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No more WHMCS support :(

Hi I would like to know do I link in the newsletter template northhost


i’m not sure that i understand properly, but if you mean the newsletter form in the footer of template i would like to inform you that the newsletter form does not working.

There are so many options to collect subscribers (a simple e-mail to you when someone subscribe or unsubscribe, a database connection to save the subscribers there, code from a related service like ActiveCampaign,Mailchimp etc.). So, you need to make the process that you want about it.


I don’t understand. Is this a WP template? Or a WHMCS template? Does it has a control panel for some simple functionalities?

Where can I find any docs on that theme here?


As title says it is a HTML template. No WP, no WHMCS, no control panel as all the other HTML templates.

The docs are downloadable with template after purchasing. They are not teach you HTML & CSS, but contain information about the included html, js, css files.

Thanks for interest.

Why no more WHMCS?

I decided to stop to support it in this theme. Maybe to a new.

That seems a strange move in my opinion. I’d better look elsewhere for clients needs.

Thanks for prompt reply

It is not a strange move for a 2 years old template in my opinion.

Thank you too.

Can we still use the theme with whmcs if we do the template files? I know this is an old theme, but its an awesome theme, will you continue to support this template with updates?

Hello, yes i will re-upload the WHMCS template in the next update, compatible with the latest WHMCS version, cause many buyers asking for it.

So, yes the updates will continue to this template.

Thanks for the kind comments :-)

I’m planning to buy, it the WHMCS template uploaded?


not yet, we’ll upload the WHMCS template in a few days. I believe (including ThemeForest’ review process) that will be available on Monday.

thanks for interest.

hi, before i purchase i would like to know if the whmcs template supports 5.3.5 and up


yes the demo is in latest version (5.3.7)

thanks for interest :-)

Hi, I want to buy it. But one of question, is it support whmcs 5.3.8


yes it is support whmcs 5.3.8

thanks for interest!


Xowi Purchased

Excellent job with this theme, I’m using blesta for billing and it does not integrate but matches well with a little color theory work. Looks fantastic on iPads and iPhones.

Please continue to support this theme!

Thank you for the kind comments!! Really appreciate it!


This is an awesome template. Great work!

Before I buy it I like to know the following:

1) Does it work with the latest version of WHMCS (5.3.10)?

2) How do I keep it compatible with the future versions of WHMCS? I guess I am trying to ask whether do you provide any future fixes?

2) When I buy this particular template for single site use, does it include all graphics/icons (buttons, icons, slider images, etc as seen on the demo)?


thanks for interest and for the kind comments :-)

1) yes, it is compatible. 2) i will update the WHMCS integration for any future updates/fixes. 3) yes, they included except of some images here that i do not have license for redistribution

thanks again!

Great, Thanks! For #3 I think those images in the URL you provided are part of the slider page isn’t it? I mainly care about the buttons and icons used through out the template/site.

some images yes, it is. To sum up, buttons and icons included. Also the slider images.


can this be boxed? I need a frontpage template to replace my boring reseller template. It needs to still fit the look and feel of the site and its boxed and not full width.


unfortunately it is not available as boxed version.

thanks for interest.


ashu1 Purchased

Last template Update on 30 January 15 may i know the change log so i can update my template since PURCHASED it before 2015


the only change is the new PHPMailer version to support the contact form with PHP versions 5.4+.

Download the template and replace your phpmailer folder with the new one.


Hello Sir,

As WHMCS Version 6 is coming, Will there be an update coming for WHMCS Theme of North Host ?

Thanks :)


yes it will be updated to support WHMCS 6.


Hi., the only problem is missing

Table vertical rates. Demo

Comparative example adds table below price table ” demo

back to top

wallet? just have a photo gallery flitre effect demo

template reponsive?

Best Regards.,,

Hi, would like some answers to my questions.

Thank you


you show me some examples from another template that is for sale here on Themeforest.

Do you mean that you want these features to this template? As this template has some features that missing from my template, my template has some features that missing from others.

It is not possible to cover you 100%.

Also, i consider to add some features to the next update.

Thanks for the suggestions.