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i hav ea problem with the shortcode like [button scroll=”true” link=”#about-us” icon=”angle-right”]Get Started[/button] in the top area content. it dont work. yoe see nothing. Some shorte codes work there. i tried all top area types. In pages this shortcode works.

Any idea?

thank you Frank

Hello, i have sent the credentials via Profile contact last week!

Sorry. I’ve replied to your email. Did you receive it yet?

Oh yes. I reveived it! And now it works! Thank you.


Can I embed MP3 files into Norris using the Wordpress [audio] shortcode? I am making a site for my mother who does voiceover work and need to be able to allow her demos to be played on her site.

Some themes I have been trying will not render the MP3 file as the Wolrdpress player but will simply output the HTML code. Just need to check before I buy!


Sure 100% you can. :)

Thanks for your interest. Hope you’ll grab it soon ;) Cuong Tran


gastone Purchased


After updating from 1.4.1 to latest version, I’ve internal server error 500… I tried to restore the FTP backup I saved before installing the theme update, but I’ve still 500 error.

I’m in PANIC.

Can you please help me ?

Hi my friend, don’t be panic. Current version is stable with many customers :)

Could you please help me to check this issue


Thank you.


gastone Purchased

Hello! thanks for your message. SOLVED… I realized the need to upgrade the php version and restore the permission on the server…. no problem from your BEAUTIFUL template. THANKS for prompt answer.

You’re quite welcome :)

Pre purchase question:

In theme 3. fullscreen parallax, the images seem to have a dark filter, can I take it off? And do I necessarily need to use all the pages, for example “our team” or “pricing”, or can I simply delete them?


Hi. Thanks for your interest.

1/ Yes, you can remove dark overlay.

2/ You can add/remove any page you wish.

Best, Cuong Tran

Hi, I’ve got the same problem as mr rudiheller with the shorthcode [button scroll=”true” link=”#about-us” icon=”angle-right”]Get Started[/button] Could you help me out?

Did you receive my email?

Hi. Let notice the double quote. Please write yourself the double quote in your shortcode. I’ve created a new page namely “Portfolio”. You can compare double quotes in two pages.

Double Quote Shortcode

Super, tx!


mecsum Purchased


I have a question about the Morris Wordpress theme. Is it possible to make a link in my Linkedin profile that takes people to a project in my portfolio on my website, that is using the Morris Wordpress theme?

Hi mecsum, sorry for the delay on your reply.

I don’t quite understand your question. Why don’t you use project permalink?

Hey, can we disable the parallax effect ? Thanks !

Yes, of course my friend :)


jfhocq Purchased

Hello, I have a problem viewing my site via a template with your iphone. OS version is 7.1.2. could you tell me if I should do? Thank you

Hi man, could you please show me your site?

Upgraded to 1.9.4 and WP 4.3. Would like to use hamburger menu but it’s randomly located next to my logo. http://www.katherineakendall.com

I overwrote the header.php file and it still isn’t fixed

I overwrote the header.php file and it still isn’t fixed

Hi man. You said you’ve upgraded the item to version 1.9.4 but when I check it, it’s still in version 1.7.2

Let see this file

Could you please double check your site and see an updating guide:


Thank you. Cuong Tran

Also would like to know why the page title repeats the same information twice. Is this populated by site title/tagline under customization? How can I correct this? www.katherineakendall.com

I don’t even know where this is located.

I don’t even know where this is located.

I also don’t know why it’s double-posting everything in this forum.

Is anyone responding to support questions?



Problem with Pics and Logos in the Portfolio Section. Blurred! What can i do?

Hi man, could you please show me your site so I can have a look on your trouble?

Thank you, Cuong Tran

sure. send me your email please. the side is actually hidden

You can send me private info via my profile contact form:


B.R., Cuong Tran

Hi, Thanks for Norris. I made 6 categories in my Portfolio, It only shows 5. How can I get It to show All six Categories?

Also, when you go to my site on the main hero screen page my phone number is listed blue and as a link when viewed in internet Explorer, It suppose to be white. when I open website in Chrome or Firefox my phone number is correct in white with no link.

Please help me understand why this is happening. Thank you. www.edcocontracting.com

Hi man, thank you for purchasing my item.

1/ I need your account to check the issue concerning number of categories showing on your portfolio. Please open a private support ticket here to send me a private message with your login info. Thank you.

2/ Don’t understand properly the trouble with your phone number, I see it white with no link on Chrome, Firefox & IE.

Best, Cuong Tran

Hi There

Thanks for the great theme but i’m having serious problems with the demo. I have tried multiple times to set it up and i’ve followed instructions step by step but it looks like the xml file doesn’t upload fully, it halts during upload then i get a error not found page and the pages and menus don’t seem to be setup. I tried support a while back and was told you guys don’t support setting up the demo?? Can i please have some proper assistance with setting up the demo please.

Yes man, 1500 seconds. It’s the number, normally it takes only 5 minutes.

Im hosting with Godaddy an i just tried to ask for their assistance and this is what theyre telling me:

Unfortunately, we cannot, though a web search on the item you are trying to edit should give more information on what to enter in the file. You’d put your lines in a text file, name it .user.ini, and you can even use the file manager to upload the file to public_html.

Cant someone just help me oh my gosh :-(

Hi. Unfortunately, I can not help you more on this issue :( I’m not a professional web admin and I don’t know much about Godaddy services. However I can assure that Norris demo file works fine as all other demo files of other themes.

Envato also opens a service to install theme as demo on Envato Studio.

Cheers, Cuong Tran


rafba Purchased


i hav ea problem with the shortcode like [button scroll=”true” link=”#about-us” icon=”angle-right”]Get Started[/button] in the top area content. it dont work. yoe see nothing. Some shorte codes work there. i tried all top area types. In pages this shortcode works.

Any idea?

thank you


rafba Purchased

Also, the plugins are not included in the package? Can you at least supplied a list of required plugins? I couldn’t find this information on the documentation. Thanks

Hi @rafba

I apologize for the delay on your reply

1/ Please make sure that you’ve installed the plugin Wi:Shortcode & other plugins at Dashboard > Appearance > Install Plugins

2/ Please make sure that the link=”#about-us” matches slug of your page. Eg, if your page is “About Us Blah” instead, the link should be ”#about-us-blah”. When editing the page, you’ll see its slug.

3/ For further questions, you can always use our support desk to get faster assistance.

Kind Regards,


Are you planning on continuing to update this theme, I noticed it has not been updated since September?

Hi @soldoutent

Yes, we’re planning to update this theme in near future. You’ll got alert when a new version comes. :)

Thank you for coming with us.



glascoe1 Purchased

How do you remove the page separator (including all page separator content)? Thanks!

Hi @glascoe1,

Thank you for purchasing my item.

Could you please open a support ticket here:


Our dedicated team are willing to help you ;)

Kind Regards,

Cuong Tran