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I’ve installed WooCommerce, but there seems to be a layout-issue. The sidebar gets messed up on the product pages (on other pages like Cart it does not). Can I fix this? I use a right sidebar on the entire site

Thanks a lot!


The theme doesn’t support WooCommerce. You’ll need to hire someone to make several changes to the theme to make it fully support WooCommerce.

This guide will help you on how to do it

That’s too bad. Is there another webshop-plugin it does support?


It actually can support WooCommerce, you just need to modify some files based on the guide on


We have bought this theme and the description says it contains layered psd files. We have searched through and unfortunately we can’t see anything! Would you be able to supply them to me.

Thanks Alexis


Sorry about the mistake in the theme description. The older version did have all of the layered PSD files but because there are some addition to the theme we haven’t got a chance to update the PSD file, that’s why we didn’t include it in the theme package.

If you want the old PSD files just send us a message from and we’ll send you the download link.

Hi, I emailed yesterday about the .psd files that this theme advertises as part of the package. Can you please supply me with the .psd files you have. I know you said they weren’t updated but I would like the not-updated versions please. Can you please send these through as soon as possible. Thanks


I have replied your email.

Ok. I have already requested the download link but unfortunately have not received anything yet. This is why I sent a follow up email.

Thanks have received now. Thanks for all your help!


CybMeta Purchased

I have a problem with the “scroll to top” button. It is not working on FireFox.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of div with class “clear” that are making nothing; the correct class in you style css is “clearfix” but anyway the clearfix CSS rules in “clearfix” class are not correct; for example, it is floted to left and a clearfix element shouldn’t be floated.

One more thing, I would suggest to stop using extract() php function in widget. It was dropped some time ago and not recommended by WordPress core team.

Another one more thing, I suggest to stop using @import in CSS files, it make imposible to use WordPress dependencies manager properly.


Regarding scroll to top, it is our mistake, we’ll fix it in next release. In the mean time you fix it by simply linking the back to top button to #main.

As for .clearfix, we did use float but if you noticed we also set clear: both on .clearfix class :)

Thanks for the other suggestion.

I’ve noticed the floated mistake because I introduced a block element above the prev/next post navigation in single view. The introduced element was collapsing with the navigation links. Then I noticed there was a with class “clear” in your templates and I tried to use it but it was making nothing, that class doesn’t exists in you CSS files and you have a lot of that divs in your templates, so I thought that was the source of the problem but it wasn’t. I suggest to remove that divs because they do nothing.

The prev/post navigation section had the class clearfix but it was floated to left making my new block element collapsing over the navigation links. As soon I’ve remove the floating rule in clearfix class the problem was fixed.

I’m not very expert in CSS so I can be wrong in the assumption that clearing floats in a floated element was the problem, but removing the float in the clearfix class fixed my problem and all I’ve seen about clearing floats was not using floats in the cleared element itself.

I had a similar problem trying to add a new block element above pagination links in archive pages.

Just found the real problem with the new element collapsing over prev/next post navigation.

The problem was not the floating in clearfix class but .post-detail .detail floated to left.

Hello, I have a problem with the top menu: I have a lot of sub-menus, and when I put my mouse on the main element, the sub-menu appears, but I can’t access the sub-menus that are below the “page”. When I scroll down with the mouse, my page goes down, but the sub-menu remains where it is – and I can only access the sub-menus that I can “see”. Do you see what I mean? Please help me fix this issue. I can send you the receipt of my payment if needed.


The Top Menu only support 1 menu level and the Main Menu only support 3 level menu.

I’m not talking about level depth, but in my Main menu, on level 2 I have a lot of items. And when I try to scroll down to get to the last item of the list, I can’t.

I’d like to know how to display the breadcrumb on the pages. Thanks


You need to install and activate WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin then go to SEO > Advanced > Enable Breadcrumbs.

Hello, I’d like to know how to display the breadcrumb on my pages. Thanks


I have replied in your previous comment.

I have tried to use the ads section but it does not show up on pages. What am I doing wrong. I have also tried using ad program with shortcode and it does not recognize these either. Please help.

Thankfully Marcos


Are you sure? Also, did you modify any of the theme files?

I do not know how to modify the files. That why I use template. And yes I am sure. I followed the instructions. I loaded the banners under the them options ad section. Then I loaded widgets to right side bar

I tried using Advanced Advertising System PRO plug-in as well and it did not recognize the shortcodes.

I am interested in the Notica theme, but I use The Events Calendar my Modern Tribe. I’ve had some problems with other themes not being compatible. Can you confirm this theme works with that Event plug in? Thx.

Good Morning! Have you figured out why I cannot get ads on web? I really like the template! The look and feel are great. However, need to get the ads on. I thought about purchasing a themeforest plug-in to see if it would work. Should I try it.


I am in the process of customizing your theme and having trouble with blurry images in the area below “breaking news”. What size/quality/type of images should be used so this issue doesn’t occur?

Thank you


So sorry for the very late response, I was sick for almost 2 weeks.

Have you tried regenerating your thumbnails using this plugin

Hi there,

I was just wondering how to make the whole image within the featured image collection clickable?

Thanks in advance,