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I should say, the best theme in the last three years which fulfills my requirements. I have just two questions before buying it.

1. Why does it come without a search bar in the header. It appears to be a big drawback. 2. While creating a new post/page, can I have tabs and FAQ in the same page where you have images?

Kindly answer.


Hey and thanks for kind words at first :)

1. We don`t have this feature in header because there is not space for search bar and also nobody never asked about it. But of course after purchase we can tell you how to put this search bar in header but at first you need to send us screenshot of demo with your modifications so we can be sure how you want to put this search bar and instead of which header element.

2. Tabs and FAQ are diffrent page builder items and you can use them both in any place which allow to use page builder. For pages it is possible of course.

Hope all will be clear :)

Thanks for your interest!


Thanks for the kind response. Your replies are almost clear to me. Kindly tell me:

1. I would like to remove the “Find us On” element and replace it with Search. If possible, I need both on the top.

2. I am at present on Opencart with more than 200 of my pages/posts topping Google search. When I move to Wordpress, will I lose the search ranks on Google?

3. Will you do the Wordpress installation for me? Should I pay, what do you charge?

4. last question and that is about integrating a page element with tab and FAQ on the same page. is it possible to have all these three elements on one page?

Thank you.


1. Yes, it is possible. After purchase we can tell you how to do it.

2. OpenCart is totally different system than wordpress so you will lose everything as we know.

3. If you got hosting purchased, then we can install it for you and configure whole theme to look just like on our demo. This cost $30-$50 and depends what hosting you got and what should be done.

4. FAQ and accordion yes but what is 3rd element? We are not sure what you mean.


Thanks, I got it all. I will buy this theme in a week’s time. If you want a mighty educational theme layout, I can give you for free on a condition that i get that theme for free once it is approved and launched. A little weird deal but I have that layout ready.


You’re welcome!

Can you just explain what you would like to learn us? What layout are you talking about because we don`t get it :)


I will send a demo, static. Pls give me some time.


Sorry for asking so many questions. Hope these questions will help other readers here. My new question is:

1. Can I have, in a page/post, some text, an accordion, a FAQ, a TAB and a SLIDER? I mean, all in the same page?

2. On a slider, can I add a targetable link/button?

3. Can I remove the FIND US ON div and place SEARCH in its place?


1. You can get them on pages but not on posts.

2. Yes, you can do it. We got Revolution Slider included for this theme.

3. Yes, it is possible.


It will be great advantage if you can re code it in such a way that the admin can add to a POST the following items.

1. A slider. 2. Accordions

At present what is the status? Can an accordion be added to the POST?


Sorry but at this moment we don`t have any plans to make those things and it is not possible at this moment. Sorry!


Kindly tell me, i need a wordpress installation and the theme installation. How much do you charge? How much time does it take?


Please send us this question via contact form on our profile’s page http://themeforest.net/user/muffingroup in right bottom corner.


I have resent the question. Kindly reply. My website is down and I want to get it restored with wordpress.


We already sent you message on mail so please check your mailbox. If you got more questions, then please write only on pm and do not reply here.

Thanks for understanding!

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Hello Team,

Does your Theme support WooCommerce, like do we need to edit the stylesheet or any pages to get that working perfectly or would it be just fine by using the woocommerce plugin as it is!

Regards, Ranvir



unfortunately this theme doesn`t support woocommerce plugin at all.

For future support please visit:

Support forum