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Hi there nicole_89, I am having a few concerns. Here is my website:

1. There is an hour glass when you first log into the site; that keeps circling around and I do not know how to remove it, or how it even got there.

2. For the slider text, I added 2 captions. One of them is bleeding into the other caption which makes it un-readable. How do I fix this?

3. I wanted to have a landing page on the left side of the screen that says “About Us”. How do I add a plain page where I can just add words.

4. As I am adding pages on my menu on the left side of the screen, I noticed there is a URL I need to add so that the link goes to the correct page. How does this URL get generated?

5. When I go to Settings to add in the social media URLs, I click Save Settings, but nothing appears? There are no social icons visible.

If you need my OpenCart Admin username and password credentials, I will be glad to send this to you via email. Do you have a personal email where I can send this to?


1 & 2 This happens because you added the slideshow module twice, remove one row from the module configuration.

To add text to left column you can use the welcome module from opencart admin with position = column left, page = home

The url is plain text, you can copy it from the browser address url before adding.

Social media icons are added on footer, I see that twitter url is visible on your store, you can also enable social band to show twitter feed.

Hi there, For question #3, perhaps I worded it wrong. I am trying to figure out how to add literature on the “About Us” page. How can I add just plain text to a page. My visitors should be able to click on “About Us” and see a page full of literature explaining what my company is all about. For #5, I do not see any social media on this website. Can you tell me what browser you are using?

Hi there Nicole. Don’t worry about my last comment. I figured it out.

nice one ,,, its RTL support ?

Thanks, I just added arabic language to the demo store, you can switch the language from left column language selector to see RTL support.

great ! ,, i checked it , but still it need some work ,, please check the sub menu in the home page ,, also the main menu must be on the right side ,,, the footer has some issue with icons

I don’t see any problem with the submenu or footer, regarding menu on right the layout does not change for RTL only text alignment.

Can you develop this template for Abantecart?

Thank you for your interest but I don’t plan to develop Abantecart version of this theme.

There seems to be an issue with the checkout when I use this theme. When I use the default theme, the checkout works absolutely fine but when I enable the ‘Nico’ theme, the checkout becomes unusable.

The steps show:
  • Step 1: Checkout Options
  • Step 2: Account & Billing Details
  • Step 3: Delivery Details
  • Step 4: Delivery Method
  • Step 5: Payment Method
  • Step 6: Confirm Order
but there is no markup in any of the steps and I am unable to progress any further.

Am I doing something wrong?


This looks like a javascript error on checkout page, do you use any vqmod/module for checkout? what opencart version are you using?

Can you check browser console error for possible javascript errors? for chrome you can use chrome developer tools for firefox Tools ->Web Developer

Can you also try the checkout on demo store to rule out the browser as a possible cause?

You can also give me your store url and I will check for js errors.

OK, it’s fixed now. I think it may have been a JavaScript error. I was making some stability fixes for the image slider on the home page and I think those were causing issues in some of the other pages (because they all use the same JS file). Thank you for the quick response.


Can you give acces to demo admin page for the Camera Slider preview so I can set the settings of the template exactly like this one.

Thank you!


You can access demo admin here user demo password demo

You can find slider configuration in theme documentation here!/slider to switch from thumbflip to camera slider you need to use Customize theme > Sliders & Gallery

Thank you, another question:

When I fill in the SEO and try to go to the pages I get an error. Why is this? When I leave it blank everything goes fine and I can acces the page (category)

Probably opencart SEO is not properly configured, you need to rename .htaccess.txt to .htaccess in opencart root folder and also enable SEO option in opencart admin

Will there be support opencart 2.0?

Currently I don’t plan updating this theme to 2.0, only my newer bootstrap based themes are compatible with 2.0

Hello, I’m adding text does not appear in the Turkish language slider

I do not know how to update the theme

I sent the information

thank you very much

Hi there, I have a quick question. I just got done with my client website using your theme, and the client was logged into the back-end and attempted to mess around with the “Customized theme” button option on the website, and accidentally hit the “Reset to default settings theme” button which wiped out all the landing pages (Home, Store, About Us, Contact Us). I was able to put back a few of the pages (Contact, About Us), but I’m having trouble putting back the “Store” page which would display all of the products my client sells. I checked the back-end Admin, and all of the products are still listed as I left it. I am not sure what is wrong, but I am on the “Menu editor” page, and clicked “Add opencart categories” item, I clicked Saved settings, refreshed the page but the Store landing page is not coming up for some reason. Please help.

Hi Nicole. I haven’t heard from you. I wanted to follow up again with my comment above. I sent you an email giving you the credentials (username/password) to the back-end of my client’s website to find out why the “Store” landing page is not showing up with all the products “nail polish” bottles. The “Store” page should be listed on the menu list along with (Home, About Us, Contact) on the left side of the screen. Please advise. I am in desperate need of help.


Sorry for the delay, I made some changes to support by moving everything to comments section and missed your email.

I think that store page was a category page, from opencart admin I saw that you had only one category “Crème Lacquer” but the option from

Opencart admin > Categories > Crème Lacquer > Data > Top
wasn’t checked, It needs to be checked so that the category is visible in the opencart menu.

Is this the problem that you had or is a different issue?

Hi Nicole, Yes this was the issue, and thank you so much for fixing it. Not sure how this got un-checked, because the Store page was there before. Perhaps the client may have un-checked it, but thank you so much for fixing this.


Do you still need help? I don’t see the continue button on your url.

Hello, how do I delete the code except the price information panels


You can remove the code from template/product/product.tpl

Do not get the Related Products section gives a lot of code I’ve tried

Thank you OK I got

hi nicole. Can we edit “Buy Now” button looks. now its just a text. I want to make it to look like a button


You mean add to cart button? the theme does not have a buy now button.

I mean on the slider. If we put a link in a banner slideshow, the theme automatically put a Buy Now link. can the link on the slideshow be change to a button?

To change the html element from link to button you need to edit template/module/slideshow.tpl

line 61 for thumbflip and line 499 for camera slider and change

<?php if ($banner['link']) { ?><a href="<?php echo $banner['link'];?>"><?php  
                         if (isset($_nico_settings['sliders']['Homepage']['Thumbflip']['linkText']))
                         echo $_nico_settings['sliders']['Homepage']['Thumbflip']['linkText'];
                         else echo $nico_sliders['Homepage']['Thumbflip']['Link text']['default'];?></a><?php }?>


<?php if ($banner['link']) { ?><button href="<?php echo $banner['link'];?>"><?php  
                         if (isset($_nico_settings['sliders']['Homepage']['Thumbflip']['linkText']))
                         echo $_nico_settings['sliders']['Homepage']['Thumbflip']['linkText'];
                         else echo $nico_sliders['Homepage']['Thumbflip']['Link text']['default'];?></button><?php }?>

and line

Hi Nicole,

I hope you can help me.

On the home slideshow, I managed to remove the white space on the image. the trick i’m using is, the image has to follow the computer resolution. In my case, my screen resolution is 1366 X 768. To make sure my image on the slideshow appear as full, I resize the picture according to the screen solution; and it works.

The problem is, when on other computer with different resolution, my image is not full. I manage to find out how to fix this. by changing div class=”camera_wrap camera_emboss camera_black_skin” style=”display: block; height: 768px;” to div class=”camera_wrap camera_emboss camera_black_skin” style=”display: block; height: 100%;”. but that is directly on the browser using the developer tools.

I am trying to put the “height: 100%” in the theme but I can’t seems to find the place to put it. I try changing the height in the theme panel. but the height become more than it supposed to compare to the screen resolution. It seems that the height is assign by jquery function in the page.

maybe you can help me by finding where in the theme i can put the height:100% so that my picture will show on the slider properly.



The slideshow image is streched and cropped to always fit the user screen because of different aspect ratio monitors it will cut a different part of the image on different monitors, the best way is to have the a bigger image with more background around the main content so that what is important will always be shown.

If you see white bands on the slide image then you can fix this by installing the image patch included in the theme zip, you can find installation instructions here!/patch


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Hi, link to how you want to cancel the main categories

X5____ Purchased

yes How do I do it right :)

I’m not sure I understood what you want to achieve, but if you want to remove the link from parent category then you need to replace

<a href="<?php echo $category['href']; ?>" class="active"><?php echo $category['name']; ?></a>
<a href="#" class="active"><?php echo $category['name']; ?></a>

X5____ Purchased

It did not change anything


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hi, I have a bug with language, when I change to Ukrainian, that show me English text… site:

Thanks for the bug report, I fixed color loading for product page.


yervand Purchased

hello again ))) you theme realy cool, but have one more issue. On catalogue page under images have white space – how to remove it? or maybe move to top of image? p.s. sorry for my nearly good english ),97V7JsR


I can’t see this problem on my demo, what browser are you using? can you also send me the url?


I installed the nico template (opencart, I uploaded the files and I add permission two files according to the guide, but i got this error message on the public landing page: Notice: Undefined property: Loader::$language in /var/www/html/catalog/view/theme/nico/template/module/slideshow.tpl on line 14

Can anyone help for me?


Unfortunately the theme is not compatible with opencart 2, it only works with oc 1.5.6.x

My similar Venice theme is compatible with opencart 2.0.x

Hi help me pls /public_html/catalog/view/theme/nico/template/module/slideshow.tpl on line 14

my web site


The theme is not compatible with opencart 2.x it only works with opencart 1.5.6.x

i get a strange product price whe i order a second product do ya got any suggestion?

When i order1 item and put it in the basket then its goes ok when ya update is manual to 2 times and refresh


Please ask support questions from the account from which you made the purchase.

Any plans to update this yet? I wuld love to have it.

Any plans to update this yet? I would love to have it.


You mean update the theme to support opencart 2.2.x? I currently don’t have any plan to update it but I have a similar theme with left column and fullscreen slider that is compatible with 2.2.x Venice

Hello Nicole!

I’m new at open cart, and I am developing my first online shop. I have just inserted my products and my categories, but when I try to open a product page the following message is displayed:

Notice: Undefined property: Template\Basic::$registry in /system/storage/modification/catalog/view/theme/beaute/template/product/product.tpl on line 7

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /system/storage/modification/catalog/view/theme/beaute/template/product/product.tpl on line 7

Also, how can I translate everything on the site to portuguese?