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Hii Nicole…. i am facing a problem with home page slider images they r so BLURED. I dont know y i tryed to upload Extact 1280X1024 image but its not look good… YOUR SLIDER IS VERY COOL. This is the only reason that i buyed ur theme….. Thank you.

The only thing I can think of why not all menu items are not shown is that you didn’t check the Top: Display in the top menu bar. Only works for the top parent categories. option in opencart admin > categories > category [edit] > data on all categories from your store.

hii…Nicole..plz help…i want to delete Wishlist Page in the footer area. & EDIT the Newsletter area. (Need to edit some text in this page) Can i add a page in MENU area.. SO Is it open in new tab when i click on that…like i give link to that,,,,


You can remove wishlist from footer from template/common/footerl.tpl delete the following code

<li><a href="<?php echo $wishlist; ?>"><?php echo $text_wishlist; ?></a></li>

The newsletter html can be change from template/module/niconewsletter.tpl

Menu links can’t open in another tab, the menu editor does not have this feature.

Hey Nico. Thanks for the help before. Another issue I am having is getting rid of some of the fields in the checkout area. I read a lot and tried to edit the code but I could not get it to work. I want to remove the Telephone field. I like many others will not buy something if I have to include my telephone info. And fax is just extra as well as Company ID. I could live with seeing them in there but having to input a phone number is a huge no no. It will cut down sales by at least 25% So Can you assist me in getting rid of the code that makes this section a necessary input area? I would also like to know how to get rid of the other inputs like Fax and Company ID. I was able to get rid of the input box but not the text. I am sure it is really easy but I am not the best at coding.

Thanks Patrick


Phone and fax are not required fields, the user is not forced to enter them. To delete any field from checkout page you need to edit /template/checkout/register.tpl for registered user and /template/checkout/guest.tpl for guest users.

Then you need to delete all input and associated label for each field you want to remove, for example for telephone you need to delete

  <label class="checkout-label"><span class="required">*</span><?php echo $entry_telephone; ?></label>
  <input type="text" name="telephone" value="" class="large-field" />
  <label class="checkout-label"><?php echo $entry_fax; ?></label>
  <input type="text" name="fax" value="" class="large-field" />

Company id

<div id="company-id-display"><span id="company-id-required" class="required">*</span> <label class="checkout-label"><?php echo $entry_company_id; ?></label>
  <input type="text" name="company_id" value="" class="large-field" />
  <br />
Tax id
<span id="tax-id-required" class="required">*</span> <label class="checkout-label"><?php echo $entry_tax_id; ?></label>
  <input type="text" name="tax_id" value="" class="large-field" />
  <br />

You can easily remove any field by searching for label and input for each field and delete the elements.

Be careful for required fields because they can’t be removed without disabling the validation for the field in the opencart checkout controller.

Thanks I will try this and …. it does make you place a telephone number in. At least in the version I have. And since it is a required field the controller will give me error messages. How do I make it a non required field?

I don’t have much experience with opencart code, I don’t know how validation works inside opencart checkout controller, you might have more luck asking this question on opencart forum.

You might also search for a quick checkout module for opencart most of them have options to disable certain fields on checkout page.

nicole, how to change logo on store front? sorry for this easy question. i didnt find any function to change it.

im sorry nicole.. i found it.. thanks.

Hi Nicole, great theme nico. Have some issue. and some questions: 1 – banners for home slider – what is optimised size for images? 2 – in products page – we have tabs – tabs with attributes – can i have it opened with descriptions ? thanks much.


To change the page background from grey to black you need to edit



then use the theme editor to switch the background color to default and back to black to load the new css.

You can fit more than 3 products per row by decreasing product image size.

The social band has a fixed 3 columns and it can’t be changed without making changes in css in stylesheet/stylesheet.css line 1508 #social_band > div > div

The recommend size for slideshow images is 1280×1024 to have crisper images but if you want the images to load faster then is recommended to have a smaller size such as 1024×768.

Do you want the attributes tab to be opened by default instead of description tab?

You can do this by adding

  jQuery("#tabs > a:nth-child(2)").click();

in template/product/product.tpl

Or you want to include the attributes inside description tab?

This can be done by editing template/product/product.tpl and moving

<table class="attribute">
      <?php foreach ($attribute_groups as $attribute_group) { ?>
          <td colspan="2"><?php echo $attribute_group['name']; ?></td>
        <?php foreach ($attribute_group['attribute'] as $attribute) { ?>
          <td><?php echo $attribute['name']; ?></td>
          <td><?php echo $attribute['text']; ?></td>
        <?php } ?>
      <?php } ?>

from line 777 to inside description div on line 774

<div id="tab-description" class="tab-content">  --- move here -- <?php echo $description; ?></div>

THanks! work it.

i have a some strange – ?…? ? – this gray block in header – why is it ? i chose – without cart and price. thanks.

Could you provide a screenshot? I don’t see anything unusual in header.

unactuall now, thanks for support Nicole.


I recently bought your theme and have a few questions. I read all the 23 pages of comments and replies, but didn’t find what I was looking for.

1. First, I wanted my main menu to be centered, so I chose “Menu alignment / Center”. But that option created a problem with the sub-menu, as it puts a small space between the main menu and the sub-menu. It’s now impossible to go to the sub-menu, since it disappears when the cursor hits the space in between.

2. Secondly, is there a way to decrease the box/line height of the items in the sub-menu? The boxes are larger than the items in the main menu, and it would look better if they are the same height.

3. Thirdly, when you have many items in the sub-menu, it sometimes goes outside the screen, especially if the main menu item is in the bottom. Is there a way to place the sub-menu so that it doesn’t go below the screen? I know about the columns option in Categories, but it still happens when you have a lot of items in the sub-menu. The sub-menu always places itself inline and below the chosen main menu item. Can you have it placed so that half of the sub-menu goes above and the other half goes below the chosen main menu option?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for the bug report and suggestions, I fixed the bug and implemented the requested features, you can check them on my demo store.

Because is weekend I don’t know how long it will take until the update is approved, if you want the changed files faster you can send me a message from my profile page and I will send you the changed files.

Hello Nicole.

Thanks for all your help! Another question: How do you fix the whole left menu so that it stays in place when the user scrolls down, in the same way the top menu with the cart does? I tried to add overflow-x:auto; under #header in the stylesheet, but it only makes the menu links to stay in place, the grey box and logo scrolls out of sight.

Thanks in advance.


You can do this by adding position fixed to #header in stylesheet/stylesheet.css line 409


The information text from footer is longer in russian and it doesn’t fit, you need to decrease footer column padding in stylesheet/stylesheet.css line 1397

#footer .column
   padding:10px 5px;

For menu text color I added the missing options for hover text color, the new options are Menu text hover and Submenu text hover in colors > menu.

The new menu color options will be available in the next release in a few hours if you need the files faster send me a message from my profile page and I will mail them to you.

Great ! worked. Thanks for support Nicole!

I just updated the theme on my site. However, when I choose the Nivo Slider, the different images that I am using for the slider all show up as small thumbnails above the slider. How can this be fixed?

I already found it, I just had to disable the banner module

Hello Nico, how could I make cloud zoom on color image option ? Opencart gives 50×50 pixels for image option, i want to have at right side 200×200 pixels cloud zoom. Thanks

For this you will need to edit /template/product/product.tpl line 640 and just add the rel attribute

rel="useZoom: 'zoom1', smallImage: ' $option_value['image']; ?>'"

to the img tag.

This means you need to change this

<img src="<?php echo $option_value['image']; ?>" 


<img src="<?php echo $option_value['image']; ?>" rel="useZoom: 'zoom1', smallImage: ' $option_value['image']; ?>'"

after editing code – doesn’t zoom, i think because smallImage is the same size as linked in “img src” ?

send me temporary ftp acess and I will take a look.

Hello, Nicole! In a previous version of the theme was grid category page layout. In new version – is list layout… How to return the grid layout?

This is a different problem, the view is grid but because product names are long they don’t fit more than one product per row.

You need to edit stylesheet/stylesheet.css line 1091 and uncomment width:250px so that the product name will be shorter.

.box-product .name,
.product-grid .name
    width: 250px;

Thank you. In the previous version product names were cuted simply…

I removed the fixed width for product names in a previous release but I think I will add a max width back to prevent problems with long product names.


Love your theme. It’s working great for us so far, but I was having issues with two things:

1.) I’d like to either have the Products Menu link go directly to the “rope” sub menu. Currently when clicked it redirects to a blank page.

2.) On the customer registration page ( the background of the entry widow is black, but so is the text. There’s no way (that I’ve found) to change the background color or the text color in the control panel when logged in as admin…how can I change this?

Thanks !


I’m an idiot on #2. Figured that out. #1 is still messing with me.


Do you want to have on products category the same products as the ones under rope subcategory?

You can do this by adding both categories to the products from rope subcategory.

Opencart does not show products from child subcategories when showing a parent category, the only way to have the products shown on both category and subcategory is to add both categories to the product, opencart supports adding many categories to a product.

Just edit the products in rope subcategory from opencart admin and add also add products category.

Hi Nicole, Is there a solution with slider text in multiple languages? On me it does not work. In second language disappearing letters in admin panel and doesnt show in the slider. I saw that there are others with a similar problem. will fix it? Thank you very much


Multi language menu editor works fine, those are old bugs and have been fixed, probably there was a misconfiguration if you removed english language first without adding the menu entries for the newer language or maybe there is a new bug.

Please send me temporary ftp and admin access using the contact form on my profile page and I will take a look why is not working.

Hi Nice theme, however I would have a question regarding search result design. Why is it that when I try to find something the search result design using the thumbflip.css instead of stylesheet.css, thus the background is black or not set correctly? Where can I change the display design of the search page to default or correct it? Thank you in advance.

Send me temporary admin access and I will check why is not working.

I wrote you through email.

I remembered that I stumbled over this issue before, there is a bug in opencart with missing search layout, I added the entry in opencart admin > system > design > layouts and it works.

Hello! I have some problem with full screen image, look please were is my mistake


You added the banner module instead of the slideshow module on homepage, remove the banner module and add the slideshow module more info here!/slider

thanks a lot!!!!!

hi! my problem is when I use Chinese vision, the words(on the slideshow) can not be showed! But EN vision is no problem! The Demo site:

Is it can be modified?

Thank you


Did you add slider text for chinese language? you can do this from customize theme > slider text > chinese

Hello! Great theme except one important thing – doesn’t work Home slider text for the second language (Russian). After I try to add text there is no text on slides and in Customize theme – slider text – russian there is nothing (after refreshing the page). And for english everything words fine.

Many people in comments face this problem for more than 1 year and there is no solution. Can you fix it for us?

Thank you and waiting for your help.

This can also happen if you change the language and then edit the menu editor, the menu editor only worked for english, with the fix it will work with any language.

Thank you for the review, the bug has been fixed in the latest release, please redownload the theme from themeforest and update /template/common/header.tpl and nico_theme_editor/

Just purchased the theme but am having trouble installing. Getting a stylesheet missing error.

Any idea what the issue could be? Greatly appreciated the help, thanks!

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


This is a strange error, are you trying to install this on wordpress? This theme is for opencart.

Yes, somehow I navigated off of wordpress themes and purchased yours not realizing it was an opencart theme. I originally designed my website through dreamweaver but wanted to change so I didn’t have to write anymore code… I am new to wordpress and was wondering if you can refund my purchase?

I have no control over refunds, envato handles payments and I don’t think they can refund you.

Because of the nature of digital goods, support unfortunately cannot issue a refund or exchange unless the item is malfunctioning or corrupt, or does not work as described.

I’m sorry, maybe you can learn opencart and use the theme on a future project.

On the product page I have two columns wide but want 3 – probably very simple but I can’t find it. Can you point me in the right direction?


Sorry – resolved this – thanks ;-)

Hello! can I make a horizontal menu on the main page? I tried different modules but they do not work with your theme! can you tell whether it is possible to do this?

I decided that the problem thanks,