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nice template, best wish for sale ;)


Thanks :)

Great work! Good luck.


Thanks you thiagodb !

I may not be fully aware of product features with ZenCart but if you could add to the demo examples of color choice, size, and offer multiple image zoom on a product, I would most definitely buy this.

It also might be advantageous to add a size index icon to indicate for potential customers what S/M/L actually are, phenomenal representation done here: https://www.jcmotors.com/images/Sizing%20Charts/flystreet-womens-clothing-chart.jpg

Never the less phenomenal template! Great job!


Thank you for appreciation. Sure , I will install template on another URL with default zencart data so that you can see it with all zencart product criteria possibilities. I will update here when its ready.

Hey, I have installed it with default zencart demo data supplied with zencart. http://templatation.com/zc-herbally-demodata/ Please note the pictures are small because they ARE small. This demo data was created in around 2004 by zencart officials.
hylt Purchased

Hi Templatation

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

This is really great theme, I’ve used 100’s of Zen Cart themes over the years and this is without doubt the best one yet.

The documentation you have supplied with the theme is excellent and so easy for anyone to understand.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing what other themes you design and add to Themeforest in future.

Kindest Regards

Hylton :)


thank you for appreciation … :)

I’m experiencing the following problems: 1. Can’t get language selector on top to work 2. When searching on top search field it searches on your theme installation and redirects me to your site.

How Can I fix those?


Thank you for purchasing :) 1) The language needs to setup first , see http://www.zen-cart.com/wiki/index.php/Languages and then manually adding the links for other language editing common/tpl_header.php file. 2) its a bug , I will fix and update the file. (emailed you the updated file.)

Great support and lovely theme!

The author is really helpful an respond nearly 24/7!!!

10 out of 10 stars!!!


thank you for your kind words, enjoyed the journey of having your website ready!

I am creating pages in EZPAGES but when I go to upload them they do not show up it just shows the two HOME and HEADER_TITLE_CATEGORIES


Hi, Thank you for purchasing. Please email me using my Profile contact form with URL of your website. Its late night here, I will check it out early morning tomorrow.


Hi Again, the problem you are pointing seems to be language related , please note if you have your store in other language you will need to define language tags in corresponding language folder respectively. By default I have defined only english phrases as of now. please contact me from profile page for more details and help.

http://www.zen-cart.com/wiki/index.php/Languages#Customizing This will be good read for people having this kind of problem.

Glad that it’s responsive now. Good Luck..


Thanks …

Hi, lovely theme. In a former post a user requested image zoom is this something you might be adding? Also is there a social mod with it or can you recommend a plugin that would work with your template?


I will do this in next update :)

It’s a great theme for e-commerce. The theme is very well designed and elegantly displays products. I also appreciate Templation’s support!

Thank you.


Thanks alot for your appreciation.

Novice questions here.

Zen cart is installed and ready to go, no messing with stuff? Is there any information regarding payment gateway and secure certificates included—is this difficult to do with zencart?

thanks, Alan


It is very difficult question as it really depends person to person on their prior experience. Zencart is old style, and does have a learning curve, but later its very addictive and fun to use. You can read about zencart addons and other technical information here : http://www.zen-cart.com. Thanks.

This is an amazing theme. Do you have a Magento compatible version of this theme by any chance?


Hey, thank you :) Magento not yet , but I am working on its wordpress version at the moment.

Great theme


Thank you very much :)

Hi There,

Was going to buy this theme because it’s a great resposive zen cart theme but when I load on my iphone it doesn’t show me a mobile compatible layout – instead it loads a full size version of the theme?

I can see that it’s responsive because it responds as I resize my browser?

Any advice? Want to buy but not if it won’t load on a mobile properly




Hi Terry,
Thank you for pointing out the issue and sorry for the trouble. I have done a change in it , can you retry it on your iphone now, it should adjust itself to phone width now.

Hi, I bought this template and installed it and it looks fantastic. The only problem is that my images in each product are not working. Help! What have I done. They show as ”?” but when you click on them (to zoom in) you can see them and they work. They work everywhere else, just not in each product description.

See: www.cjsbutter.com.au.

Thanks, Angie.


Thanks. I changed the permissions and it didnt work. I also tried changing the permissions of the timthumb to be 777 and that didnt work either. Odd.


Hi Angie, In that case please contact your hosting provider, this issue is related to hosting as the server is not letting the timthumb.php run. Please send them the url i sent in the last message and will sort it within minutes.


Thanks. I really appreciate your very prompt response. I am really loving my new template!

I am thinking of purchasing this template, but live mode is not available I get an ERROR =(


I apologize for the problem, it was hosting problem , now its fixed and demo is now up.

Wait, looking through the comments I see that this is not a wordpress compatible theme? I am trying to install it in wordpress (explains why it won’t work…no stylesheet it says) I thought zen cart was a plug in for wordpress? oh boy.


Hey, Unfortunately this is a zencart theme , zencart is not a plugin while a fully featured, stand alone shopping cart system. You can contact envato support to seek refund for in-error purchase though.

Is it possible to add Blog page as viewed in screenshot from your Multipurpose HTML theme to this zencart? Do you know when your wordpress version will be ready? I need a full functioning credit card processor.

Thank you!



Wordpress version is being worked on and will be available next month.

I’d like to use this version of the homepage and attached a blog to this template. If I can do that somehow I will buy this immediately! Also is there way to add social media share icons with products?


No, sorry , this is a zencart template and therefore there is no blog section in it.