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Footer Column 1 & 2 runs over while in use. Unable to figure out slider. Help Plz

It seems they have stopped giving support for this template, I haven’t found a solution for the image count for the nivo slider anywhere and haven’t got a response of any kind yet.

I hope their paying customers fare better.

home page logo not taking me to the home page when clicking on it. EX. when i click on it it takes me to www.domain.com/directory instead of www.domain.com.

Whats the fix? Thank You

INSTALLED THEME ON NEW HOST AND FIXED EVERY ISSUE : I am terribly sorry! Every issue that I thought was yours was actually mine. I urge you all to check your hosts. Everything in the theme now works perfectly when using godaddy’s paid hosting.

Actually, I have one more problem. I can’t get categories to be excluded from blog page. It won’t stick. It just keeps resetting. Any help?

I only want to say THANK YOU for this theme as the FFoM. I think I will use it soon. It’s really nice, easy to customize and works perfectly.

Hi Everyone, I think a majority of the problems everyone is experiencing with plugins not working with this theme is the fact that wp_head(); is commented out in the header file so when plugins are installed, their scripts cannot be automatically called in the header. I have no idea why this was commented out, nor have I seen it before. Perhaps the developer can shed some light? In the meantime it seems to have fixed some of my issues. For those that are not familiar with editing themes, open the header.php file go to line 39 you will see //wp_head(); just remove the // and save and it should work. I hope that this helps some people. Thanks


Gosh.. i havent even started down that route of plugins. FRUSTRATING ! I cannot change the three-colum .columm css code for nothing. Using firebrick red. the links match the red color, and then non-visited links are some godly blue… i think the css had it setup to my ie preferences. removed that css line.. still having the issue… any takers??? this is frustrating!


not work “prettyPhoto”


help me.


not work “prottyPhoto” see: http://www.jormac.cl/?page_id=350

help me.


blog page not working??? anyone having this issue???

it’s good

How come i haven’t seen anyone with the ligtbox effect not working issue not have a reply and/or an answer? I ‘ve had this problem on two different hosting sites now. Wordpress and Novatorix are updated to their current versions so that’s not the problem…or is it? Can someone help!?

How to fix the slider options? Can’t add more than one image. :(

Been having some issues with the peacemaker slider not transitioning… Seeing all the replies here it seems I was on my own in figuring it out.

Here is the solution if the peacemaker slider isn’t changing slides: novatorix\sliders\piecemaker\piecemaker.php


<?php echo $output_transitions; ?>

I changed that line to this:

    <?php //echo $output_transitions; ?>
    <Transition Pieces="9" Time="1.2" Transition="easeInOutBack" Delay="0.1" DepthOffset="300" CubeDistance="30"></Transition>
    <Transition Pieces="15" Time="3" Transition="easeInOutElastic" Delay="0.03" DepthOffset="200" CubeDistance="10"></Transition>
    <Transition Pieces="5" Time="1.3" Transition="easeInOutCubic" Delay="0.1" DepthOffset="500" CubeDistance="50"></Transition>
    <Transition Pieces="9" Time="1.25" Transition="easeInOutBack" Delay="0.1" DepthOffset="900" CubeDistance="5"></Transition>

anyone figure out how to change link colors? CSS editor won’t take my adjustments


yes, you have to manually over-ride..

the classes are not in order i’d switch themes but ive spent too much time on it already to giveup.

.three-column .column a:link {color:#ffffff;}
.three-column .column a:visited {color:#ffffff;}
.three-column .column a:hover {color:#ffffff;}
.three-column .column a:active {color:#ffffff;}

#recentcomments a:link {color:#ffffff;}
#recentcomments a:visited {color:#ffffff;}
#recentcomments a:hover {color:#ffffff;}
#recentcomments a:active {color:#ffffff;}
#recentcomments {color:#FFFFFF} 

I know.. its the long way, but the only way ive gotten mine to work!

Thanks @adminsuperwoman

Alright, so that worked! Now how about getting widget images (like social icons) to show up in the footer? Cus that doesn’t seem to be working.

hello howdy atrix? you know this theme is fantastic i need to change title fonts. size, color of posts please help me or gonna kill you thanks bye