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Have just purchased your NICE APP landing page design and have to say I’m very impressed. Editing was quick, everything coded really well and its a pleasure to amend. Question concerns the width of the template. Having checked on various platforms the width of the template is a little to wide. Seems to be running at 1020px and cuts very close – on some PC’s cutting right off the screen.

Can this be changed without having to edit all the PSD ’s and individual element positions / padding?


Sure you can do this by changing the main.css. Just do a search for 1020px and change it to whatever you would like.

Thanks for your purchase

Loving this lander mate! It’s a thing of beauty and I’m glad I had a chance to finally use it!

Say… where do you change the background colors? I looked for a quick note for this basic aspect – is there a file with multiple colors I am missing? Please advise.

Again, great file!

where are the instructions for connecting the contact sign up? As well, I left you a message yesterday – when are you available Friday? Please advise

I am not sure about my schedule tomorrow, I didn’t get a message from you? If you want to contact me via my contact form on my profile page I can communicate with you a little easier through email as I am in and out of my office.

However, your instructions for setting up the contact sign up are included in your help file under php – there’s a mailer.php that you need to edit and the help file explains how and where.



Hi Jonathon – I left you a detailed Voice message at your office – please advise I was pushed into a VM with a woman’s voice stipulating it was your VM. Thanks.

Hi. Great theme and we’ve used it on several occasions now – fresh downloads for both sites.

Everything renders fine on the Mac, PC, iPad and Blackberry Playbook.

However, view the same site on an iTouch, iPhone or Blackberry mobile and we have half the main title cut in half, no phone image, all text headers for the three columns overlay themselves, columns of text go all over the place and layout generally fall apart.

This is obviously a concern. Would welcome your comments. Thanks as this is something we need to resolve.

Hi – you firstly realize that the license is one site only per purchase??

However the files supplied do not do what you say so I would revert back to those as obviously changes made disrupted your responsive settings. Remember though that a responsive design DOES cut out unnecessary content based on the smaller screen otherwise there wouldn’t be much point as iPhones etc can display full sites with full information – but certainly we wouldn’t release an item where columns of text go out of place and fall apart :)


Hi Jonathan.

Thanks for the quick reply. To answer your first question, yes. We have bought / purchased twice for two sites. As we would always do:) and will continue to purchase additional downloads for future sites.

Secondly, we haven’t made any changes other than our initial comment changing from 1020px to 960px as per our first email. The sites load perfectly on all other devices. MAc, PC and iPad / Playbook.

The issue we have is that they do not load properly on other devices ie the Blackberry, iTouch etc. Appreciate your comments but when we load them they automatically resize everything but change to cut in half the main page title, then the three columns of text go into one column, but the column headings which normally fit are then overlayed halfway on top of each other. An example would be ‘Page Title’ where Title is halfway over the word Page.

Cutting out unnecessary content is expected but not if page titles are laid one on top of the other. It looks bad and spoils the layout.

Other devices are fine and I expect its something small but its a bit of an issue. The template itself is great which is why we’ve purchased it twice.

If there is not a way to resolve this is there a way to turn off the dynamic resizing for different devices?


Greetings – thanks for clearing up the license bit ;)

I would suggest (as we can’t test on every single device but rather can only test with supplied content we placed in and on available devices we have and on browsers by altering sizes and online testing) that you simply need to alter / add some extra responsive settings for those devices that are not changing the heading size of your font for your particular screen size – that sounds like what you are saying is not fitting? I think it’s just a trial and error thing from your end on your device – i.e. if using h3 and it’s not fitting, then in the css file simply add H3 and a new smaller size for the font (or new line height) in the appropriate media query size. It should be a simple 2 second thing if you can see it in front of you – or otherwise contact me via the profile page as per the help docs with a screen shot or 2 if possible so I can see – but then again remember that if the screen size is the same as say an iPhone then any alterations we do for one will effect the other – may be best to look at your usage results via analytics for the devices being used most by your visitors also.

All in all it just sounds like your titles were longer than ours and need an additional line-height set in the media query – maybe contact me via my profile and I can look at your page? But then again I only have iPhone 3 and 4 and iPad plus online tools, so not entirely sure I will be able to see, but I can try ;)


Thanks Jonathan. Appreciate the reply and suggestions. As I said though – its a great theme!

any chance you can make this a wordpress ;)

Hi and thanks for the comment – not really unfortunately as there would be too many things needed to be added in such as menus, drop downs, way more social, and then the fact that most people want blog etc basically it would really kinda ruin the clean, simple design.

Saying that we are currently discussing something kinda cool for the future with regard to wordpress and landing pages. Stay toned for that possibly ;)


i can’t find a good wp landing page theme… especially one that is up to par with cpa landing pages like this:

Your not going to find any landing pages like that on TF they simply wouldn’t allow that to be sold here – although I create landing pages for a living for many companies, and I understand the need for all those cta areas on your example it could still be done in a more eye pleasing way – but regardless something like that really is going to be a custom design from someone as it’s too defined for the product (which a great landing page should be of course) – just some don’t have high budgets and that’s when themeforest and stock templates are a really great starting block for people.



Hi, and thanks for a gorgeous theme.

Had 2 issues: 1. the right gutter thing, that you’re mentioning & had fixed for the latest version: THANKS ! I thought it was me.

2. EMAIL !!! The mailer.php file keeps sending the wrong information up to my mail manager.

I need to change the “FROM” field from what is showing currently ( <> , which is really weird, and cannot tell you where this info is coming from b/c I didn’t put it there) to the email address of the person contacting us through the site, on the first page.

WHERE IS THIS INFO ? And can I make the change myself? Can this be changed, or should I just install a mailchimp contact form?

Thanks, and looking forward to your reply! Monica my site:

Hi Monica and first thanks for the purchase – the info you mention is supplied by your server at your hosting company. If you want to alter this to the email sent from the person completing the form you will need to alter the functions of the mailer.php script – if you are not comfortable in php code I can pass you along to a coder who does custom work if you need assistance but I am sure a quick search in google will also probably help you out with sending a contact form via a php mailing script.

If you have issues or need a coder drop me a line via my profile page contact form and I can put you together.

many thanks


Thanks Jonathan for the quick response. I’ll reach out to the hosting provider like you said, and see what they can do for me. I have been looking at the mailer.php file, and I did change a few things there, but could not change just this thing! I’m ok with php, enough to change these parameters, but didn’t know that it’s not form there, but from the hosting. Thanks again! Monica


How easy I can change color to blue?

Hi – most of the orange is a background color applied to the body. The rest is in the images and background images. You could open this up in Firefox and using firebug go through and determine what you wanted blue so you could see (from firebug) the class names that you would need to change and if it’s an image, a background-color and/or a color.

Hope that helps!

Hi there…

Just purchased this theme and loving it… Super easy to set up etc… One thing. I notice that using a desktop Safari browser leaves sone odd colour behind all the clickable images… Slightly darker orange. Not too fussed but if you get a fix that would be awesome


Hi and thanks for the purchase – well that’s one sharp observation to be honest, I had to turn up my monitors calibration to be able to clearly see what you meant – very very slight I see it now. So I did some research and there are a couple of things you could try placing in your css style sheet as it is a specific safari bug – in all honesty it’s so subtle that it’s very hard to see and is only on the 4 images down the page in the orange – once you swap those for your images I would use png with no colored background and you may find the color difference issue goes – other than that there are a few issues and work arounds reported on google when searching. Removing the css3 transition being one as that is where the issue comes from – all in all nothing I can do at this end unfortunately as they will no doubt sort the issue out in coming releases.



:). Thank you very much for your purchase and your kind comment!

yw =) where can i get the psd files to make some changes? Please.

Hi and thanks for the purchase! PSD ’s are included in your download package in a zipped folder called Photoshop

Many thanks


ooops i’m stupid sorry it’s true!

Great page! I changed the size of the header image in the css to 503 height (I think it was something like 536) and now the twitter and facebook buttons at the right of the page only fire their rollover state if I aim at the top of the images… nothing happens when the mouse is on the bottom of those buttons. I’m guessing this has to do with changing the height variable of the #product_image { class in css but I can’t figure out how to fix! Any thoughts?

Please use the comment form on my profile page for support request and please send a link to your page – obviously customizations are not part of support but when I get a chance to look I will see if it is something obvious from your css alterations.


Sir, this is a beautiful page and I’m thinking about purchasing but I had a bit of a comment.

Some of us are hopeless with changing something as simple as the color – either we’re color-blind, we don’t know what Firebug is, or an overall combination.

If you could find the time to perhaps take pictures or offer several different options for some of us, that would be INCREDIBLE and I also think help sell a few more.

I love the orange, but I’m wondering if blue might look better for my site at NE1UP, or black, red… Etc. Just the standard, basic colors. I know that might require a couple/few hours on a Saturday for you (more!?) but you might find it worth it?

I’m thinking hard about it. Just my two cents!

Hi and thank you for your interest as well as your kind comments.

I understand where you are coming from, so please don’t misunderstand, but changing the orange is doing a simple find and replace in the main.css for this color reference #EB592A (which is actually only in the CSS 4 or 5 times), the rest of the orange is complete image based, which is editing photoshop files and saving them out for the web.

As I said, I understand where you are coming from, but for an $8 purchase, we have to design/code for the masses, if you want a custom landing page template or customizations to this particular landing page template, that is possible to contact me via the form on my profile page.


Totally understandable, just thought I’d throw it out there! Thanks for your detailed and timely response!

Hi there Jonathan! first of all i’d like to say your work is superb! i’ve been looking alot for a template and somehow among the milions of designs on the web I somehow ended up liking your designs in several different place!! I only realized it was the same person after the fact..

Question for you: I’m trying to implement a new font into the web, and for some reason (even though i’ve been through alot of font installion guides) it doesnt seem to be working! to be exact, the ABCD letters stay in deafult font, and the #*%(, characters are using the font i’ve installed… can you maybe help me? check out my website if you will- . the language is Hebrew btw… and i’ve uploaded the webfonts (in eot, svg, ttf, woff) to the css folder. i’ve tried adding the fontface into the main.css and also in a seperate stylesheet, nothing is working…. its so weird because it IS using the font, but only for !#$ characters… so im guessing it was installed ok, but maybe something is overwritting the ABCD characters!?? i’m clueless.. please help !!!

Hi and thanks for the kind comments – it sounds like your @font-face is incorrect or damaged? However saying that I believe there is something specific you need in the head etc for hebrew (RTL) style text … maybe that is the issue? Not entirely sure I’m afraid.


Hi! Just wondering what bit of css to remove to stop the whole page’s opacity transition happening when hovering over certain items like the ‘purchase on app store’ buttons etc. – i’m talking about when in the demo for example you hover over the button and then the whole page has a quick opacity transition effect. Basically just want to remove that. Cheers

Hi and thanks for your purchase. Please use the form on my profile page with a link to your site.


I can’t tell you how much I loved building this theme! I’m primarily a front-end wordpress developer, and this was my first venture into an HTML theme.

Everything was easy to edit, and I had no problems building everything! I’ve still got some minor tweaks, but this turned out better than I had expected!

That is awesome news and I’m very happy you found things easy to customize – good luck with your site :)


Awesome item you have here! SUPER PROPS to including the PSD files, saved me a ton of time. I’ll be back for others in your collection.

Hey @Levy4u – thanks for the purchase and kind words – so happy you enjoyed using the product :)