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Hi I submitted a few tickets over last few days – just wondering when they’ll be responded to? Most important one (for now): Private Ticket #741511 Thanks!


We have notified our support team. They will take a look and get back to you as soon as possible.


Hey Guys, I urgently need you to respond my ticket it’s been 2 days now… Thank you.

I recieved a response… But it contains the wrong name of a File – There is no such folder in my nouveau file. The ticket was responded short after… 1. Update Theme and Visual Composer to latest versions:

How to upgrade subway theme?

You can upgrade our theme by performing following steps:

1. Download latest All files & documentation file from ThemeForest (your Downloads page)

2. Extract it and locate hazel.zip

3. Extract hazel.zip and locate subway folder

4. Copy/Replace the content of hazel folder to /wp-content/themes/hazel folder of your web site.

Using this method, none of existing content or settings will be lost.

Ok, we realized it was the name of one of your themes. We followed and the mission was a success. Thank you.

You’re welcome. Glad we could help. :)


Hi :)

how can I remove button “Select Options” I attached image: http://postimg.org/image/5pqarv1o7/

Website link: http://print4ever.com/shop/

Hello Vedrana,

Add this css code in Select Options -> General -> Custom CSS field:

body:not(.single-product) ul.products li.product .add_to_cart_button {
    display: none!important;



GipsyGp Purchased

Send them to this day 3 ticket with problems I have with the product acquired with you, but to this day I have no answer.


Please tell us your ticket ID to check what’s happening with our support team? Thanks


Hi Select,

Thank you for this great theme! I recently bought it and i’m now figuring out, how things work. I get stuck on the video in the select slider for the homepage. I’ve converted my 5 sec. video in three formats; MP4, WEBM and OGV. Uploaded them in media en used the URL links in the slider. On internet explorer the video does’nt show, and the slides just get stuck. On Firefox the video does show, but it’s not running smooth at all. I can’t figure out what is going wrong..

The next thing i’m struggling with is when i upload a background image in a row, the quality looks “ok” but not great on the computer, when viewing from mobile the picture is very blurred and stretched! The image i used has a great resolution.

Any ideas? Thank you on forehand.

Best wishes, Freddy van Vliet www.provphotography.nl

Hello Freddy ,

Please submit a ticket to https://select.ticksy.com , with a link to your site and our support agents will check all these and help with this problems you’re experiencing.


Hello good day, I buy their squad but before doing that could answer if I can just let the video as the main slider, only the video not want to add images in the main slider, so it could tell me the format, duration of the video and video dimensions to be high definión see. Thank you. Please answer clearly.


Yes of course. You can have only video slides inside Select Slider.

You can find the instructions how to create slider here http://demo.select-themes.com/nouveau-help/#!/select_slider

We can’t recommend specific dimensions and duration. You need to find some balance between size and quality. You have the option to choose slider change(sliding) time, so you can set it to be equal to video duration.

For our demo, we used video with this specs http://screencast.com/t/B5D6PlIN 720p video.



barrow Purchased

Just updated to the latest theme, followed all instructions for reinstalling the latest Visual Composer but now all I get is the box for Visual Composer on the page but it doesn’t work. Any previous items I have previously added are not showing. The code is there when I view the page in classic mode but I can’t edit them now.


Please make sure you have the latest Nouveau 2.3.1 version, and Visual Composer

After these updates, clear all the cache, since the error was in script.

Then it should all work fine with WP 4.5 version.

If the problem is still on , submit a private ticket to https://select.ticksy.com , with a link to your site and WP admin access, and our support team will check this further.


Can you please provide detailed instructions on how to update the theme? We have tried numerous times and it is not working. Thank you.

2.3.1 version of Nouveau theme along with included Visual Composer is tested and stable with WordPress 4.5 and 4.5.1

We got positive feedback from plenty users, that the latest updates resolved all the incompatibility problems with new WP.

We want to help you really, but you need to provide us WP admin and FTP access on ticksy, in order for our team to help with this.

I feel like you are deliberately avoiding my issues. I have said to you several times that when we downloaded the latest version of Nouveau from our downloads area on Themeforest, the version downloaded says 2.3 and NOT 2.3.1. I asked you if this was correct. You avoided answering that. Then I told you that your system won’t allow us to submit a ticket anymore. You know that when the support expires, your system won’t allow you to submit a ticket unless you pay to extend support. You avoided that as well. Our support for this item just ended, but we will not pay you a dime for you to play games with us. And I am absolutely certain that you are aware of the issues with Visual Composer as there are hundreds of complaints about it breaking websites and is no longer usable (http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431/comments). Stop pretending you have no idea what I am talking about.

Furthermore, there are people who have reached out to you regarding this same issue and you were not able to fix the problem. They mentioned it on the comments page for Visual Composer. This is how I know you are lying. We have restored a backup of our site so that we can continue to build it and go live. Won’t waste another minute on this nonsense and your ridiculous replies. You have lost our business for good!


No need to be rude here. We’re doing our best to help you.

Write us an email to support@select-themes.com with a link to your site, WP admin access and FTP credentials.


Hi can you please respond to support Private Ticket #741511? Thanks! Also in your instructions on how to update the theme above – you wrote make sure the main theme is active. So if I have the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades – and I just need to update the theme, but I have the child theme installed, I need to re-activate the main theme (not child theme) and update the main theme? Or I can still have child theme activated and install main theme? Thanks!


Your ticket has been answered, check ticksy please. You only need to update parent theme, not the main theme. Since you’re using the plugin, follow the standard procedure you perform for theme update.

But after you update your theme , you need to activate main one, just to be able to update Visual Composer following our instructions. Then after you update this, you can re-activate child theme again.