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Welcome to the Forest ! :)

How do you modify the background? It’s not in the help files.

You just need to put your images on the “img” folder, and rename them to: img-1.jpeg to img-5.jpeg. theres 5 images by default. for advance changes you can change the code above the “Slideshow Images” comment on the custom.js file. Thanks I’ve sent you this by email too. and feel free to ask any other question.

Thanks for the quick response!

This slider is buged under newest Opera. Try to navigate few times with dots. It stucks :( Hope You will be able to fix it becouse this is really nice themplate :)

Thanks for the comment,
I checked it out, sounds like Opera 12.02 has a serious problem with this jquery plugin, cause this problem just happend for the others on this version of Opera.
By the way, we will trying to fixed it up (if that’s possible), but this problem is happening ONLY in this version and probably it will solve out on the next version of jquery plugin or opera.

I’d like to make the main slide “Da-Slide” a series of static images that will cycle. What should I be focused on changing in the CSS ?

The main slider has parallax effect. there’s 2 solutions.
the first one, you can remove the whole texts and images on every slide and replace them with a new img that has “width:100%” to take the whole place.
but if you don’t like the parallax effect on sinlge photos you can use Bootstrap’s Carousel that is availabe here. it’s already included. you just follow the bootstrap instruction to make it. it’s so simple.

Contact and mail do not work! I changed the value of the variable $ recipient in the config.php file.

before: = $ recipient “”;

Now: $ recipient = “”;

I have to make some other modification? thank you Thiago.

No, in this case, you just need to make changes only on “config.php”. But make sure you write the code exactly like this:
$recipient = “”;
No extra space or anything.
If you did everything right, then check out your email and make sure that the emails did not recognized as “Spam” by your emai service.

Good morning, Thanks for the reply but the “contact and mail subscribe” still not working! I made exactly as indicated … and nothing. I changed the email … and nothing checked the spam folders and … nothing. I changed the host server … and nothing … I really do not know what might be happening! .....

As I try to send messages by the page … I see the sucess msg “We’ll answer you as soon as possible” ... but I donĀ“t receive the msg on my email account … please help me! Thank you Thiago

if you can see the success message then there’s no problem with the script. cause it’ll gonna show you the message ONLY when the email sended. but remember that first you need to upload the template on your host and then start test the email scripts. it will not gonna work on local. Also, make sure you entered your email correctly.

Hi, Twitter in the footer it’s not working at all do we need to do anything in twitter side? Thank You Vitor

you just need to add your twitter account to “custom.js” file at right place (read the comments). then it’ll gonna load your latest tweets.

How do I add an addition 2 slides? This is extremely urgent! thank you in advance.

Just open up html file and can duplicate one of the slides completely right beneath the last one(if you want to add new slide at the end). then it’ll add up to slides.
remember that you should make a copy from the whole slide that you wanna duplicate. you can use the comments to making it better. just copy the code between this two comments: <!- Slide No.1 -> & <!- /Slide No.1 ->
I’ve already sent the answer to your email too.

Great looking template. However, background images doesn’t work in IE8 . Neither in my downloaded version or the live preview. Any quick fix to this?


Hi again, it doesn’t seem to register the background image in IE8 . Also, the default body background color in style-ie.css isn’t seen either. It’s pitch black… also in the live preview. Even though the code says:

body{ background-color: #fff; }

...IE8 is a disgrace to browsers :/

Hi, IE8 is not a good browser but it’s a bug on the template. The bug will fix in the next update of the template but you can fix it out:
just add this codes to style-ie.css
background: #f4f4f4 !important;
#supersized {
display: none !important;
and the background will be white and you’ll be able to change it to whatever color you want. Thanks

Cheers mate – great work with the template :)


I bought this thinking it was a WordPress theme and just had the realisation it isn’t. Is there any chance you have been working towards making it a wordpress theme as I (and my clients) love it!

Thanks Mel

Hi, Thanks alot. Well it’s a landing page template and normally you can customize it by make changes on the HTML codes. There’s some WP Theme on the way that have in common layout and features with Nixie. By the way, if you need any help, feel free to sending emails.

Thanks heaps for your reply. We have decided to use it as a HTML version at the moment. I am just editing and was wondering if there is anything special to the video. I want to add a youtube video rather than vimeo and assumed this wouldn’t be an issue but it doesn’t seem to work for me. Any tips?

Thanks heaps Mel

The video can be on vimeo, youtube or anywhere else. you just need to use the embed link on the template.


First of all, i like your template a lot. thank you.

I cant seem to get the form signup and contact working properly. On your live demo site I see form validation, but I dont see that anywhere on the downloaded files…

I receive the email for the newsletter signup, but not contact. Also submitting brings to a white page…

We’re really sorry about this problem. it’s a file missing on uploading process.
you just need to add this file to “js” folder. and everything gonna work fine.
You can also download the fixed version as an update tommorow.

hmmm…i dont think it’s just that. still no validation…

- Remove the index.html from your host and try again
- Clean the browser’s cache
and if the problem still remains, download the next update. but with those tips that i’ve told, template will gonna work fine.

Please disregard this message! I found the file above fixed both.

Thanks heaps for all your help so far.

Thanks Mel

Contact us via email:


Is it possible to show the top menu all the time even when you move below on the template?

With css changes, yes. but because of the space between the logo and navigation menu, that will not be so good and we need to make more changes to make it look better.

Doublepost :/

Thanks for feedback. we’ll check it out. if there was a problem, then we’ll fix it on the new version and you can download it.


Contact form doesn’t seem to work on IE8. No confirmation text is shown (does in other browsers). Any ideas as to what could be wrong?


How do I modify the background with my own photos? There doesn’t seem to be any default photos… It still comes up black even though I did the following: You just need to put your images on the “img” folder, and rename them to: img-1.jpeg to img-5.jpeg. theres 5 images by default. for advance changes you can change the code above the “Slideshow Images” comment on the custom.js file. Thanks in advance.

Make sure you put the files on the “img” folder. also, you should use .jpeg format not jpg.

Thanks for the quick response. However, that is still not working. Any other suggestions?

Remember that javascript errors will affect the background image slider so if you customized the template, make sure there’s no error on javascript. Also you can check out the “slideshow images” in custom.js file to see how it works.


I bought your template because it looks very nice and it is compatible with IE8 and smartphone.

I am satisfied with the design but very dispointed because it does not work properly on smartphone and there are lots of problem with IE8.

On top of that my target customer have old IE version, ie IE8. I understand the slider does not work but at least I need to have the text in the contact form to help visitor filling it (email, message…).

Please let me know how I can fix it.


Hello, Thanks for purchasing template.
We used “placeholder” attribute to define the temp text in the boxes. and ofcourse it’s not supported by old versions of IE. you can simply replace “placeholder” with “value” attribute to make it compatible with ie.

First up – beautiful theme!! well done

Question – Is it possible to substitute the text logo in top left with my own logo (png file) and if so how can I do it?

If its not possible can I select a different font specifically for this title only

Thanks, glad you like it. to changing the text-logo into image you should open index file and at 27th line you can replace the text with some img tag.

Also how can I change the colour of the theme tiles from Green to another hex colour?

Thanks AT

in style.css file, at 26th line you can simply change the background-color of all the boxes across the page, together.