible to have the background to works corresponding to the page background?

exaple: I have a page with portfolio. In that portfolio i have a work. Now i have a background choosen for that page. When i klick on the work i go to that work and the background is gone. Only black background. I ned that background to be the same as the background on the page with the portfolio layoute. Is it possible? Regards: Martin


Though it shows the background which you choose for the blog page but I will take care of it in next update asap.

Hi! How do I make the page, works and posts names (headlines) to UTF8 or a font that can show special characters like å ä and ö?

It works in the textboxes but not in the headlines..


The titles of my posts are not floating next to the date for some reason. Not sure why. http://www.superblogme.com/wordpress-plugins-not-using-shortcodes-how-to-fix/ I have already tried short title as well as the default niarra theme with the 2 minimal plugins. On the main slider, the text disappears after one iteration. http://www.superblogme.com/

Also, does the http://themes.lucidstudios.net/niarra/light/blog/ use the blog template? I see an excerpt and a ‘Continue Reading’ button but I can’t get that to appear on my own blog page, it just shows the full content.

For anyone else banging their head, here are the fixes I made: For post titles not next to date, change css .blog-meta hr from width 489 to width 484. For the slider, the text is set to hidden if it’s too big for the space. I had to use the <-more-> tag in the text then use a custom the_content call in template-slider.php to make it behave well.

Hi. Great theme, I really appreciate it. Just 2 problems: - my twitter set up doesn’t work. I read the documentation and I ran all the informations, but I didin’t see my latest tweets (I should send my get-twitter-feed.php file modified, if you send me an email) - my contact form doesn’t work, I didn’t receive any email to the admin address. The website is www.sartoriacavalierimilano.it Please help. Thanx.


I see the Twitter widget is working fine on your website.

Regarding the email, make sure that your hosting provider is not blocking mail function in php and doesn’t require smtp authentication for which you can contact your hosting provider.


How do I disable the dark”fade in” load of the background image?

Thx, Christian

Hello! Headlines do not show special german characters like ä, ö, ü etc. This is only in headlines. In all body texts it is o.k. What can i do?


Hello, I had sent you an email 2 days ago. I understand time difference and weekends. Also understand that you are busy with your outstanding photography. But I did expect at least an acknowledgment of my email to you. I had your theme for a long time now. But needed to use it now on a different domain [deleted the theme on the old domain]. I did a clean install with the latest version of the theme. But have problems with demo data import. 1. it never completed with the success message. Probably due to the fact that the importing of your data files is not supported by wordpress anymore. 2. It imported a portion of the xml file only: the menu and image attachments. But ALL pages in the menu point to your demo pages at lucidstudios. Ergo, not a single page was even created through the data xml file. 3. This basically obsoletes a “demo import”. I would have appreciated at least some info as a response. Aside from that, as you can gather I still – despite it’s age – love the theme. It is stylish, and elegant. There was time where I hoped you would update it or create a full width version of it to match the galleryjack look. But even without update, the theme itself still works with the latest wp version and is timeless. :) Regards, Michele

Also, the Newsletter widget does not work. It throws a fatal error. Even on your Demo. This is definitely something that has to be fixed ASAP.

it is obvious that there is zero support anymore even for actual flaws in the theme itself – how inconsiderate….. to customers


I love this theme and have used it for a couple of years. Recently I updated some hosting and some WP software. When I did so my ability to update my slides and sliders has a bug. I am not able to publish, only “submit for review” When I do so, I am then directed to the blog posts page. I have checked the sliders Draft folder and searched for my new slide name, but it doesn’t seem to exist. Is this a hosting problem. Can you help direct me?

Well, this template is DEAD. No reply from the author since one year, last update was 2013. Two years later – one has to finally scrap this one. I will never understand why any author would be so ignorant when he/she has a good template to begin with – yet simply abandoned everything without notice to the customers that purchased from him/her.

A simple polite notice would have been common courtesy. :notfunny:

Hello, for the index page instead of 3 columns i would like 2 or 3 rows, anyone know how to change this?thanks

can we help each other? anyone know where to locate the featured works and most recent work editing page? I can’t find it, thanks


I purchased your theme a while back and have been using it on my site. I have not changed anything in months and suddenly am getting an error “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare preview_theme() (previously declared in /home/content/86/10288086/html/wp-includes/theme.php:650) in /home/content/86/10288086/html/wp-includes/deprecated.php on line 3506” Any help you can offer on this???


I was wondering if there will be a new version of this theme for WordPress 4.3.1


The theme is compatible with latest version of WordPress i.e. 3.4.1 as of writing of this comment.

Hi, i bought the html version of niarra, when i put another font for the navigation, there are underlines appearing for half a second, it seems it is not working well, can you please help me ?best regards, zutalors ps: i do exactly the way you wrote on the descriptions…

id also like to buy a second copyright for niarra html, how can i do that ?

hello, id like to buy a second copyright for niarra html, how can i do that ? thank you for answering, zutalors