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Slider does not show. Respond please

Excellent theme!

Just having a couple of difficulties. I can’t seem to get the “lightbox” effect for picture/video galleries. It’ll just show the one picture, or take me directly to YouTube. How do I get the images to cycle and videos to show on-site (without redirecting to YouTube) like in the demo?

When I add a gallery to a post, the images do not show up.

Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I find it amazing that a so-called “Elite Author” on themeforest has missed a great opportunity to expand his business, and make more money in the process.

Themeforest features his product as a free download giving a lot of potential new customers a chance to work with his theme.

This is a great way for him to show these potential new customers how good his work is, and if needed, how good his customer support is. Happy customers buy more themes in the future.

AtiX has failed in my opinion.

Questions here, and those that have been PMed (I’ve sent 2 so far), for the most part go unanswered.

Scores of questions & requests for help, and no answers from the Author for DAYS …and even when he does answer, it’s only a couple of questions.

There is nothing more frustrating that having a problem with a theme & the author can’t be bothered to reply to questions for help.

While this had the potential to be a good theme, I’m glad I didn’t pay for it.

The documentation is terrible & the Author is mostly none-responsive.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, I wouldn’t buy any of this Author’s work, no matter how good it looked in the demo.

flarp9 Purchased

‘Portfolio’ options Cannot find the link referenced here. “SET THUMBNAIL ” never appears anywhere. From The Documentation on Portfolio: Choose the number of items you want to display on your Portfolio Gallery view Pages. In Portfolio full view will show default number from ‘Reading Settings’ => (http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/options-reading.php) Assign Portfolio Page to a Category. Must be selected page templates for portfolio already when you will create pages.

AtiX Author


I will contact to your email in a few minutes.

Best regards,

I have a quick question, I am trying to insert my logo where the logo is however I am doing it trough wordpress and the instructions that are given for the logo are a bit vague because the url does not work for the logo and I can not change the logo by uploading it because there is no instructions for that. If you could help me please that would be great.

Thank you!

Excellent work my friend!!Congratulations;)

Hs this theme responsive design? Dows it use CSS3 and HTML5 ?

It means that when you are free so bad. Is the money I wonder whether the public areas suffered so much? 3 column does not work, 4 columns does not work nivo slider does not work. puzzle, but is it so ..


I downloaded this for free in November, i want to use piecemaker slider, but i can’t find where to select the pictures that will show.

I have uploaded some images to my galleries, but i do not know how to link them to the slider.

Please HEEEEELP !!!

Hi thanks for the great theme :) I am just having some trouble using lightboxes with the theme. I have tried four different plugins to add a lightbox effect to images and galleries that I have inserted into my pages/posts but none of them seem to work. I can see that they add the rel tag to the source code, but they all open in a new window, not a lightbox. Please any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks

Just to continue on from my posting above. I have found a lot of shortcode code that doesn’t seem to work with this theme or at least, we don’t know how to use them :P these shortcodes pertain to image-effects and dropcaps etc. Do you have any reference guide on how to use the shortcodes because that may help with the problem above… I just don’t know, have never had this problem before and it is driving me insane ;)

javierorta. Look for Piecemaker slider on google, All documentation is there. I am an almost complete newbie web designer and I got the slider to work. You will need pictures that are all the same size, and define the size in the xml file..

hello this template follows the xml?

Hi ! i dont know whats happend with the slides there are specific size for the images? If u want check www.preciosatour.com.br . by the way very good template , im not your costumer yet but im gonna check something to buy soon. Att Jandy Brazil

I wanted this one from the first I saw it & when I had the money, I couldn’t find it. It’s been months, & for now you’ve offered it as a freebie! I can’t thank you enough!

Help I tried to set the gallery but the lightbox doesn’t work when click on photo or video it redirect to the photo page or youtube site and not popping up the lightbox effect. Step by step how to setup will be welcome.

Hi !

I have a issue with youtube videos in posts , i already used cod direct of youtube , already instaled plugin wpyoutube and dont load the video in post , can u help me ?

att Jandy

Hi, The theme is really nice!! great job. I would like to know if is possible to disable the Slider on the theme??

Thank you!

I didn’t even download this freebie because when I clicked on each color scheme, it didn’t change the color of the page, it simply went back to the Home Page. Then when I clicked on Styles and the color theme option again, it went to the color options page and the change took effect. This tells me that the theme developer needs a bit more understanding of WordPress; I’ve never seen this type of fail. What a shame. Seems like a nice theme overall, but judging from some of the comments, I’m not about to download it.

AtiX Author


For me works without problems. In which browser you have tried and don’t works?

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