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Hi, I just bought this landing page thinking it is responsive and works well on iPhone. Unfortunately it doesn’t. background image slider is cut off on the left of the screen and gallery has images overlapping on one another. How do I fix this?

There’s an update on the way in the next few days. i think you can download the fixed version by this weekend. Apologize

Hi, cant load the demo site.

Just tested, it’s available

Hi NP,

Everythings working fine now except the Twitter feed in the footer.

Ive tried adding my twitter name (http// to custom.js second line in between quotes but still not working.

Can you tell me exactly where to make changes as cant find answer in comments.

Also what line do I need to change to slow down the front slider (Apple /Android text and images).


- Get the latest version of jquery.tweet.js from here:
- you can also change the interval of slider in 31th line of custom.js file.

Dude, awesome Theme everything fine. Still 1 question maybe a silly one:

Do I have to change the .html oder the php file or ist it the same except of the file ending? Whats the difference in these two files?


I’m sorry, i thought you’re talking about NextApp template.
yes, you need to change .html to .php and if the problem still remain, make sure you didn’t change any class or id in forms.

Thank you!

So after editing html I have to save it as .php, right? E-Mail working now!


Yes! good.

Hey guys , I downloaded this landing page around 8 months ago but the background image slider is cut off on the left and the features text overlaps a bit messily.

If there is an update can you please explain also how to install the update without losing all the work done on the theme thus far – thanks AT

ps. the above glitches happen when looking at the site on mobile handset in portrait view