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Dream-Theme does not currently provide support for this item.

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I know support for this theme is not available anymore, but I have a very simple question, and perhaps it is a simple answer for you.

We have used your theme on http://oakleighmanor.com for 2 years now and it has worked very well. We needed to update our logo, via the branding section but this isn’t working for some reason.

Is there a way we can hard code this somewhere in the theme code?

If not, can we somehow add back in the old logo as the site is not showing anything at the moment.

Old logo: /wp-content/uploads/2012/12/oakleigh-manor.png New logo: /wp-content/uploads/2012/12/OakleighManorGardenDesignLogo123656.png

Thanks Josh

The simplest way to swap an image is just rename your new logo from “OakleighManorGardenDesignLogo123656.png” to “oakleigh-manor.png” and upload it to ”/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/” folder via FTP.

Nevertheless fact that logo uploading is not working is strange.. Which version of WordPress you’re using? Thanks!

Thanks, seems to be sorted :)

3.9.2 is the version we are using at the moment.


dextee Purchased

Hi I am not able to find any insert button to insert short code..

https://nimbus.everhelper.me/client/notes/share/107200/NJx9iEBa8Tg11ElnVrxfEyiZyXwTDhGJ/ please check screenshot and help me to resovle this asap.

dextee Purchased

Please add me on skype : dhaval28691.


I have downloaded a wordpress website backup which uses nimbke theme of my client and i have to create a copy of it on localhost and after a long hard work succeeded to make it load but all the home page and internl pages data is scatterd. could you please help in that. See screenshot below http://prntscr.com/5ak9wd


I need to build a site with multi language support. Is it easy to put a language toggle in the top navigation area? Thanks.

This theme is outdated and not supported. Please take a look at our newer The7 theme: http://themeforest.net/item/the7-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/5556590

The theme is not working properly after upgrading to Wordpress 4.1, the logo is appearing twice and the page is not rendering correctly in mobile mode. Could you please help me?

This theme is not compatible with WP 4.0.1

Hi guys, I have aproblem: the DT latest posts sidebar and footer widgets show the correct posts, but assigns the wrong date to them. How can I fix the problem?

Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately this theme is discontinued and not supported :(

Unfortunately this theme is discontinued and not supported. If the subject discontinued – replace with another one. How long is the support for your themes?

What formalities are you talking about?? You are purchasing software “as is” without support / updates / customization / goodnight kisses / etc. That’s it.

Ok, let it be on your conscience. But I see you have closed me support to all purchased from you themes. Even those which I highly appreciated. This is so?

Yes. You’ve rated old theme 1 star with “The theme is not supported!” comment.

Let me remind you that support is not mandatory and is provided by authors good will. There’s no good will where there’s no mutual respect.

hi, my problem visualization twitter, and can you give me a code to make it work?


This theme is outdated and not supported :( Sorry.

Hi There,

Theme is no longer supported > Yikes…

Would you please offer an Exchange or Switch theme for ARMANDA instead?

Thank you so much. Awaiting your reply.

This is not possible. Imagine that you are selling cell phones. Somebody is purchasing Samsung Galaxy from you. And then in half a year iPhone 6 is released. And that person comes back to you and asks for exchange.

I have just purchased this now wish I had gone with the 7 (only just noticed!! ) and wonder why I’m having so many problems, can I not get a refund and exchange for the new theme, I literally purchased it yesterday.

Well, there’s a huge banner and message saying “do not purchase” right on the top of theme description page :)

Anyway, if you haven’t downloaded theme yet, simply contact Envato support and say that you made a purchase “by mistake” and ask for refund.

Yes thanks they sorted it I should open my eyes s bit more! New theme is excellent by the way



oops_39 Purchased

Hi Author: We are a nonprofit www.nathanyipfoundation.org website using the Nimble theme. Our donors is going to make donations and buy event tickets on our website. We have SSL with on the host.

But when we enforce the website to “https” URL, the Nimble theme is not working properly. The header, navigation, fonts are changed.

Do you know why? And any solutions? Using Nimble with “https”

thanks, Nathan Yip Foundation

Hello Nathan,
Nimble is discontinued and we do not provide support for it anymore..

However considering the fact that you are nonprofit organization, please submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – and ask your request to be assigned to Danil – our programmer will take a look at it.

Dear Dream-Theme Team,

I actually don’t remember my old account information so I just ask for help via a newer account:

There are 2 warnings / errors appearing for a few days:

1) on my HOME page…

“Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/slbrup/public_html/toprnb/wp-content/themes/dt-nimble/functions/core/core-functions.php on line 81 and defined in /home/slbrup/public_html/toprnb/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1197

Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/slbrup/public_html/toprnb/wp-content/themes/dt-nimble/functions/core/core-functions.php on line 102 and defined in /home/slbrup/public_html/toprnb/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1197”

... and …

2) on my post-pages

“Fatal error: Cannot redeclare float2hex32n() (previously declared in /home/slbrup/public_html/toprnb/wp-content/themes/dt-nimble/dynamic-stylesheet.php:6) in /home/slbrup/public_html/toprnb/wp-content/themes/dt-nimble/dynamic-stylesheet.php on line 68”

Pictures aren’t shown anymore since then… =/

I’d be very grateful, if you could help me out with those errors!

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards


this is what i get after trying to submit a ticket:

“Unfortunately, this theme is discontinued.

Please consider updating to our newer and most advanced WordPress theme yet – The7:http://themeforest.net/item/the7-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/5556590?ref=Dream-Theme”

=/ any suggestions to get my problem with Nimble fixed ?

Thank you!

Sorry, Thought it was a comment to other theme.

Yes, Nimble is discontinued because it cannot be updated to newest WordPress. It can only be used normally with WP 3.8.

BTW, there’s no buyers’ badge in your profile.

Ok, then i’ll try to reinstall WP 3.8.. thank you!

There’s no buyers’ badge, because I didn’t purchase the theme via this account. I actually don’t remember my old account data as I stated in my first comment:

“I actually don’t remember my old account information so I just ask for help via a newer account”

I know its no longer supported but can you tell me the shortcode to insert a slideshow onto a page? As when i try and do it through the icons in the toolbar the button to insert doesnt show anymore, so the shortcode would be much appreciated or if you have it a cheat sheet of shortocdes :) Thanks Tom

Please can i have the list of shortcodes? I just need to add a gallery! Thanks

Hello,We have purchased this theme long time ago..And we would like to know, do we have to pay for the the7 since you guys made the upgrade on there or we can it for freE?

First of, Unfortunately I cannot see your buyers badge.

Second, The7 is absolutely new theme which can be purchased separately. According to Envato rules there are no discounts (though we’d be glad to give such discount to our users).

But after all it is understandable: you cannot purchase a phone, come to the same store in 2 years and ask to provide you a new model for free :)

We used the client account to purchased the theme, that is why we are asking if we have to purchased it again or you will give it to the client since you own the outdate theme.

Sorry, but sencerely do not understand the logic behind the goving for free another product…

This theme now wont let me input shortcodes via the buttons on the toolbar, is there anyway I can have a list of shortcodes so I can manually add them? Thanks

Can you please just give us a shortcode list? Seriously, how are we supposed to consider getting more themes from you? I just realized this theme is discontinued.

I bought it a few months ago and loved it (great work) to provide a demo for a client. Client approved it and wants the site. Now I can’t configure it.

We understand you have to move on business-wise & I support it fully. I do not want a refund. But how does a shortcode list for a previous customer hurt your business? Look at the comments here, this isn’t a good look for you. I see you recommend getting your newer themes which i’m considering. But why would a customer return to this type of support? Just please give us a shortcode list.

This theme is discontinued not because we wanted to “move on”. It is discontinued because it cannot be updated :(

Please install a WP 3.8 or 3.9 both have stable and secure version; both are still supported (and will be supported) by its developers. And theme will work like a charm in them.

I am using your theme on www.startoday.co.uk – How do I show the post/page title on every page?

Even though this theme can no longer be update The7 is a great theme to change too, we work with it all the time.

Thank you very much for understanding and feedback! And sorry about the Nimble (again) :(

man, portfolio shorcode [dt_portfolio title="Próximos jogos" ppp="6" orderby="date" order="DESC" column="one-fourth" lines="1" autoslide="0" showdesc="1" thumb_height="130" only="31"/] not working! any ideia how to fix??

and what you tell me about it? shortcode does not works more…

Sorry we do not support this theme anymore and it is not compatible with newer version of WordPress

i saw your warning to buy the7. but the 7 have the same post custom types? i have a lot of portfolio itens. i need to know if tneed to reformat all posts, portfolio itens, etcs. tks

The7 uses a bit another post types structure, so you’ll have to put some effort in re-building your site using The7. Please contact me via PM for details: http://themeforest.net/user/dream-theme#contact