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Great work!! love it :)

Good luck with sales

Says page not found :(

Hello @tcremer Live preview is working now.. Lets give me first sale ;)

looks pretty cool. i noticed 3 errors when validating the CSS on your LIVE preview. any chance you’d consider fixing these?

good luck with sales!

Hi@taiyo, Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We will surely fix these and update file.

Just a quick note the plate is great very nice work, but I think that it has a church going theme, I thought at first but I looked again and found much more, “just a thought change the picture on the index page ?? “but what do I know. great work and that’s what counts . :zipped:

Looks very clean :)

nice work, i like the photo on the main page as well

thanks for the validation - i just purchased. :)

noticed there are at least 2 fonts that are used in this that aren’t free for commercial use:



in the help file you don’t mention this at all. Would you consider replacing these with free fonts that I could download that look just as cool?



I’ve almost have this IE6 compliant but would love some help getting the right sidebar to stay in position instead of shifting down the page as seen here:

Any advice on fixing this?



taiyo Purchased

I fixed this up by copying the js/jquery.anythingslider.js file version from the example demo site.

Glade to see things good at your end.

I recently purchased Noble Peace and have been working with it and things are going well but can’t seem to find a speed controle for the slider. What am i missing?

Hi @ brianeallison, Could you please refer to help file. If you still not sure, please do get in touch with us.

Hi @ brianeallison, Could you please refer to help file. If you still not sure, please do get in touch with us.

Thank you, I finally got the files to open for me. I am a novice and have’nt got all of this figured out yet. researching the blog info now. Not sure how to implement that.

having a hard time coding the contact form when i insert code

<form method=”post” action=”nameofsitedotcom/mail.php”

all the things get jumbled on the page….the form is there but you did not code it or enclose the php files…i have my own but can you advise on the coding?


Hi @ ocretail, This is not an issue realted to template. But still as a good will we will try to help you. could you please email us with more details like screenshots or your live demo link where we can see exactly what problem you having.

Awesome website, but fancybox isn’t working in IE. Any solution to this?

Thanks, Bethany

Hi @ brleighty, could you please kindly email us the screen shot and tell us which version of IE are you using.

There is mention in the template description about a main logo graphic PSD . I have purchased and downloaded the template but do not see a PSD related to the logo. Am I missing a file?

Hi @ jbrislin, thanks for taking interest in our template. You are not missing anything at all. All you need to do check the Home.psd in PSD folder and you can edit the logo there.

Just purchased, love it but How can I make the Search bar active?

Hi @ theagencydmv, You will need to code it in order to make it functional.

Hi, I really like this template, looks beautiful, I’m trying to make my Non-profits website look nicer but I don’t know any code, I assumed templates could just be loaded on to existing wordpress blog and then editing could be done through the normal dashboard functions…if coding is necessary, do you have any other templates that I can install onto a blog and modify using the normal backend?

HI @ iantom, Our templates are just HTLM and CSS templates. If you would like to get it customsied, kindly please send us an email from our portfoio page.

Hi there, I am wondering if I can edit this templates into a Chinese website. Besides, can I edit the color of the background/header? Thank you!

Hi @allyzhou,

Yes you can make editing in this template through help of the HTML.



taiyo Purchased

Hi there,

The main slider on the homepage has stopped working for me in Chrome and Safari. Can you provide a fix please?

You can check my URL here:



I reckon your issue has been sorted already as mentioned in other thread.