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Hi there,

I am trying to create a support ticket, but my purchase code is not verified. I got it from the Envato Marketplace License that I downloaded after my purchase, and I even tried using the regular license you supply on the envato support page.

I would like help figuring out why the project thumbnails on my website are pixelated, and help with stopping them from magnifying when you hover over them.


Thanks for that tip… But retina is already enabled, and my thumbnail size is 500 × 376, which 249×187 divides into. So that shouldn’t be the issue. I sized this based off of your theme demo, on the page where you can view portfolio categories and choose whether you want the thumbnails to appear large or small (the large ones are 500×376 and I would assume are meant to shrink nicely to 249×187 when they are in small format).

for example, I changed the blue thumbnail “5 Year Anniversary Party” to 249×187px, and left the others at 500×376px and they are all pixelated, so it didn’t actually work.


On your home page the first image is uploaded : 249×187 : make sure you are uploading original images on a bigger size, and don’t forget to use Force Regenerate Thumbnails.

Kind Regards

I’ve purchased this theme without realising it does not support wordpress 4.2 which I am at. So it has all the funny appearance and I can’t make it look like the demo site. Am I screwed?


Nordic supports 4.2, it’s just some miss configuration

1 ) Go to Appearance – Menu and create at least a menu from there

2 ) The load more works pretty fine on my end, what browser and OS are you using when you got that issue

3 ) That is the blog page title, which WordPress uses by default, but if you need anything else please tell us what you need in there.

4 ) The images are cropped automatically if they have a minimum size of the image required for the desired place holder, but it seems your server is not being able to crop images

Thanks so much for replying. I’ve got help to solve problem 1 to 3. For problem 4, is there any way to fix it?

You just have to upload them properly which means the image should be bigger than the thumbnail in order to get cropped, while WordPress will handle the rest.

Hi I have just purchased the theme too and I have wordpress 4.2. I am screwed too I guess? Is there any other instruction manual on how to configure this other than the one provide “Umbrella – Nordic Documentation.htm” I am new to all this and I´m spending hours with no progress. Thx!


Unfortunately we don’t have another documentation package.

Sometimes it helps users a lot if we make their site just like our Demo, and than they move on with adjustments.

So if you want that, please open a ticket at with the same username you are here on Themeforest and leave up there your site logins using a private comment.

Kind Regards

Hi! I bought the Nordic theme about a year ago and is very beautiful! but now I have a few problems….

1. In the portfolio section I included pictures with the slider. If the images are white in the sides, the left /right arrow icons to scroll are invisible. How can I change the color?

2. The related projects are all moved to the left and sliding overlap with the menu, and are very very big….. what happened?

2. When I open a project, down are the related project, how do I can change the name?

many thanks

the site is :

p.s. I’m italian… excuse me for the mistakes!!!!


1. If you want to make them black paste this in Custom CSS
.slider-arrows a {
    color: #000;

2 and 3 We replied to your ticket

Hi there, I am rubbish at wordpress but I’ve added pages to the menu under the portfolio categories, but when I click on them on the actual site, it says page not found, so none of my portfolio pages can be seen. Can’t seem to hook them up. Am I missing something? Thanks


Please go to Settings – Permalinks and just click save, and see if that fixes the issue.

thank you, I’ve fixed this issue! Love the theme, thanks.

I’ve just got one more query, thank you. On the portfolio home, the title of the most recent work page appears too and I can’t find a way of getting rid of it or why it’s there – see Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

No you wont loose the content at all.

Hello, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the theme, but unfortunately this has not fixed the issue. Do you have any other suggestions, thank you.

Can you open a thread at and leave up there your site logins, and agree that we can update your Nordic.

Hello, I’ve noticed that there’s a problem in chrome with the slider. Can you fix that? Thank you.

We’re working on that. In the meantime please open a ticket in our support forum


Hi there,

I’m considering buying this theme and have two questions:

- If and when you’re planning on making it compatible with the latest WordPress version?

- How often you update the theme (for security reasons)?

Thank you in advance!


1 ) It is already

2 ) ASAP there’s something wrong with Nordic, it takes up to 24 hours for bug fixing and security patches

Kind Regards

Thank you :)

Hello, I’ve purchased this theme but can’t seem to get the log in to open a ticket.

Anyway, I’ve created all categories and put some portfolios ítems inside those categories, but when I click on them while previewing the website, the images not apper. What do I have to do then? The website is


This is because on some categories the posts are not loaded yet in order to be able to get filtered.

Hello, I’ve deleted all categories and started again, but the same happens. All posts are created, all categories are created, I’ve put each post in one category and still can’t see it working correctly. What do I have to do?


I replied to the thread you made on our support forum.

Kind Regards

Hi, I’m having trouble with the slider of Merypinta website (example url: Mysteriously I just observed that there are somthing that is doing to replace the original css. I attached a screenshot, please help!


It seems this one needs more technical knowledge so, can you please move this to our support forum at Support

Please provide as much informations as you can about this issue, and leave up there a URL as well.

Remeber, you have to register there with the same username and the username is Case Sensitive

ok, anyway, I downloaded the theme again and now I think it’s ok, more or less,,,

Will this theme work with the newest Wordpress version of 4.2.3?


Yes it does.

Kind Regards


Could you confirm if this theme allows for a child theme to be created? Also are their any variations of the Blog page?



1. Yes, Nordic supports child themes 2. There’s only the demo version, no other.


Thanks so much for the confirmation.

Hi. i just bought this theme, but i cannot log in in the support site of umbrella. it says the username and password don’t match and i don’t have any option to reset pass. And if i try to register says that the user is taken (but i put my envato username on it) please help. thanks


Please make sure you registered your self with the same username you are here on Themeforest.

Kind Regards

I’d like to know how to remove the “what we do title” Best wishes thx antonio


Please go to Options – Custom CSS and place this :

.contact-intro , .portfolio_categories , .single .post_block ul{ display:none; }

Thank you very much. I really like your template, but i don’t think i can tweak it to what i want :( pure ignorance of my part. i’d like to have you tips to reach the objective.


Place all your questions here, and if they meet our support scope by not going to much into customization we can help you with that.

Kind Regards

hi umbrella for some reason i just cannot log in here: today – i’m sure my credentials should be valid…? any advice? the reason for logging in is a problem with nordic running the latest wp i installed the popular plugin advanced custom fields – unfortunately it doesn’t appear in my admin settings menu. i’m not running any other plugins. would you know why – or indeed how i could log in. thanks for now

Yes, you have to edit the parent one.

hi again on the logging in issue. i have accessed the support forum but every thread defaults to this one page: – very annoying… i am trying to find a way to set the google map in the contact page please thanks j


If you made it to login on the forum but you’re not being able to open some tickets on forum, it is because they belong to other themes and you can access only those from Nordic.

As for the google map on contact, you just have to click on the map until you see a pointer and that’s it.

Kind Regards and sorry for all the inconveniences


ixbix Purchased

Same to me. I can’t login to the my user account and I can’t find a way to contact support.


Please use this URL to reset your password :

Kind Regards


When I see my website on iPhone, it looks like this But your demo looks like this

I want my website to look like your demo.. Please tell me how to do that.

Home page:)


Please open template-home-2columns.php and replace it with :

Kind Regards

Thank you so much!!