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I have now resolved the JQuery errors, by commenting out the Jquery calls in the footer template – one of the plugins I am using calls them in the header.

The final error: Uncaught ReferenceError: initialize is not defined

references the onload=”initialize()” call in the body tag however I cant find any other reference to this function.

What does it do?

Is there anyway to change the google maps script so that its default is satellite view?


We’re running Version 1.3.2 of Nova. Is it ok to update WP to 3.5.1?

thanks, Andy

Hi, I didn’t test it on current update. You have to make a copy of files and database before you update because I can’t guarantee it right now. Thank you!

I have one little Problem with your theme…. i can`t see the Copyright Text in the Footer but I have write the Text in your Theme Options… any hint ?


i also write you a private message

OH great Service…. 5 days and no answer !

9 days and no answer ? ;-/

Hi George .. sorry for delay but people need sometimes a holiday :) Anyway I sent you a PM message. Regards

THANK YOU !!!!!!!

I cant change the background of the theme and i cant see the copyright text in the footer please help

what do i need to do to get a response? ;(

what do i need to do to get a response? thx

Sorry but this is not a response theme.

I too am having issues with OptionTree, and the footer. I have sent an email but have not had a response. Can anyone please help?

Still no response from the author so I’ve found and installed an old version of option tree. It works better, but still has issues. The google maps function for the contact page doesn’t work, and even the sample import data doesn’t display correctly (slider not positioned correctly).

I’ve already invested so much time in this… how do you request a refund…?

Seems that this author is not more active. I take distance from the sale of any of his themes.

Hi, I asked a bout a week ago about how difficult would it be to adjust your template to a website using Gantry framework, but cannot find it. Here it goes again, hopefully somebody will respond…