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The theme looks nice!

I think there is a problem with IE:

- The navigation link color is different in IE. - The icon next to “Nice work Ninja Admin!” is not showing. - Samething with “You need more training, please try again.” - No margin space at the bottom of the table.

Good luck!

Hi ne-design,

Can you send a screen shot? I have not noticed any of these issues…



Checked on another computer and found the IE glitch… new files being uploaded right now, good catch thanks.

Just bought it =). Love it, thx.

Is the screen shot of all the active elements that you have already styled, or is there more, undisplayed, elements?


All the elements of the template are displayed in the screen shot.

fazlee Purchased

i love it.. super clean and neat!

Hmm, very beautiful template BUT , i think is only for very small projects… Can i add somehow some submenus?


I don’t recognize the font in the template for the header, did you made your own or did you downloaded one ?

vblesane Purchased

I was looking for a simple admin with a good looking design, i found it! Great work. Bought it.

alex_one Purchased

No offence, but the CSS is kinda vague and not coded in a very logical manner. Nice theme, but it took me 1-2 hours to get into the code with a little restructuring :)


is that included login page ? thx

ggeiger Purchased

Nice theme! I’m using it for a project that doesn’t have a lot of pages, but shows a LOT of table data. I could change the layout width to a liquid layout with ease thanks to your good code.

Would be nice to add CSS for pagination below the table.

2nec Purchased

Template is great, clean and simple. Just what I was looking for. But I was disappointed that there was no LogIn Window included in the template, can you fix it and add the Login window?