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Gorgeous file Jen, Fireworks eh? I have evidently been underestimating what can be done with that program!

Very nice template there JJenZz

Thank you Collis and Simnor :)

Yeah, I always use Fireworks for web design! I used to be a Photoshop user but was converted to Fireworks in one of my previous full-time roles and found my design skills improved dramatically…

I think it is so much easier to use!

Weird, I used to be a Fireworks user and then converted to Photoshop years ago because it was easier to use, ha ha each to their own. Great design by the way :)

this is amazing i love it! i must say im the same as flips.

nice theme, congratz !

HAH ! I used to be a Fireworks AND Photoshop user, but changed to stoneage Illustrator :) /T

I have purchased this nice layout but I found a bug in the html code. When you go to style-playground.html and scroll to the bottom of the page (forms) than you will see that the submit button is nog looking how it’s supposed to be. Can you please fix this?

Oh no! I fixed that once before and obviously did too many undo’s whilst coding something else haha.

I have uploaded the fix but am not sure how you can re-download it… does the template stay within your downloads area so that you can re-download updates whenever?

If not, the fix is to add ‘display: inline-block;’ below ‘display: block’ within the following (already existing) selector:

form fieldset button, a.btn { }

Sorry about that folks!

There are no extras with this version of the template unfortunately. I have no control over the pricing of my templates on themeforest as this is decided by the admins here.

I guess you just have to see it as a normal store… they sell the same things at different prices, it all depends how much they see it’s worth and what they want to make out of it I guess!

Thank you for your compliments :)

I would definitely recommend having a play with Fireworks… it’s great!

formad Purchased

Hi, great template, but wher is contact.php, kind regards matthijs

brauny Purchased

I was looking for the contact.php file as well.

I am sorry that you were under the impression that this template comes with a contact script, however it does not mention the availability of this functionality in the template description.

I do not provide any contact form code with my templates on ThemeForest at present but may do so in the future. I will be sure to update the template if I do so that you can re-download.

NIce template , i am going to have it for one of my sites.

@ formad and brauny : Just search google with ” free ajax contact form ” and you will find it , just add the link to contact button and you will get it working …CHEERS!!!

Just got the template , doing some modification , please send me a message when you update it , Thanks

This theme is awesome! I can’t wait to see more from you!

very nice template, very elegant

Very nice but how can we edit the images without a PSD ?