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The banner doesn´t work whit wordpress 3.4.2… why???


This is HTML version no WP :) Cheers!

Hi, Really nice work. I purchased it and have been creating a site for a client with it but I’m having a few issues I was hoping you can help with. I can’t seem to line up a few backgrounds and photos correctly. Also, on the Index page the type under the ca-icons appears rasterized. (These issues are appearing in IE. Any advice other then to tell my client to stop using IE? Thanks, Tony

Selou Purchased

I try to embed a youtube link to the portfolio-4columns-filter. When i replace the existing youtube link and try to load the video, i get the error “image cannot be loaded. make sure the path is correct and image exist ” The website shows the featured image but doesnt load the video. Please Help. Thx best

How do I change the height of the homepage slides? I uploaded an image with a height of 350 and now there is a huge gap between the bottom of the slide image and the page content! Please help.

Hello dear supporters, the last comment is about 9 month ago. Will you support this theme in the future?

Regards from Germany


...and is the actual release (2014/june) compatible with the latest WP version (3.9.1) ?

i love this one;