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I like it but I think you could have add more stuff … Oh wait, no you couldn’t :)

Crazy theme, crazy.


Moreover, it is very usable!


...nah, you won’t believe me… hey! you can purchase and check yourself :D

So many features! Great work :)

OK… obviously you guys aren’t screwing around!!!!!! This is the most amazing and complete theme I have ever seen!!!!!!!!! SHEESH !!!!!!!!!!

I swear… all you need is WooCommerce compatibility.

The only thing I hate is TimThumb. Any chance you could use the built in WP image cropping as a TimThumb replacement?

Bookmarked. Buying asap!!!!!!



Technically Nimble is compatible with WooCommerce after tweaking couple of lines of code.

Concerning TimThumb. It’s a hard one :) From one hand it adds more work to our support (solving server-specific issues). From the other – it’s a really good way to handle big amount of different image sizes and not to trash “uploads” folder.

There was a decent php class from our fellow-autour FreshFace that uses standard WP functionality. But at this moment it does not fit our requirements.

We are studying this question and will come up with our own solution shortly. But first it will be used for smaller themes. In big project (like Nimble) we prefer to stick to the proven solution: we believe that buyers are NOT b-testers :)

Definitely feature rich….Just takes a huge amount of trial and error to figure things out.

The fact that you can’t simply upload a logo….And there is NO documentation to explain this process. Maybe there is something wrong with the theme, I’m not sure, but something is not right.

Also, what’s the story on the video section? Why would we not want the video to be displayed in the thumb rather than being required to find an image to use? Very strange.

Going to keep exploring your instructions for the answers to simple tasks…..Maybe it will all make sense eventually.



I’m very sorry for inconvenience. We were aware of logo issue not long after release. We’ve already fixed it and update is available for download. Please, redownload the theme from ThemeForest and reinstall it.

Concerning video. We consider playing video in teeny-tiny thumbnail-sized blocks as not the best way to showcase your videos :) Moreover it will decrease performance (on slower machines) and don’t forget that it is loading on ajax. This approach was used in two previous our themes and there has no negative feedback about it.

hey there, great theme :) is it possible to have multiple images in 1 portfolio /gallery item…opening in a lightbox (would love to use the portfolio section for multiple galleries)? example: http://www.johannalarsson.net (‘Latest from .Gallery’ item)



yes, you can add as many images opening on highslide (lightbox) as you like. also you can insert standard wordpress gallery

Thank you for the trouble-shooting advice! It worked! I had to extract the first .zip and then found the wordpress theme .zip. Thank you thank you!


It’s my pleasure to help ;)

Looking at things in Chrome with Resolution Test, I see it loses all of it’s styling at 1024×768 and converts to mobile version. This seems strange with the number of notebooks at this resolution.

Is this intended or an issue to be resolved?

medi8tor Purchased

bmacstudio, I have to disagree I’ve tested this today at 1024×768 in chrome and styling remains fine!.

It doesn’t take much to get your site looking awesome, with the demo site the docs and the dummy data I got my site running last night no problems.

Yes my i had problems with the logo upload (do you really need more documentation for this? it is mentioned under branding !??) .. but the support guys fixed it for me straight away…

any way good luck,

I want to know if this theme is custom. I mean the image of psd and background to change the style.



theme is customizable. you can change its design significantly from admin panel without writing single line of code.

also it comes with 16 build-in skins. PSDs can be found inside the theme package.

I hear ya, and agree, you can make a site look decent in a short time.

I’m not sure where the difference is….


This is 1024×768 and the same result using the sample site.

I’m surprised there is no self hosted audio/video with a theme of this importance. Any plans to add audio/video I would certainly purchase the theme with these important features.



we are not planing to implement this features right away: our experience shows that most buyers prefer to use videohostings for that. but as soon as we will receive enough feedback and requests we will implement it.

lovely theme, wondering if you have integrated with a mega menu?seems a great fit.


hi, thanks! menu that you see on the demo is the only option for main menu at this moment. (due to mobile menu realization)

Looks awesome, and definitely is my soon purchase, just wondering few things:

1- How far WPML is supported, Do we have theme options per language or just the regular functionality ?

2- SEO support ?

3- Google Analatics ?

4- favicon ?


Hi, thanks!

1. WPML is supported. But theme option are same across all languages.

2. You can use your favorite SEO plugin for that purpose.

3. There’s an are to add your GA code in admin panel

4. supported :)

Can i set a custom homepage on admin painel? Because i want use a other page with others contents on homepage so if i can change that will be great.

Sorry my english and nice job =)


Hi, You can build almost any page layout and use it as homepage. Here: http://www.screenr.com/8yJ8 check out the screencast showing layout builder in action ;)

I have noticed the same thing that I think bmacstudio is talking about. When I look at the demo (without the Themeforest frame to test responsiveness) on my Macbook Pro it looks great, but once I use the new iPad (iPad 3) it loses the “styling” or colored background for the slider etc. Is this going to be fixed? I understand the changes that might be needed for the smaller iPhone or other devices, but I think the iPad frame should not warrant this?

I feel a little guilty nitpicking a few things, because this is a great theme that is packed with design awesomeness! I will definitely be purchasing this for my next project. I hope you get a ton of sales for this well-deserving theme.



If you do not mind, I’ll answer your and @ bmacstudio questions about mobile background in separate comment (others may find it useful to). Thanks!

great work as always! ;)

Is there an area to insert custom CSS ? Any plans to incorporate one?



Theme has wide range of settings and it makes its css complicated to edit for regular users (with no experience in webdev). Sure it’s convenient to have a textarea to make quick changes in css for those who familiar with it, but we prefer not to confuse other users.

If you do not mind, I’ll answer your and @gotgorilla questions about mobile background in separate comment (others may find it useful to). Thanks!

@bmacstudio, @gotgorilla Hi, guys!

First of all, thank you for your attentiveness and feedback. There really is an issue with early (1036px) switching to mobile layout in Chrome under Windows. We are mostly on Macs and have not noticed it. Under Windows Chrome returns $(window).width() a bit differently from other browsers. Thanks for pointing on that! We’ll fix it and submit an update shortly.

Concerning backgrounds in mobile layouts (smartphones and tablets in portrait orientation). Obvious solutions will not work when you are merging beautiful design, rich customization features and responsive layout.

Nimble designed in such way to hide header background on mobile devices. Why? First of all, when you are browsing via mobile device main focus is the content; every pixel is on count and there’s simply no place for fancy backgrounds. Moreover header height changes: fonts – enlarging; sliders – shrinking (we recommend to turn off sliders on mobile devices – there’s an option for that in sliders settings). Now imagine you’ve got blue header, white content backgroung with grey font color. On mobile device your menu will transform to a single button, sider will be hidden and your gray text will jump on the fancy blue header :) Is it beautiful? – no. Is it usable? – no.

You won’t notice the issue on other themes here because they are clean-minimal styled and many authors (unfortunately) prefers to ignore the issue or pretend it does not exists or this is the problem of a buyer. Why are we bothering? Well, we came from dev envirement; we were making custom sites from a scratch for more than 6 years before starting to create themes. And we simply cannot ignore a potential problem if we know that it’s there :)

Is there any settings or customisation that would make the responsive layout width in Android slightly wider? i appreciate that the current layout does look clean and tidy, but personally i prefer a near full width content layout on a phone?



mobile layouts widths are fexed

in your demo, “ready-made skins” menu item is shown twice in features menu ;-)


just fixed. thanks!