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inocent Purchased

Hello. I`m having a problem with the theme. When I add ads (AdSense), they break a part of the theme and the ad is not displayed.

I tryed with plugins (AdSense plugins) too, and the result is the same. I sent you a message.

Hi inocent. It seems you had asked about this before? Please note that the 9to5 template does not currently support an empty container for ads where you are trying to place them. This can certainly be done but its not natively supported and is a customization to the theme for your specific requirements.

- we’ve gotten a number of requests for better support for banner zones so we consider improving this in the future either as a native part of the theme or as an add-on

- you can surely modify this yourself but we would recommend that you create a child theme so that any updates you make will not be lost when you update 9to5

- if you are having troubles making it work, we would advise to work with a WordPress developer to assist.

Hope that helps. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you but we don’t provide complimentary support for customizations as I’m sure you can appreciate.


inocent Purchased

Hello, Pixel. No, is the first time (last time I wanted to make bigger a paragraf), now I`m just telling you that, when I add an Ad (AdSense), they are not displayed proprely, and that`s not normal, to don`t offer support for that. I don`t want a customization, I want support for a product wich breaks when I include and ad. Is not fair what is happening, from my point of view, but I cannot force you. Thanks for your reply.

I understand your concern. We are going to be adding better support for it in the future.

For the record however, I just tried adding adsense on our demo site temporarily and it worked fine. It looks like you have adsense implemented incorrectly. Probably an extra closing tag or a missing closing tag is causing your issue. You seem to be adding the adsense at the end of the listings but we have a css rule there that overflows the container in order to make border radius and infinite loading look ok. This is likely interfering.

Again…we’ll work on improving support for this.

hi these is my website http://careerforfreshers.com The theme showing only 44 posts. If you post more than 44 posts that posts are automatically transfering to TRASH in admin page.


Hello there. We responded to the email request you submitted. It seems your issue is related to some sort of customizations you made to the theme. We are currently getting various redirects with your install and see some other modifications. Please check with your web developer to see what the conflict is. We’ve confirmed there is no issue with the latest release or on the demo.


mabrams Purchased

Hello :) We are running your theme but when you click on one of the paginated page numbers, only a few or sometimes even none of the jobs show up. There are currently 23 pages of jobs but when you clikc page 13 for example, there are no jobs listed. Why would this be?

I have gone to http://help.pixelpress.co/ as you have requested others do but I can find no support forum on there. Can you please help?


When you submit your ticket…can you kindly provide us with your WP-Admin access.


mabrams Purchased

Thank you, my colleague will email you now.

Hello. I replied to your email. Please update to the latest version. The version you are running is already quite old. I think updating will solve this issue for you. Thanks and good luck with your site.

Hi there, we want to have a searchable resume database displayed the way jobs are listed. Are planning on doing this? we need this soon.


Thanks for your interest. We are working on this functionality as an add-on. Unfortunately I would not want to give you an exact timeline on that but I can tell you its something we are now working on again actively.

Thanks, we will wait.

When someone has posted a position. Can we limit the time that position remains online?

Yes you can. By default its set to 30 days. Thanks for trying 9to5.

Hello,I need to know if exist or can be implemented a way to allow the job seekers to pay to apply for a job.Thank you

Thanks for your interest. That’s not a feature we offer yet unfortunately.

Hi there

We have a second client which is interested in this theme, but they want it for employees internal record.

Everything stays the same but instead of job listings it need to be changed to resume listing. So where ever it says job it has to be changed to resume and of course we need to add some more fields in the resume page just to reflect a standard resume as well as a candidate’s photo

Are you able to do so, client is happy to be for this customisation.

Remember everything must stay the same layout and style, you are only going to change from job listing to resume listing.

At the moment the job title is showing after the .com/ in the url, so the candidate’s name also must show after the .com/ in the url after you make the customisation.

So something like this: www.mydomain.com/johnDoe

Please advice us if you can do this and how much the extra cost would be. Kind regards Adenino

Hi Adenino. Thanks for your interest. Sounds like a customization we could help you out with. A custom child theme could be made to manage the replacements. Kindly reach out to our team if you are interested in discussing the exact requirements and establishing an estimate. hello@pixelpress.co

Hi, we sent an email to your support’s team few days ago, but no one replied yet. Can you please follow it up? Best regards

Hi! I’m having a problem, in localhost my theme works just fine, but when it goes online , when i post a job it goes automatically to the trash and i can’t post a job. Can u guys help me?

Hi. Thanks for trying 9to5. Sorry to hear you are having troubles. ?Probably this is related to the date settings. Unfortunately for now we only support the standard date formats: http://d.pr/i/1jXT1/3ctufqMN. Can you adopt those date settings? It should solve the problem. ? ?Let us know if that works.

Demo—> “Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.”

Hi Jim. That must have been a temporary issue with our DNS. We were unable to recreate the error after you emailed us. Thanks for reporting however.

can i hv username and password?? i just want to check from back end before purchasing it.

1) You can put woocomerce 2) you can charge premium cv 3) you can charge eg 15 publications $ 40 4) could build customized plans 5 ) You can add the payment system mecadopago.com

Hi there. Unfortunately we don’t support those options.

The keyword search is not searching country, can this be changed?

Hi there. It can. You’ll need a little help. Several users have accomplished that with this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search-everything/. Hope that helps. Good luck.

This themes support Related Jobs by Company? or All Job Category By Company? Thanks

No body here :D

Hi there. Thanks for interest in the theme. Unfortunately not at the moment but that will be supported in our upcoming release which supports public user profiles.

does this theme support wp job manager indeed and careerbuilder plugins ?

Thanks for your question. No…9to5 is a custom theme. It does not use the WP Job Manager plugin. There is no careerbuilder app integration I’m afraid.


I really need your reply asap please as I have a client waiting for my response. Can you take a look of what he said here and tell me if this is possible using your theme please?

What I want the website to do; I would like a website that works in the same way as upwork, my website however is for sitters. I would like users to sign up, say if they are a parent/pet owner or a sitter. If they are a sitter I would then like them to create a profile about themselves, detailing their experience levels (if any) their hourly cost, where they live and information about themselves. From there, their profiles will be uploaded to the site, ready for them to be hired buy a carer. On the parent/pet owner side I would want it to be very simple for them to find sitters, I want there to be an area where they can input their postcode and choice (pets sitter or child sitter). Then a list will be shown to the carer all the available sitters starting from closest first radius of sitters, from there, the carer will be able to scroll through sitters profiles, read them, read comments left by others that have used them and choose a sitter they are happy with. Once parent/pet owner has picked a sitter, they will go through a checkout system, this is where they will fill out how many hours they will require and on what day and time they need the sitter, they can pick a sitter 7 days in advance. Once they have filled out this information, they will pay through the site; this cost is calculated by the sitter’s hourly fees. Once they have paid, the money will go into a holding account that I will own. When the job is complete the sitter and carer will both log back onto the site and agree that is has been completed, from there the money from the holding account will be transferred to the sitters account, with a small fee taken out . Other things I would like on the site

A login page and register page

I would like a feedback system for the sitters, once a job has been completed, parents / pet owners can leave feedback on the sitter’s profiles, leaving a comment and 1-5 stars on how they felt the sitter did.

Hi Jed. Sorry for the tardy response. In the future if you need more immediate support, please use the support options we list on the theme description.

To your question, I’m afraid your client’s description looks like a bit of a long shot for what 9to5 does well. I’m not really sure we are fit for them since what they are requesting is something rather specific. If you are a handy developer you could fork the theme and customize it. It would be a great start for you. But..out of the box its not the right fit I think.


Two questions… Can this be easily used as a “private/closed” job directory? I mean, the people enter their resumes, but do NOT see any job listing at all, etc… and the “manager company” has access to those resumes in the backend, and can filter them to contact them, etc So, a place to receive people resumes and then contact them, etc

It will be hard to “import” resumes from an old website, something like importing using csv file or anything else?

Best regards! Luciano

Thanks for your interest. At this moment 9to5 only works as a job board for viewing jobs. We do not store resumes or applicant profiles. That is a feature that will be released at some point in the future.


hubkub Purchased

Hello, I have a problem I would like to change the comapny’s logo on the main site and I forgot how to do it. I mean it. I changed it a few months ago and now have no idea how to do it. Can You help me please? Regards Hubert


hubkub Purchased

hello please SUPPORT answer me… thank You

Hi, 1. is there a possibility for jobseekers to add comments/questions underneath a job listing on the same page? (like forum/FB style) and if yes, how? 2. can a user search through the database of users and can we create custom search fields?