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Hi, thanks for crazy theme, so I would like to ask where is the Captcha in contact form? As it is needed because for spam protection, so thansk for advice.

also I read twitter settigns in docs, but my tweets not showing, I enter all in: Noisa\Theme\plugins\config.php could you help with this pls? thx


I’m sorry to hear you are currently having trouble.

Please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Please Note: Support staff is available from 8:00AM – 4:00PM (CET) on weekdays and will reply to you as soon as possible.

VERY DISSAPOINTED FROM THS PURCHASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. to many, many ERRORS in your script and I am tired to fixing them as it should work. What YEar is your twitter api OMG? Also do not send ppl to create some TICKET on your external website, all MUST be regarding the TOS by envato resolv by YOU SEND email to purchaser, so stop beeing ignorant man. So twitter not display at all, next the json “https://twitter.com/$username/statuses/” Will display this exemple, if you click on see older posts:https://twitter.com/envato/statuses/ DO you think ti is working?


Hmmm … You’re the first buyer who has huge problems with our template. Sorry, but we use Ticksy for our support and login problems are independent of us. Yes, twitter works well, but if you have a better code you can use it. Anyway, you can contact with us via our profile page contact form http://themeforest.net/user/rascals

Hi two questions firstly – Scamp Player did you make this?

I am looking for a wordpress theme with this kinda ajax music function. Are you making this theme for wordpress?



1. Yes, I created this script.

2. Yes, please look: http://themeforest.net/item/spectra-responsive-music-wordpress-theme/10141585

Thats great. The only one thing missing there that I really need is woo commerce shop. are you planning to add that anytime soon? Thanks.

Sorry but in the near future, I have no plans to implement it.

please when is the noisa wordpress theme coming out i cant wait

Hi, hard to say exactly when Noisa will be available in WP version. Maybe you’re interested Spectra theme (Full Ajax Wordpress Music Theme ): http://themeforest.net/item/spectra-responsive-music-wordpress-theme/10141585

Looks nice but I experience a bug where pages don’t load sometimes. At least in Safari on Mac Yosemite.

Seems to be happening while using the music player while browsing

Thank you, I will check this.

Hi, Can this be made a light colour via CSS? Also can the scamp player be used to play a shoutcast stream?

Hi, Basically this is possible, but it all depends on your skills. Unfortunately but the player is not designed shoutcast stream.

Hi! I am considering to buy this theme..Can you please tell me does this player comes as a plugin or is integrated in the code? Tnx!

Basically player is built into the template, but if you have skills with CSS / HTML, then you easily unplug player from theme.

Ok. Tnx for your reply

Hi There! Great work on your themes, they look fantastic and I’m looking to make a purchase, however I’d like to ask you what the difference is between Noisia and Spectra? I already have a wordpress blog and I’m just looking to get a new theme and then completely customize the look to fit my brand. After comparing the live demos of both of your themes I feel that Noisia fits better for the plan I have for my website. I just want to be sure what I purchase will work for me.

I have experience with CSS and HTML and should be able to work with the PHP in wordpress no problem, I’m just not clear on the difference between Noisia as a “theme” and Spectra as a “wordpress theme”. Don’t they include the same files?

Another question, my website is a music blog and the majority of my posts will include Soundcloud embeds. I think I’d prefer if all soundcloud links would be replaced by your custom embed, and I’d also like these embeds to be playable from the main blog page containing post excerpts and also from single post. Is that doable?

Of Noisia and Spectra, which do you feel is better for a music blog?

Hi, 1,2 Unfortunately this is not possible.

3. It’s hard to say, depends on your skills and how much you want to change theme. Visual Composer is required, because I designed several modules for this plugin. It’s a very powerful plugin and is user-friendly.


Hi Mariusz,

Thanks. Do I need to purchase Visual Composer in order to use it? Or is it ready to use after purchasing Spectra?


Hi, Visual Composer is included in theme package.

Hi, I hope if you can make it WordPress , your Spectra theme for artist and band , but this for many singers , I think that . can you tell us when it will be for WordPress ?

thank you ..

Hi, This month I want to release a new theme CROW and then I’ll work on Noisa WP.

Hello Supporters, is there a way, to use the ajax player for a magento shop system? Thanks René

Hi, sorry for delay, basically it should not be a problem, just create the appropriate tag with special attributes like: shop link, cover art, etc.

Hi, we are looking for a new theme for our site dl-sounds.com.

Is it possible to set up homepage>categories and then a list with mp3 previews, just like our site.

Is it possible to offer instant downloads for our free music. Like one button download click?


Hi, This is an HTML template, so basically it is possible, but you need good programming skills CSS/HTML/JS etc..


A prebuy question:

Is it possible to disable the download button until the visitor signes up at the website?


Of course, because it is just plain HTML template without backend admin options panel etc. So it all depends on your programming skills.


srldev Purchased

Hello Author,

I am very impressed with the site design and highly considering purchasing it, however I have a couple of questions your clarification is greatly appreciated:

1. The template uses AJAX, but I am not entirely sure if I will be able to use it because my experience lies mostly with html and css and a little javascript. Will I be able to manipulate and maneuver the template relatively easily despite the fact that it utilizes AJAX? My primary concern is being able to use the audio player feature.

2. Does the audio player and playlist feature work with .mp3 files? That is to say, does it work just the same with .mp3s as it does with soundcloud?

3. Are all the graphics shown in the preview pre-loaded into the template file once downloaded?

Thank you!


Sorry for delay…

1. The template is designed so that you will not need advanced knowledge of AJAX technology, keep in mind that theme need a local or online server.

2. Player supports local mp3 files or tracks/playlists etc from soundcloud.

3. Unfortunately, images are not attached to the main pack because I do not have a license to do so. In the manual you will find all links to images,and some of them are free.


srldev Purchased


I just purchased the theme. I am very excited to start working. One question, are blog posts hard coded, or can you use a third party app to manage/post blog posts?


Comments are hard coded but you can use DISQUS like on this page: http://themes.rascals.eu/noisa_html/#!/pages/blog-single-disqus

Details of integration with DISQUS you can find the documentation.

Thank you for your purchase :)

how to upload this to word press

how to upload this to word press

Hello, These template wasn’t designed to be used in WordPress. Like many other HTML templates it has to be managed by editing its core files.

These are only Html+Css+Javascript+PHP, and to edit them you would need a Html editor or any other tool you like. In theme folder you can see several HTML files eg.: index, index-1, index-2 etc. Each file is a separate page of your template. These files could be modified with your HTML editor (Notepad, Adobe Dreamweaver etc). Open any file with the HTML editor. You can use the Find and Replace tool (CTRL+F) and search for the button titles or just scroll down through the code.

Good HTML editors: http://www.sublimetext.com/ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/

tolousn Purchased

Nice job rascals. Any way to force HTML5 on the player instead of Flash? Z gory dziekuje za odpowiedz. :)


Dzi?kuj? :)

Masz najnowsz? wersj? playera? http://themes.rascals.eu/noisa_html/ On nie u?ywa flash, biblioteki s? wy??czone.

Kod z pliku custom.js:

// Soundmanager2 options
            sm_options : { 
                url: 'js/scamp_player/js/swf/', 
                flashVersion: 9, 
                preferFlash: false, 
                useHTML5Audio: true, 
                allowScriptAccess: 'always', 
                debugMode: false, 
                debugFlash: false, 
                useConsole: false 

tolousn Purchased

Tak tak. Najnowsza. Widzialem “preferFlash : false” dlatego myslalem ze to wlasnie ta biblioteka uzywa tego. Moze jednak to przez Revolution albo inny plugin… cos z pewnoscia uzywa flash, ale sie jeszcze tym pobawie, rozbiore na czesci i jakos to rozwiklam. Dzieki za odpowiedz.

Jakbys mial problem, to zapraszam na https://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/