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My page is too big. please any help

My Client purchased this theme. can anyone advise me how to ajaxify the theme.

Please help me.

Don’t bother buying this theme or any other from this seller/developer there’s no support on any of their themes and all their themes are full of bugs and errors

Why do people who make attractive themes with major potential but don’t answer support questions or their customers? I would have purchased this theme immediately but obviously the support is horrible.

Hi All, If you want to make your WordPress website ajaxify and play audio tracks without page refresh have a look to this plugin AWS Pro

Before Purchase send the tutorial @manishkrag

One question: are the images you’ve used, included?

Love the theme. Probally going to buy it.


Sulek Purchased

Please about upgrade Advanced Custom Fields, Advanced Custom Fields: Flexible Content Field, Advanced Custom Fields: Gallery Field, Advanced Custom Fields: Options Page, Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Field to the latest version.

How do I go about changing the font on the site? Thanks


ayaz323 Purchased

Hey ; I want to buy this theme but I have a guestions , I will create new website and I need new categories for exam. Dancer (Latin Dancer, International Dancer etc.) or Dance School ( A School , B School (subcategories B School A1 , B School A2..) etc And can I do in this theme?

And for me important cache


ayaz323 Purchased

this error ? please help me

Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/u460251528/public_html/wp-content/plugins/envato-wordpress-toolkit-master/index.php on line 872

hi before i buy , can you add soundcloud mixes to the player ? And it will loop if you surf to another page ?

So the music is not stopping ? And we get an demo file xml to get the same website like this ? Thx

Is it possible to show members in grid and remove the comments and entries stuff on the profile display?

My name is Reinaldo, congratulations on the subject, I see that is a subject for musical events in nightclubs that serve to promote the places and musicians and even DJ. but I ask you, it is possible to sell tickets these same events that we will disclose disclose? You have to send me video step by step so we can check if your theme will actually serve to my project?


Hi, Can I know please if your theme can help me to make a website for film makers that has the following features: 1. The ability to register and become a member that the member can fill in all of the personal information, his work and he can change these data whenever he wants to plus adding (video, audio, pictures just like (LinkedIn) 2. The Administrator has the right to activate or delete the registered members (accounts) before being published to verify the data filled. 3. Visitors and members can search for any member registered in by using the research bar which allows them to search for a company or a perspective employee. 4. Research results should appear with the photo of the mamber/ company and they can check their profile and look at the summery of their work/ business/ qualifications. 5. The ability to share on social websites (profile, picture, video) 6. The administrator has the complete authority on all the member’s profiles and the administrator can deactivate it anytime. 7. the main page shows advertisements or any information the administrator choose to share. Thanks

Really hard to install… I have these errors : Failed to import topic-tag Forum Failed to import topic-tag Post Failed to import topic-tag Sample Failed to import topic-tag Sticky Failed to import topic-tag Sticky Post Failed to import topic-tag Super Failed to import topic-tag Test Failed to import “Music Billboards”: Invalid post type forum Failed to import “Hoolywood & Movie Action”: Invalid post type forum Failed to import “Picture Share”: Invalid post type forum Failed to import “Event News and Festival”: Invalid post type forum Failed to import “Wallpaper Gallery”: Invalid post type forum Failed to import “Video Games World”: Invalid post type forum Failed to import “New Ideas and New Gifts”: Invalid post type forum Failed to import “Social Share”: Invalid post type forum Failed to import “Super Sticky Post”: Invalid post type topic Failed to import “Sample Test Forum”: Invalid post type topic Failed to import “Sticky Post”: Invalid post type topic

Someone know a solution please ? (all others import are correct)

I cannot view the demo page.

Good Day,

The DEMO is currently not showing properly.. can you check?