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After months of hard work, our theme gets published right after midnight. We’ll be back tomorrow morning to respond to any comments and questions, the demo .xml file will be posted on the support forum as well tomorrow morning! Hope you guys enjoy!

It’s really a beautiful work.

For our needs it would need to be WPML & Woocommerce compatible…

Thank you! To make it it fully compatible, it depends on user interest and the success of the theme but the theme has been developed to the highest standards so you shouldn’t have any trouble using it.

wowwwwwwww Good work,Good luck ;)

Really Awesome Work! Good luck, dude! ;)

Great design that works smooth :) Good luck with sales.

Cheers mate, you too! ;)

Just bought the theme. Couldn’t resist :) Its been very easy so far setting up the theme. Thank you very much for such a fabulous one. If I have any questions should I post on the support forum or can I just shoot them over here ?

Thanks for the support! Feel free to post any general questions here, more technical support questions can be posted at the support forum and we’ll assist you as soon as we can.

Very very nice template I think to buy this theme but I have a few important questions before

1 — Possible to always hide the menu sidebar because in the demo when I click “index” or “next project” it did still not hide

2 — Can I change the grey background color of the sidebar . I would like white

3 — Possible to block the size of the images, not resize them when the menu is visible or hide

4 — Google Fonts including in WP Theme? Easy to make some tests ?

Thanks for your reply and congratulations again


1. Yes, we have provided an option to have the sidebar closed at all times. The Index or Next Project links are only for the portfolio item navigation. Click on the X icon in the top right of the sidebar to close it.

2. You certainly can, we have provided customization options for all elements that you see in the sidebar.

3. That isn’t possible, unfortunately.

4. Google fonts are included and controlled within the theme customizer panel, most of the options are controlled through that which is why the demo is limited. No test available, unfortunately.

And thank you! ;)


Thanks for your fast reply I take the template tonight

All the best

No problem, cheers!

I would love to see individual portfolio act like the mesh theme on dunked.com operates. Have you seen it? The images fill frame instead smaller and no slideshow effect. This would mean the images go full width and stacked. I haven’t got to see the theme via desktop yet. But this is the only thing that would hold me back on purchase. Tough or extensive mod?


The user actually has almost full creative control over the portfolio pages. While you can’t display media fullscreen (to fill the entire screen without the white margins) on these single portfolio pages, you can achieve something similar. I have set up an example here for you: http://prothemeus.com/demo/noble/portfolio-item/the-tree-of-life/


I’m getting an error message on the front page full screen slider. I follow the instructions as per your documentation, add a slide with a featured image and I get what looks like 5 slides appearing (this is only after adding 1 slide). the sequence goes something like this:

Slide 1: Blank white page Slide 2: Blank white page with ‘Warning’ top left Slide 3: Blank white page with ’/home/hnstgs/public_html/wp-content/themes/noble/post-formats/format-slider.php’ top left Slide 4: Slide 2: Blank white page with ‘7’ top left Slide 5: Blank white page Slide 6: The slide I added with the featured image.

Any ideas what the problem might be?

Can see it here: http://hnst.gs/c


Thanks for the heads up, we’ll look into it and see what may be going on. Can you perhaps head over to the support forum so that we can continue there? We generally don’t provide support through Themeforest as it’s difficult to manage support on multiple websites. Thanks!

P.S. Can you still send your login details so that we can have a look at the website backend?

Yeah sure… No problem. Great theme by the way…

Thanks a lot! Your forum post has been answered by the way.


I realy like the theme, and i’m interested in buying it, but i’ve noticed one issue with de live demo.

I can’t seem so scroll the page with my Google Chrome browser… On all other browsers i’m able to scroll tho.

Any comments/solutions on that?

Greets, Pj


I’m able to scroll the theme just fine with Chrome, could you perhaps close the Themeforest purchase bar when viewing the live demo and see if the issue still remains? Are you using the latest version of Chrome?

Is it WooCommerce compatible? Can I include multiple audio on a single page? Can I include Vimeo and self hosted video on a page


The theme hasn’t been tested with WooCommerce so I can’t tell you for certain if it’s 100% compatible. If more users start requesting it, we might look into making it compatible if necessary.

You can embed Vimeo/Youtube videos at any size anywhere on the page but unfortunately not self-hosted or audio unless you use an embedded player from Soundcloud for example.


Congratulations for making such a nice theme packed with lots of features – it seems to be just what I need.

I’d need to know a couple of things prior to purchasing though:

1) Would the theme cope well with a few hundred portfolio items? From what I’ve read, it should loud up more items as one scrolls. If that’s the case, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

2) I will be purely using the portfolio section and none of the widgets and other content in the sidebar, so the expandable menu doesn’t really cut it for me – I’d like to have a portfolio Filter check box group displayed all the time instead. Would this be possible?

Many thanks.

Hi, I purchased a theme and this work perfect. But I cant set some details, Can You Help Me? Issue is: I use portfolio layout. After closing viewed portfolio, here is nothing is displaying. How can I fix this? Display portfolio page after closing post and portoflio items.

How Can I translate theme into diferent language?



Please read the documentation file that is included in the theme package, questions 1 & 3 are described there in detail.

Here’s a tutorial on how to translate your theme in a few easy steps: http://www.solostream.com/blog/tutorials/translate-wordpress-theme/

If you have anymore questions,feel free to head over to our support forum so that we can help you more accurately as we generally don’t provide through Themeforest.

Can this template host links to videos uploaded to You Tube? Thanks in advance.



It certainly can, you can link to Vimeo videos as well.

hello does this comes with an .xml file for uploading the demo

thank you and great theme!


The demo .XML file is available at the support forum but you must first register before you can have access.

Thank you!

great thanks!!


Two questions regarding this theme:

1) Is it possible to have the navigation for desktop screen sizes opened by default?

2) Does this theme support multitple portfolios, or enable the end user to link to portfolio categories/filters directly from the navigation?


- JBworx

Hi fellow Dutchman,

1. It’s not possible to keep the navigation in an open state.

2. The theme does not support multiple portfolios except for multiple portfolio items which you can filter based on the specific category. You can add this category to your menu.

Is it possible to embed a video into the slider instead of an image?

Litho without the sidebar, finally! Love it!

May I customize/ add my own widgets to the sidebar?

Most certainly, yes! :) Although you can’t really compare Noble with Litho apart from the grid as it has a lot more features to maximize usability.

Which one has a lot more features, Litho or Noble?

Definitely Noble. :)

After 10 portfolio posts, the theme starts repeating the posts. So now it’s showing duplicates. How do we turn off the repeating function?

Please head over to the support forum and we’ll help you from there. Thanks!