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Are you guys planning on adding any tutorial videos for your theme? I noticed a few of the other themes come with a few tutorial videos. It would be nice to have. Thanks


Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider doing this in next update after discussion with support team.

All knows wordpress released New version 4.1, if anyone facing issue for page builder drag & drop Following

Changes Can Make it work.

File Name : include/cs_meta_box.php
Find following code
$(this) .removeClass(‘ui-draggable’);

Replace with
$(this) .removeClass(‘ui-draggable ui-draggable-handle’);

we are working on Updates and it will be Up on ThemeForest in next 24-48 hours.We will be glad to help you with any question that might arise regarding Page Builder just create a ticket at Chimp Support provide your url and login details. Your issue will be seen and sorted there.

djmarll Purchased

Hello… Love the theme, but I have an issue with the images on my blog page. They are showing up really big or zoomed in. Can you advise of a fixed for this please?



djmarll there must be some issue, login panel required to check. Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

I can no longer submit support tickets to chimpstudio??? I have already emailed you twice about this issue with no response from you guys both times. When I try to submit a new ticket, I get this error…”Please note that you have already created ticket # 363752 against this purchase code. Please open the existing ticket and write your question by clicking here” But when I try to check on the existing ticket, nothing shows up as an existing ticket, so I get no support thru the ticket submit or email from you guys. And yes, I tried to contact you thru the theme home page with no response??? ineedabeatdj@gmail.com


ineedabeatdj my Support Staff Communicating with you on Email, Please Give them Complete Issue Detail , they will Fix it for you.. regards


Thank you!


You are welcome. I am sure you are having great new year, I wish you same. :)

Hello everyone! Apparently the Chimpstudio site has been hacked? I wanted to create a ticket regarding a pending issue in my website. On the Homepage, specifically the slider I get “Warning: Creating default object from empty value”. I believe it’s a problem with the header.

Does anyone know how can I fix this?

Many thanks in advance!


There is no hacking thing at our sites. All are working fine. For your issue, please find the fix below;

Please add below code in your header.php & your issue will be resolved
error_reporting(0) ;