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Perfect and delicate template. But i think “top” button not subtle compared to the overall, wish you have good sales ;)

Thank you for your feedback :)

Absolutely wonderful, I love it! So unique, fantastic work Templatation! :-)

Thanks alot RubyLu :)

Does this have a CMS of any sort? Does this have a wordpress version?

Is there any chance of it being done sooner? Like a week or two? I love this but need it to be in wordpress. Please please please:)

I will try to finish it in 2 weeks. But I can not promise , please note that. Its going to be a complex wp theme. :)

Just want to give you courtesy notification that it seems it is not possible to make it ready within 2 weeks.

Love this theme!

1) Seems to have a few hiccups with the layout on mobile devices

2) Please send us an email once it is in WordPress format

Thank you for your feedback.:)

1) I focused on making it easy to browse and content focused on small devices instead of making it look pretty. Feel free to test it here: http://mattkersley.com/responsive/. I have been collecting feedbacks though and in next version I will check it out once again. 2) Sure I will let you know about wp version, coming out soon. :) Thanks again.

Hello, this template can be used for prestashop? thanks

Hi, No, its just a html template…yet ! more versions coming soon…

Hi, thanx for this beautiful theme.

- if a screen is bigger than 2350px the layout broke, the <section id=”headline”> is going the the right. It happend when I used 3 Menu items or less.

How can I fix this?

Thanks for notifying, I will work out a solution by this weekend. Sorry for delay but facing some unforeseen circumstances.

Hey, Again sorry for kept you waiting for the day , here is the fix. please add : clear: both; in #headline line 115 of screen.css. I will add this in my future update also.

Demo seems to be in wordpress but I can’t find a wordpress version to purchase – are they all in this file?

No , its not wordpress yet , only html. wordpress coming soon :)

It’s the twitter feed and the leave a comment form fully functional? Or would I have to right the send.php for the form and the code to pull the feeds for twitter?

Leave a comment will not work as no CMS is integrated into it , its just html. Unfortunately , twitter feed too not functional in current version.

How do I make the Home-d main slider fade to new image automatically without having to click?

Looks like you have done some custom modifications in the style. Anyway the site looks great, to achieve what you want, please add min-width:1200px; in html{} , line 12 of screen.css.
I request you to rate my item if you are satisfied with my product and support :)

Great thank you so much for your help. Yes I will…I have to build another full site using this template so I’ll be purchasing it again.

Sounds good. Thanks :)

Hi, nice theme, but it looks terrible in Firefox on a MAC. Any idea why?

Sorry for delay in replying.
I focused on making it usable for information oriented person taking the pain to browse the internet from small devices. So it might not look that great on iphone instead it has been made easy to read and browse.
If you want to disable responsiveness , Please remove all media queries from bottom of screen.css and remove overflow:hidden from root and main wrapper. Also , please add min-width:1200px to html {}.

Thank you, that worked. The only remaining element is the top background (as a slider) which after following these instructions still looks squished in the mobile version. Do you know where to change that part? I appreciate your help.

please send message from my profile page with your website url.

For which version this theme supports??

and how to remove slider running in background(that should be an constant image…)

Hi, Thank you for your interest , this is not a CMS yet, this is just a html template.

Hi, how can I change the Price Filter currency symbol $?

Hi, Please check line 163 of category-grid.html I hope I answered you , if not please send me details of your issue from my profile page.

I buyed this template. i very like. It’s possible automate the flow of the “featured products” section (such us “Testimonial” and “latest product” sections) with personalized time definied by developer? Thank you for response. I need quickly.

Hi, Yes its possible. Please edit javascript/scripts.js and on around line 246.

Find :
$('.slider-a > .inner, .slider-b > .inner, #logo > .inner').each(function(){ $(this).bxSlider() });
Replace it with:
$('.slider-a > .inner, .slider-b > .inner, #logo > .inner').each(function(){ $(this).bxSlider(auto: true, pause: 3000) });

Many thanks for the quickly reply. Now I have a new requirement. I need to know how the function Jquery: g.ajax hader.js relative to the script, a script that I do not know (the question is this: I need to load an external page inside a div). Thanks in advance for your reply.

headjs is the new technology of managed javascript for the page, please read more about it here: http://headjs.com/

Let me know if you still need help after studying headjs. PS : You can email me from my profile page, I will be able to help more that way.

How do I make the ecommerce and credit card payment processing functional for this template? Please help, thank you!


Hi Eric, Sorry but this is only HTML template , its woocommerce version coming out next month.

Is this fully functioning ecommerce powered by WooCommerce? And if I can add social media icons with products I will buy this immediately! Thank you.

No, this is only HTML template.

I bought this template because it was with shop,i was reading here the comments so can i connect this html template to work with a shop or do i need to buy the ecommerce template?? btoom links with new products, specials pages dont exist, what needs to come here? thank you

Hi, Unfortunately this is just a HTML template, it doesnt function as a shop. I mentioned same multiple times on page and even in the name of template too but may be you missed it. Its wordpress/woocommerce version is coming soon but if you want you can contact envato support to get refund for in-error purchase. Thanks and Regards.

Yeah I think I was just mislead by the shop and non shop titles, thought it could be configured…:( Like the design but need little shop

Wondering if anyone can show any live demos of this theme that has been implemented into e-commerce?


Its wordpress/woocommerce is done , in the final round of testing and will be available soon. :)

Thanks, but really wanted to see if anyone who has purchased it above has already implemented it into a live site??

I am afraid if you took it wrong , its only a html template, it needs alot of work to be transformed into a live ecommerce site.

Also, other buyers will not see your message because they hardly come to comment section of item that they already bought.

If you message me from my profile page I can show you some examples of people who bought its zencart version though.

hello, i would like to ask which menu did you use in the html version? thanks

HTML has the custom coded menu , I have not used any standard menu. Thanks.