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Great work :)


Thank you Imageglove :)

Lovely template – good luck with sales


Glad you like it. Thank you WHMCS :)

Great job with this template Navigator. Very clean and stylish :)


Thank you CJ :)

Eye catcher design , “Coffee Bean” theme is really cool… :)

Good luck with sales.


Hey Bedros, thank you mate :)


Nice looking template but I have noticed at the bottom that their is an error message “error on page”

Think their is a Javascript conflict on all pages.

can you please advise which files are PHP .


Hi qakbar,

I must admit that I haven’t noticed an error on the page, so please if you are able to post a screenshot somewhere and send me a link via email form on my profile page. There’s just one PHP file and it’s used for sending mail. Thank you for comment :)

Fantastic theme, dude.


It’s always enjoyable to read comments like yours. Thank you mate :)


I am really keen on using this template. Specially because of the nice typography. Is there a way i can get a slider carousal working? I need that for my home page.

Thanks Niti


Hi niti,

thank you for interest in this theme. Yes, it’s possible to implement some slider carousel in the header area instead Nivo and “Welcome” text. It’s not a big issue. Just, if you are not in hurry I can help you with this after 20th August because I’m on vacation and don’t have my tools here…

Kind Regards :)

How to make remove themes navigator and use only 1colour ? how to modify it?


Hi forzadraco,

thank you for purchase. Please send me an email from my profile page and I’ll send you screen shots with explanation. You’ll see it’s not big deal :)



Firstly thank you for such an amazing template. I spent hours looking through Theme forest for the perfect template and yours does EVERYTHING I need :)

I am trying to get the search box to appear to the right of the dropdown menu on index.html but whatever I try I just can’t get it to work (it always appears behind the menu).

Please could you let me know how I can achieve this?

Again, thank you for the perfect template!



Hi Mark,

thank you for purchase and nice words :)

Regarding your issue: I’ll take a look and make necessary adjustments. It will be good if you send me an email from my profile page, so I can reply with adapted files in attachment when I finish.

Thank you once again and have a great day.

Kind Regards

Email sent via your profile page :)

I wanted to post here so everyone can see how pleased I am with your theme.

Also, people should know that this theme is documented brilliantyl with clear and easy to follow examples…


Thank you Mark for all nice words, I’ve just sent you an email with solution for your issue.

Cheers :)

oberto Purchased

Nice work!

However, there is a little JS error:

jQuery("#map").googleMaps is not a function
Line 198

It’s relatively minor (although with it being a javascript error it’ll likely prevent other JS from executing.)

Not sure if you have a fix for it already?

Besides that, the HTLM is pretty nice, too.


Hi oberto :)

thank you for purchase and posting. In this theme I’m using Shawn Mayze’s Google Maps jQuery Plugin. If you visit his home page you can check examples of how to proper use mentioned Plugin.


selects a div element with the given id=”map” attribute. That div is within Contact page in line 143. The second part .googleMaps is predefined function in Shawn Mayze’s js file (js/jquery.googlemaps1.01).

Shawn is named his id like “map_canvas” and I’m change that to just id=”map”. That is only difference between his and mine code.

I’m tested this theme in all major browsers and didn’t notice any error regard this. If you have any further problems be comfortable to mail me using form on my profile page, that is fastest way to reach me…

Thank you once again,
Kind Regards

oberto Purchased

Thanks for the reply.

The issue is that the map code is in the default.js file and that is on every page – and obviously the map isn’t. Thus causing the error. So the error is seen on all pages except the contacts page.

The error is seen using firebug.

Anyway, I’ve fixed it – here is the solution I used:

jQuery.fn.exists = function(){return jQuery(this).length>0;}

if ($('#map').exists()) {

   ...map code

Thanks again.


Ha, thanks mate ;)

everything is clear now! In first place I didn’t quite understand what you talking about… Second solution might be to just include jquery.googlemaps1.01 in head section of every page, but your solution is much elegant. Update will be uploaded in 30 minutes.

Thank you oberto :)

I love this template!

I’m running into a dead end with one issue, maybe you might have seen it already and now whats going on. For some reason I cant get any stat counters to work. I usually use statcounter.com and have it working on 10 other sites but for this one it wont keep track I even tried google analytics (they both work by using JS).

I was wounder if you think another JS that is part of the site was causing a conflict or not? I don’t see where anything else has stop functioning. I have the JS for the stat counters right before the ””



His ashman07,

thank you for purchase and nice words. Sorry for waiting, it was night in this part of the World when you write this post. Just wake up :) I’m installed statcounter.com on Noise In Fashion theme and currently there are no any problems. It will be good if you send me message from my profile page, so we can discuss about this…

Kind Regards


Got it working, it was actually a problem on my end that I found. Thanks for the help and keep up the great work!

Thanks Ashman


Thank you mate for comment :)

Do you have this template for Wordpress?



thank you for interest. Unfortunately WP version is not avialable.

Kind Regards

Hi i’m interesting in this item, i like to know if its possible to make this template, in to an interactive web using php-mysql.

Thanks i want to buy but i’m not sure if it’s works… Great Desing


This template is made using html, css, jquery and php (Contact Form). With respect to this it’s possible to make a php+mysql template. You just have to insert your php in html pages.

Thank you for interest and nice words :)