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IVOGUE Purchased


Excellent theme! Congratulations!

I would like to receive the files. OBS.: ThemeForest Files Included : Layered PNG, Layered PSD, PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PSD.

Today, I requested by email. ANSWER EMAIL, PLEASE. Grateful.



Hi IVOGUE, please send me e-mail. I send you :) Thank You very much for purchase.

IVOGUE Purchased

Ok. I have classified 5 stars in your theme.


Thanks :)

Hi guys just downloaded a fresh copy of the theme / wordpress

Installed the theme and the majority of the plugins but these ones wont install giving me this error:

Downloading install package from /home/linweb30/b/beta-brislive.co.uk/user/htdocs/wp-content/themes/nillplay/framework/plugins/acf-flexible-content.zip…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

Advanced Custom Fields: Flexible Content Field

Advanced Custom Fields: Gallery Field

Advanced Custom Fields: Options Page

Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Field

Please help?


Please send wp-admin login and password. My mail: nillthemes@gmail.com. Thanks.


Have just emailed you, could you let me know when you have imported the demo content…

Shouldn’t be an issue with the host, we have host a load of wp sites with these guys


I’ve tested. XML is a problem in the installation,

Slider xml demo content install. But wp demo content not installing. http://www.beta-brislive.co.uk/?page_id=654

Please watch tutorial video. Install the site without demo content.


kalk Purchased

Hi, I added an event and the timer doesn’t show up on the home page module.


Hi please send me screenshot. Thanks.

kalk Purchased

which email to send to?

Hey buddy me again :)

Using the latest copy of the theme, it doesn’t seem like the filters are working… click on to one, then a different one… it locks out – you need to refresh to then filter a different result?


Any ideas?


Hi, This is interesting problem. I’m looking for solutions. :) Thanks.


Did you find a solution?


This problem did not happen in any host. Would you try a different host? Thanks.

malmoon Purchased

Hi, It is a great theme. I have some problem here . 1) Date Time picker is not working . 2) Widget also not working .



Hi What is theme version number? Latest?

malmoon Purchased

Version: 1.4 I think it is latest one because I just bought it by last week. I also found one problem in safari browser. http://www.nilltheme.com/live/play/biography-wall/ Why images size are like that ? How can i solve it? Pls help me!



I also tested Safari, but the problem does not appear. Thanks.

Hi, i purchased the theme some months ago, i have updated the new version but in i founded some errors in safari navigator, the images in the feature slider.

i would like to know if is posible to add a responsive header above the navigation bar. i tried to insert a image in header.php but it affect the responsive design.

what could i do?



Hi, Step One: Please delete advanced custom fields plugin. (in wp-content/plugin folder)

Step two: Download Nillplay Latest Version (1.4)

Step Three: Upload Theme

Step Four: Install Theme Plugin:

1. advanced custom fields -

2. advanced custom fields – Gallery

3. advanced custom fields – Flexible Content

4.advanced custom fields – Repeater

Step Five: Activeted this plugin.

Thanks :)

cakirx Purchased

1.4 e otomatik olarak guncelledikten sonra site giriste uyari vermeye basladi ve date kisimleri 00:00:00 acaba manuel olarak guncellemek gerekiyor eklentileri vs. adres: biyoz.com


Merhaba Cakir, advanted custom fields’i plugin klasorunden komple silermisin. Sonras?nda tema zaten otomatik plugin yuklemeni isteyecek. 1.4 versiyonunda acf plugin sorununu cozduk. Bu yuzden eski acf ile sorun cikartabilir. bi denersen sevinirim

Bonjour! Is the theme compatible with event calendar pro and how can i put it in the left sidebar of the home page? And also have an event wall to the right. And can i customize the event thumbnails size? How about ad banners or some ad plugins in the homepage. Waiting for your response before buying. Thanks


Hello, Events No widget. Thanks.

bravo on your nillplay multimedia music, video, event magazine theme. question regarding users members. Is buddy press incorporated into this theme or is that the standard WordPress users section? if buddy press is not incorporated into the theme, can it be?


Standard WordPress member section is working. It also has plugins to themes UPME.


Thank You . this works for me. expect a purchase shortly.

Is this compatible with Visual Composer?


Hi, No. Advanted Custom Fields plugin.


I assume a developer can create a template to use Visual Composer, correct? ACF does nothing VC does.


Visual Composer DOES work with your theme… btw…

Hi, great theme! But I am having a few issues. All the gallery images are distorted and elongated in Safari. Also the link “watch to video” on the home page gallery does not work for me. How do I fix both of these?

You say: “I’ve tested. XML is a problem in the installation,

Slider xml demo content install. But wp demo content not installing. http://www.beta-brislive.co.uk/?page_id=654 Please watch tutorial video. Install the site without demo content.


Is there a tutorial video that shows this!?

You say “This problem did not happen in any host. Would you try a different host? Thanks.” Can you tell us which hosts you’ve tested that work?


also – what are your requirements? so if there are any issues we can go back to a host. like php 5.0? etc…

Slider (only two provided? where are the others in the demo). The slider text isnt fitting within the contents of all browsers. How come?

i tried to search a certain article on the site and what comes up when the articles shows up are very large photos with the admin photo on the side, HOW CAN I EDIT THIS PROBLEM, I NEED IT TO look professional unlike the way it look like now. i hope someone here can help me.

ddblu Purchased

Hi, I’ve purchased theme and find two issues that I can’t fix.

1. Rev slider gives next error on home page: Revolution Slider Error: You have some jquery.js library include that comes after the revolution files js include. This includes make eliminates the revolution slider libraries, and make it not work.

To fix it you can:
   1. In the Slider Settings -> Troubleshooting set option: Put JS Includes To Body option to true.
   2. Find the double jquery.js include and remove it.

I’ve looked on whole rendered page to find double jquery but didn’t found any. I didn’t modify theme and use only recommended plugins.

Only way to fix it – put js directly on page, but I guess it’s not right and slider must work without it.

2. Event counter in “Event Map” module doesn’t work on home page. Sometimes it start working after a long time.

Please, give me instructions how I can fix it?

Hi there

When you add all songs to player, is their a way to not only have it toggle the main player open like it currently does but also toggle the playlist open as well so the user can see all the tracks in the player.

Our users are finding it a little hard to use as they think the player is not working properly and is only playing one of the songs and the they do not know they can do that by toggling the playlist button.

Looking forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible please. Thank you kindly.


AWESOME THEME…............but I have 1 problem.

The font on my home page menu bar changes when I change pages, when I go back to the home page the font changes back ??

Please help because this is going to do my head in

HELPPP! I bought this theme a week ago. I hired someone to consult with. Your demo content is 100% NOT what is displayed on your theme here at themeforest. Please respond.

Hello – your slider isn’t compatible with this plugin revolution slider. baked the slider’s CSS/JS into the theme’s files, we updated the slider separately and caused adverse effects (i.e. broken sliders).

So before updating, we strongly recommend creating a full backup of your site. This includes creating a backup of all your WordPress files via ftp, and then also creating a database backup (any database backup plugin will work).

That way if anything goes wrong, you can restore your site using the backups you’ve created. Please update the theme to the latest version of the slider.


aka the slider provided in the theme.