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Hi nicole, i got error when using your file. Can you help installing and set it like on your demo? I can give access to my hosting panel. Where i can communicate with you? Email you use to send the zip? Thanks

I’m really sorry but as I already said I offer support only for my theme, this is an opencart issue.

I already sent you the files and the links on how to patch it, is easy if you follow the steps and also if you resize the images before upload then you don’t need the patch.

It’s ok i bought an extension and its clearly remove the white border like i mentioned.

Hi nicole, how to hide currency select on mobile portrait css? thanks.

All css related to mobile is located in stylesheet/responsive.css search mobile portrait media query and add #currency {display:none} inside.

Yes its already set by default but its keep showing when using selection like that


div#currency { display:none; }

probably the css was overwritten by the panel settings css.

And the footer on the mobile portrait is stack down? what i have to add to make it aligned? thanks

The footer is stacked down so it can fit on a small display, I don’t think you can easily change this because there is no space on mobile screen to put them side by side, you can try by changing #footer .column in responsive.css

Hi Nicole

was wondering if I can make the menu background colour totally transparent…

Thanks in advance, Ariel


You can make the menu transparent by adding


in stylesheet/stylesheet.css

Nicole, Hi ! Please, can you fix this little issue? Please, look:

Is about a spacing / formatting difference between the homepage and category pages.


Thanks for reporting this bug. I fixed it, until I release the update you can get the css file from if you made changes to the file then and can’t just replace it then you only need to update the following selectors.

  • #column-left .box .box-heading
  • .box .box-content
  • #column-left .box .box-content
  • .box .box-content ul li

starting with line 1654.

Nicole, Hi !

Only reporting: (

When acess the search page:
2013-08-20 8:48:52 - PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: limits in .../public_html/catalog/view/theme/nico/template/product/search.tpl on line 35
2013-08-20 8:48:52 - PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in .../public_html/catalog/view/theme/nico/template/product/search.tpl on line 35
2013-08-20 8:48:52 - PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: sorts in .../public_html/catalog/view/theme/nico/template/product/search.tpl on line 47
2013-08-20 8:48:52 - PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in .../public_html/catalog/view/theme/nico/template/product/search.tpl on line 47
In any page:
2013-08-20 8:55:27 - PHP Notice:  Undefined index: subtitle in .../public_html/catalog/view/theme/nico/nico_theme_editor/ on line 499
Category sort order issue:

And a code sugestion: /nico/template/module/cart.tpl

<a href="index.php?route=checkout/cart"><span id="cart-total"><?php echo $text_items; ?></span></a>
to it
<a href="<?php echo $cart; ?>"><span id="cart-total"><?php echo $text_items; ?></span></a>

Thank you !

Thanks for the tips, the category sort select was fixed in the previous release.

Hi Nicole,

how can i get your latest update :) thanks


When you download the theme from themeforest you automatically get the latest release, when a new release is available you just redownload the theme.

Hi Nicole, I just uploaded the latest update and I can’t access the customise toolbar on my web homepage now. The button is there, but it’s not responsive. Any tips?



interesting.. it only seems to be doing that in chrome..

Try clearing browser cache, maybe it’s still using old js files if still doesn’t work check if you uploaded and overwritten all theme files on ftp.

That did the trick. Thankyou!

Nicole, Hi ! Please, how can I change the colors of: —- Add to cart button – Product page. Continue shopping button – Cart. Checkout button – Cart. Continue button – Information pages. —- Another think: Please, look this image: I need to know how can I resize this button location to fix it right…I’m using the simplecheckout/registration module…Everything is working fine, but I have this little button issue on checkout page and when creating a new profile.

Please, just tell me where.

Thank you, Israel.


Please, ignore my second question: Solved by using: overflow: hidden;

Thank you, Israel.


For any element that doesn’t have panel options you can use the browser inspector.

You can change any color or other css properties for any element by using inspect element in any modern browser or firebug to see the element selector and line number in the css file then go to the stylesheet/stylesheet.css file and make the changes, here is an example for chrome

Hi Nicole,

I am unable to install this theme. Please help me


Theme installation is very easy, just upload the nico folder to /catalog/view/theme on your opencart store and then go to admin > settings > edit > store > template and choose Nico

More info on install and setup here!/installation

Hi Nicole,

I don’t know about opencart store. From where i get this. Please help.


You can get familiar with opencart here also you can also watch screencasts for common tasks


I’ve been getting this error recently but don’t understand why: The website link is from there to see the error go ->Mens Clothing -> Panacea Peacock “add to cart” The item is added in the admin panel of open cart, and I have also tried reinstalling the upload folder completely in my FTP Client; this didn’t fix the error. Any ideas?


First this is not theme related, the error is from opencart. You have sql errors because of missing tables, I think you upgraded your opencart to 1.5.6 but you are using database structure from an older version, to fix it install the older opencart version back or upgrade your database structure, don’t forget to make database backup before making changes.

Hi. My contact form isn’t working. It does not show any error messages, but I never get the e-mails!!!


Check your email settings from admin > system > settings > email and also check that your email server is correctly configured.

I just tested the contact form from my demo store and it works fine. You can temporarily use the default opencart theme to check that the error is not from the theme.

Hi Nicole,

How do I make the header semi-transparent like your demo images? at the moment mine is completely transparent..




What header do you mean, the one with the cart? This is by default semi transparent, if you changed you can change it back to transparent by editing stylesheet/stylesheet.css and changing background for #header-top line 422 to rgba, the last parameter 0.5 is transparency level.

   background:rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);

Hi, I still have the problem with an img in list/sort for category page (witch only shows in Chrome). Can you check that category.tpl in your demo is the same as the one published here?

Regards, Magnus


The bug was located in jquery.dropkick-1.0.0.js, category.tpl was not changed, download the theme from themeforest again and update jquery.dropkick-1.0.0.js

Thank you, that solved it

Nicole, Hi ! Please, verifty this issue on CART:
Notice: Undefined index: recurring in xxxxxxx/public_html/catalog/view/theme/nico/template/checkout/cart.tpl on line 38
Notice: Undefined index: recurring in xxxxxxx/public_html/catalog/view/theme/nico/template/checkout/cart.tpl on line 58

I’m testing your new release (Aug 26). Using the old cart.tpl file it does not happen. Thank you, Israel.


Thanks for the report, I will remove the notice in the next release.

Hi Nicole,

it is a nice theme sample and some of the feature is easy to edit too!!

I like to align the frame a bit more

Question 01A How to align the whole things toward to left abit? which file and line shall i adjust?

Question 02A 1. Which file or css line to make and move the Above and Facebook box? 2. Same as the footer those info, i like them to be align top upper abit and left abit 3. How can I add the login wording like your demo theme ??

many thanks Jason How can i add the login

There is something in your opencart configuration that disabled the review system, you need to separate share widget code from review code.

You can either delete

<?php if ($review_status) { ?>


<?php } ?>

like described in the previous comment or or you can add the widget code

<div class="share">
              <div class="addthis_default_style"><a class="addthis_button_compact"><?php echo $text_share; ?></a> <a class="addthis_button_email"></a><a class="addthis_button_print"></a> <a class="addthis_button_facebook"></a> <a class="addthis_button_twitter"></a></div>
              <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> 

directly in the page where you wish to be visible, default is under price div.

Thank you very much on all the respond!, now i got all the problem fix!

an excellence after sale service!

Thank you :)

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for this awesome template. How do I edit the slug lines on the home page with the changing images? E.g: Fullscreen slider

Modern responsive fullscreen slider with mouse wheel support to better showcase your products.

Thanks a bunch


Thanks, you can change the slide text from the theme panel. Log in with admin user in the opencart admin and then on front store click on the button from the screen bottom called Customize theme and then go to Home slider text tab.

Hi Nicole,

how can I disable customize theme button??


The customize theme button is shown only for admin users, your visitors will not see it, if you also want to hide it from admin users then you need to edit nico_theme_editor/ and change line 16 from



if (false)


On my account login page, from the website, the text is white as well as the background. This creates an issue as it can’t be read unless highlighted. This also happens when a pop up to choose shipping options shows up. Any ideas for a solution?


I think you are using an old release, download the theme again from themeforest and update the files from nico_theme_editor/styles/ folder.

Hi Nicole,

How can I change Menu background color to transparent?



Add the following css code


to either Theme panel > Settings > Custom css or directly in stylesheet/stylesheet.css