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Also, one of the previous posts says we can use video iframe in place of the image in the portfolio posts. What about advertising iframe code such as this:

<iframe id=”526fbd2d7907a” name=”526fbd2d7907a” src=”//ox-social.bidsystem.com/w/1.0/afr?auid=469066&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE” frameBorder=”0” frameSpacing=”0” scrolling=”no” width=”300” height=”250”>\\</iframe>

Video iframes (Vimeo and Youtube) are supported in the fullscreen slider, not as the portfolio thumbnails.

Hello, It is good work. It looks simple and beautiful design. I am going to buy but i hope it’s simple to customize. Is it possible to have 2 languages option?


The theme is quite easy to customize by using the Theme Customizer and if you run into any trouble setting it up, we can assist you at our support forum. The theme is translation-ready so using multiple languages isn’t a problem at all.

i already purchased and send e-mail about the problem that i couldn’t solve. by the way, i liked the theme. it is good design and clean.

Thanks Deniz, your email has been replied to. Please post any future questions at the support forum so that we can better assist you.

great work! I have some questions: can you change the thumbnail size on portfolio view? can you change it to a four-columns view?

Thank you! You can change the portfolio grid to 3-columns, 4-columns and 5-columns, you can even use any thumbnail height that you want by using the Masonry layout option.

great! is it possible to have a fixed no-scrolling sidebar menu?


I really like this theme :)

Just a quick pre-sale question. Is it difficult to alter the width of the side bar? I would like the side bar to be narrower but would this affect the responsive design of the images/theme?



While it’s not difficult to change the width of the sidebar with a customization, you would also have to change the responsiveness. If you don’t know how to implement this yourself, I would recommend getting in touch with an experienced developer.

After 10 portfolio posts, the theme kicks out everything older than the 10th post and starts repeating the posts. So now it’s showing duplicates. How do I turn off the repeating function?

Answered your support forum post.

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Is that supposed to be the webversion of braille? The .XML file is available at the support forum as mentioned in the item description.

mention : You don’t have permission to view this category.

my theme is noble please, send to me .xml file my email : olacue@micimpact.com please


Sorry about my reply earlier but all I saw were question marks in your message, I think this is due to a keyboard language problem on your computer: http://cl.ly/image/0B21273h0F1s

I have sent you an email.

I really like the simplicity of your theme. Is it also possible to use the lightbox in the portfolio to display a vimeo video in a lightbox? So not an image?

Thanks! Yes, that’s certainly possible.

It’s possible to obtain content demo?

Yes, available at the support forum.

I don’t know which individual was a little trigger-happy with the 1-star rating but it would help to know why exactly these types of ratings are given. If there is anything wrong or if you need support, simply send us a message and we’ll be glad to assist. Ratings such as this don’t help anyone. Thanks!

bought and rated with 5 stars! A question, is there any divider line for posts?

Thank you kindly! What exactly do you mean with a divider line for posts? There are numerous dividers within the blog layout but I just need to know to what you are referring.

I mean this kind of line (or a thinner line) http://puu.sh/5cCok

Sure, simply use <hr /> as a divider.

hi. my page is problem. main page of portfolio repeated appear. How to solve?

my page : http://olacue1.cafe24.com/


You will need to download the latest version from your ‘Downloads’ page and re-install the update.

Hello. Great theme.

I’d like to know if this theme supports password protection for projects within the portfolio section.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the compliment! Password-protected posts are supported within the portfolio and blog.

Can’t find the po file

Head over to the support forum and we will assist you there.

Hi There, I really like the simplicity of the design. I can’t find how to create an about us page and services pages. Is it possible? Thx!


You can definitely add another page and style it using the shortcodes. This is the basic page template.

Hi there, I purchased the theme as a photography site to display my work. I want to show several photo galleries under specific topics (on different pages). As such I require several portfolio grids and several sliders that are fed from different image galleries. I’m new to this theme but it appears now that the template is only supporting one slider and one portfolio. Is that correct (or is there a way to create several)? Thanks.


There currently isn’t a way to create multiple portfolios or sliders, unfortunately.


I like your thema very much! looks very good! After installing it I have a problem with context menu. When page is wide form, context menu is on left side, looks good , everything is fine. But when you shrink size of the browser (only one column is available) then context menu is moving automatically to Top, and can not be access anymore. When I do the same on you demo page it is working fine, no problem, but on mine it is not. I can not find any size of Context menu in the settings.

thanks for your help


Thanks for the compliment! Could you perhaps send me login details of a WordPress admin account through the contact form on our profile page? Our support forum is currently not available as we are working on a new support system so I’ll have to handle support via email temporarily. I’ll have a look as soon as I can.


I have sent login details via profile request, did you get it ? I didn’t receive any feedback from you.


I have just sent you an email, your email was placed in my spam folder. Apologies!


The background color for the posts, is there an option to change it. From white to a black background for instance.

The images used for the blog, portfolio, thumbnails, are those based upon featured images. Also, do you have a link to the blog index page with it in classic view vs the masonry view.

Yes, those sections rely upon featured images. I don’t have a direct link to the classic blog layout as that is a global function that needs to be selected in the Theme Customizer. Here is a screenshot from the item description.

Thank you! And for the external links on the home page, can they be set to open up in a new browser.

Hello … I’m not sure why but I just can’t get the portfolio page to work! I’ve created a page called Portfolio with the portfolio template and then created portfolio posts … what am I missing here? all i’m getting is a white page! :-/


Shoot me an email with login details of a WordPress admin account through my profile page and I’ll help you out! :)


The image external links on the home page, can they be set to open in a new browser. Also, the videos, when they play can they be set to play as soon as they open or does the play button have to be clicked each time.


With a tiny bit of customizing, it’s possible to have them open in a new tab. Videos can’t be played automatically so yes, users would have to click the play button.


In the live demo, when a portfolio item is selected and then closed using the close icon on top right corner, the portfolio/home page is revealed. How do you set it to that? I can only see a blank view.

Many Thanks, Sam


1. If your homepage is the portfolio grid itself, there is no way to change the standard white background behind the grid without a customization as the page is meant to show the grid by default.

2. You can’t display the blog page after a post is closed but only the featured images of those blog posts, they will display in exactly the same way as it is with the portfolio grid.

thanks for clarifying :)

No problem! :)