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I can’t figure out how to edit the contact form can some one help me a bit please?

AtiX Author

The contact page is in the main theme folder:


Thank you very much Atix.

It does not install, can someone tell me why? It takes long to install and finally it comes with a failure comment.

My posts are getting trimmed with “[...]”, regardless if I put or omit “Read more” tag.


Any clues?

To my previous post, problem is in file single.php, line 17, where it should be “the_content” instead of “the_excerpt”.



no support for official jwplayer plugin?

Hello guys, great theme! thanks for making it free.

Just one question, how do I increase the number of images in the main page’s nivo slider, the settings from the novatorix menu don’t change the value, it stays at 10 even if I put 3 or 50.


Thank you!

very very elegant theme. Gr8 job and thanks for making it free

I am using the steelblue.css and the main nav has a greenish highlight on the page it is currently on. I would like to make that a dark blue or have it be the same as it is on the demo (which seems to be no change other than the hover.)


Has anyone had any luck getting the sliders to work? I really need help and I’ve received none.

prettyphoto zoom for video stopped working. What can be the cause of this? – it just takes you to the direct link on Youtube.


Only the accordion slide will work for me. Please see www.axis.comeze.com and help! I really like your work, but it doesn’t seem TO WORK .

Really like this theme. It was my first one and after some tinkering seems to be working. However, the Blog posts have [...] after a few words and a ‘continue reading’ .

Opening ‘continue reading’ and it still is shortened with [...].

I spent the entire weekend trying to figure out why this isn’t working. Any ideas? Made a test post. http://markwestonmd.com/blog

tried to install the theme and got this error. checked my files and nope! no css file. thanks for your help- Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

solution to earlier post: I changed the css in single.php. Go to Appearance/Editor/ make sure the top right shows Novatorix and go down to Single Post (single.php) find teh following: <?php the_excerpt(__(‘Read the rest of this entry ┬╗’,’novatorix’)); ?> and change ’ excerpt ’ to ’ content ’ .then update. Finally works!

How do you increase the number of slides in the nivo slideshow? even after ¡changing the number of slides in the novatorix options it does nothing below or above 10 slides.

Thank you!

hello anybody this is havira i like know about change color menus please learn me for change it i konw about html cods i traced all style.css file but i cant find my target! please help me

hello the another problem with my beautiful theme and i am crying so i am little girl i install “dynamic to top” from wordpress website my menu dynamit fanection disbaled when i make this plugin activated please help me atix i love you

I need to change the number of images in the nivo slider please!!!

This is a cool theme, and thanks for the gift I thinks the theme has two problems.. - the operation of the slider is not correct - Read more button when is clicked the post doesn’t display properly “My posts are getting trimmed with “[...]”, regardless if I put or omit “Read more” tag.”

Where can i find tutorials about this or why support take so long


Hi I downloaded your theme and I’ve been having problems with the gallery…the images in the portfolio keep opening on a different page and they show in the blog to. How do i fix them to show only in portfolio and open in there? Thanks