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same as SpencerUk, all I have in the file is : “{{ghost_head}} {{{body}}} {{ghost_foot}}”

Hi again, I’ve just downloaded the theme by my self and in the default.hbs file I downloaded, everything i as it should be. At what exact path you open the file and what kind of editor you are using?

The zip-file you downloaded should contain a directory called documentation and a directory called norrsken, you find the default.hbs file under norrsken/default.hbs. If you’ve got the right file you have to change line 17 and 18.

Perhaps try to download the theme one more time to verify that this wasn’t a temporary download error.

Just give us a note if this doesn’t help

Your Northemes team

I used textwrangler like spenceruk suggested and it worked!

i have another question, would you know how to change the default favicon?

also, a couple observations. i can easily go in and alter these things, but thought you might like to know. the link to the rss feed is going to website.ghost.iorss instead of website.ghost.io/rss, resulting in a broken link.

&when users scroll to the bottom it says “there is no more posts”, whereas it should say “there are no more posts”

sorry, i don’t mean to be nitpicky. thanks so much for the quick support!

Thank you so much, we will make these changes in our next release.

Regarding the favicon, that’s somewhat limited right now in ghost. Here is a thread in the Ghost support forums, covering all you need to know:


All the best

Your Northemes team

First, I want to, thanks for the awesome theme!

I’m new to node and I don’t have a coding background so I have two questions that may be simple tweaks:

1) How do I get the theme to use my logo from the global @blog? 2) Is there a way to render the images differently to “prettify” how they look on the homepage without reducing the image quality in the actual post?



really sorry, we missed your question, hope you sorted it out by now. Here the late answer:

1) {{@blog.logo}}, includes it in your theme. You add a new image in your settings page. If you want to make adjustments in the theme, this is a good read: http://docs.ghost.org/themes/

2) No, by now, Ghost has no real support for post-thumbnails, so you have to load them with the {{content words = “0”}} “hack”. You can’t load two different sizes.

Hope this helps, sorry again for the late answer.

Your Northemes team

Hey, how do I change the length of the main-page post previews? I’ve updated what I thought was the relevant code bit in index.hbs from {{excerpt characters=”200”}} to {{excerpt characters=”40”}}, but my website still has ultra-long columns.


strange, that’s exact the way to do it. I wonder: did you restart Ghost? Changes in the theme often require a restart to apply them.

If it really doesn’t work, it has to be something strange with your Ghost installation, some strange version/changes in core perhaps?

Give us a note if you need further assistance. Btw, cool background on your site, good luck

Your Northemes team

My compliments! I certainly do like this theme. As someone else said a couple months ago, explicit support for static pages as other themes have would be really appreciated.

And if it’s too much of a pain in the neck to limit the overall size of the first/main entry (as noted before, sometimes it just pulls the photo at the top of the post waaaaay too big), any hints about the CSS hacks you mentioned would be helpful. I’ve worked around it by introducing a huge border (like a matte) around certain images in the meantime.

Looking forward to your next release!

Thanks for your kind words and recommendations. We plan to introduce a static pages release, but we don’t have a reliable schedule yet. We certainly will let you know, when we have.

Regarding the first post problem you mention, you got two alternatives.

1. Change and recompile the scss-styles. This is recommended, but you do have to know how grunt and scss works. A working gruntfile is located in norrsken/assets/gruntfile.js. To change the width of the first post, open norrsken/assets/scss/_main.scss. The definition of the brick-nt class begins at line 37. Go further to line 47 and change the columns from 6 to 3. Line 47 should look like that now:

&:first-child { @include span-columns(3); }

Then recompile your styles with grunt.

2. If you don’t know how to use grunt and scss, you can change the css directly. Open norrsken/assets/css/styles.css, find the following css-definiton (should be line 1055):


the defined rules of this class contain a ‘width:50%;’, change it to 25%.

After making the changes as described in 1. or 2., you might have to restart ghost, to see the changes. Be aware that you have to go with the normal size or the double size, because of the masonry layout.

Note that we can’t support custom changes like the one I’ve described above, because this would burst our support capacities to its limits.

But I really hope this gets you started, good look with your theme

Your Northemes team

Hi guys, great theme! Blog want show on Iphone4 6.x , only the background, no posts. Is there a way to add a logo into the header? That would be great.

Tried on 4s 6.0 and I can see posts. Can you provide the exact iOS version number so I can look further into it? For now there is no option to add a logo in the header. But we will take it for consideration in future updates.

All the best

Samuel / Northemes

It’s 6.1.3. Everything is fine on iPhone 5, too

Awesome theme!

This may be more of a ghost question in general, but is there any way for me to make the image in the main post link to the full size image? The only thing I don’t like so far is that the images are reduced in size to fit the blog width and there is no way to show the full size image.



Great that you like the theme.

You can use the Ghost link syntax around the image.

If this is your markdown to include the image:

![My Image](/content/images/2014/Feb/image.jpg)

You can link this image, as every content in Ghost like this:

[Link content](http://linkurl)

So a image, that links to its original would be done like this:

[![My Image](/content/images/2014/Feb/image.jpg)](/content/images/2014/Feb/image.jpg)

Hope this helps All the best Daniel / Northemes

Awesome, thanks!

You are welcome! Consider to give us a review / recommendation if you like the theme and our support.

Thanks and good luck with your blog

Daniel / Northemes

Hey guys – as of Ghost 0.4.2 you can access tags archives. So it goes <url>/tag/<tag name>/ Could we get that added to the tags on the template so you can click them to access that archive? I’m a web dev so I can try to figure it out tonight – I’ll let you know if I get to it.

Okay, I’ve figured this out, sorta. I’ve gotta figure out the bottom margin problems since the bottom tag list is optional, but just so you dont have to look up how tags are constructed, you want the individual tags to be

<li class="post-tag-nt"><a href="/tag/{{slug}}">{{name}}</a></li> 

Okay, I got it to work – see http://portfolio.gelicia.com/ – let me know if you want my code!


great that you got it working. We would be very happy to look at your code and might use it in the next release of our theme, as a whole or parts of it. If that is okay with you, just send it to support@northemes.com.

We really appreciate the initiative, would give you a 5 stars review as a customer if I could ;)

All the best and thank you again

Daniel / Northemes

I am unsure whether it was worth the $18 ($19 if you include silly Paypal fees).

It seems poorly written.The CSS isn’t very well done (For example on posts the footer has a width of 111% when in fact the author could have made it 100% and adjusted the parent div accordingly, probably change the box model too). The infinite scroll doesn’t work on Android devices (Google Chrome).

Removing the colour picker was an interesting job itself too.

The fact that you have to populate your blog for the footer to fall to the bottom is a bit worrying too. Considering a simple CSS fix was required to adjust this.

However it’s a nicely designed theme and I am glad I got it.

Thank you.


thanks for your feedback. Right now, I can’t remember, why we coded the CSS this way. But I’m sure we thought it was the best solution at the time, taking all of the theme functionality into account. However, I will take a look at it, there surely are things to improve.

Regarding the color picker, we tried to make this as simple as possible. It should only be a matter of renaming two js-files: scripts-with-cp.min.js and scripts.min.js. If you include scripts.min.js there won’t be a picker, with scripts-with-cp.min.js there will be. Perhaps we have missed to write this in the docs?

About the footer you are absolutely right, we already have this on our improvements list and will include it in the next release.

Thanks for the thumbs up on the design, glad you like it.

Thanks for purchasing and again, thanks for your feedback, we always try to improve our work and this helps a lot.

All the best

Daniel / Northemes


uliseo Purchased

Hi, i bought the theme. But in the Compatible Browsers list, says that Norrsken is compatible with Opera and IE 11. But in both browsers the “top bar” is not “hiding” correctly when you scroll down the page. You can see the image attached. Could you fix that issue?

Link : http://postimg.org/image/snmdj579z/



I can’t reproduce the bug you describing. See the two screenshots from browserstack, on the left side you see which browser renders the site and on the right side you see the scrolled site with collapsed top-bar.

http://postimg.org/image/iy7ldv72x/ http://postimg.org/image/fkjkobb4h/

A few questions:

1. Did you change something that might be causing a javascript error?

2. I tested with the newest version of Opera, which version did you use?

3. Do you use the newest version of the theme? We didn’t upload a new version for quite a wile, but I don’t know when you did buy it.

4. Could you open our preview norrsken.northemes.com in the same browsers and see if you get the same bug?

I hope we can solve this for you.

All the best

Daniel / Northemes


uliseo Purchased

Hi, i have this problem with an old versions of opera (v.12.17) and with IE 10 (not IE 11). Link of Opera v. 12.17: http://postimg.org/image/pdcc0xejd/

I bought the theme one month ago.

But the issue can be solved adding for example (margin-top:35px) in the file masonry.js, near the following line this.element.style[ isWidth ? ‘width’ : ‘height’ ] = measure + ‘px’;

masonry.js is the file that generates the following html output style=”position: relative; height: 2394.796875px; margin-top: 35px;” inside the container div.

And the theme is Awesome, thanks!


thank you, we will add this to the next release.

All the best

Daniel / Northemes


Just wondering if we’ll see an update soon now that they’re introduced multi-user and author pages. http://dev.ghost.org/themes-multi-user-ready/

Also, will static pages be added?



we currently looking into upgrading the theme to Ghost 0.5. This could take some time though. You will get a message when it is ready.

Thank you so much

Daniel / Northemes

Hi guys, I find the header a little slim, can you tell where I can change the format? Kindest Marko


when is planned the release of the update to Ghost 0.5?

Thank you.



sorry, late answer. We are working on it, but it might take some time. Sorry can’t give you a more precise timeframe.

All the best

Daniel / Northemes

Support for static pages on the navigation menu is a MUST. Support for featured photos (not photos that are the first item in the post, but photos that are embedded as featured from within the Ghost backend of the post) are also a must. According to the Themeforest item page, the last update for this theme was almost one year ago. That’s unacceptable. Please update soon to accommodate Ghost 0.5, or I will respectfully request a refund.


answered you via e-mail.

All the Best

Daniel / Northemes