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For all those who didn’t manage to fix the prettyPhoto script work, you have to fix a line in portfolio-template.php. First open the header.php and un-comment the line


Next, open portfolio-template.php and find the following line
<a href="<?php echo $get_custom_image_url; ?>" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]" class="folio-item"></a>
and change it to
<a href="<?php echo $get_custom_image_url; ?>" rel="prettyPhoto" class="folio-item"></a>
After this fix things should work ok-ish.

Thanks @VeronicaClare for the blog view fix, and the wp_head(); fix.

Someone please take a look at ahigherclass.co.uk & view the Portfolio page, I have no idea what’s happened to it.

Also if anyone has any idea how to work the ‘Get in touch’, I’d be very greatful. Atix is not responding to me.


Hey guys, Thanks, the above fix worked like a charm… I was beatin my head against a wall tryin to figure it out!

OK, I got the lightbox thing to work, only now when I click on an image in the gallery, only that image is viewable in the lightbox, it does not allow me to click through to other images on the same gallery page.

I love this theme, but I can’t figure out how to change the area for the logo….or move the slider down. My logo is larger than the area allows for and I don’t want to resize it. Also, my links in my footer widgets are bright blue and can’t be seen in the footer. I need help please!!!

A link to the XML demo! Please!

Can you or someone please tell me how to activate the social media buttons! i have activated them in the novatorix menu but can not find a widget or footer te activate. Please help!

regards BJ

Can anyone tell me how to slow down animation of images in novi slider?

AtiX Author

Set the Nivo Transition Speed and Nivo Pause Time in WP admin panel in Novatorix > Nivo Slider Settings like in this screenshot http://d.pr/i/13zi

Okey, but now I see, that my version is older, and in Novatorix I have just “Homepage slider”. Could you tell me, in which file is the option?

AtiX Author

These options can be found in the last theme version 2.0.1 in the file ”/novatorix/lib/admin/theme-options.php”

OK, but my version is 1.4. How can I update the theme? Could you send me these files?

AtiX Author

You can buy it :)

Hello, Unable RSS ,Twitter and Facebook but i can’t see social icons. Best regards, Kostas

having trouble with the theme, theme will not allow me to add photos to the slider and also does not show footer information, get in touch links, and when search is enabled it is in an odd spot in the theme :(

This theme is visually appealing, but there are some quirks while I was working on it. If anyone can help, it will be appreciated: 1) My featured image on any post does not appear on the single post page, only on the “news” page. 2) Any markup (lists, headings, text decorations, etc) in my posts has been completely stripped out. It’s only text. How can I fix that? 3) I installed a vital plugin “the Events Calendar”’. It’s styling has been completely stripped out – I guess the same problem as nr.2.


Can you please help;

On file homepage.php line 316-333 line needs file from /scripts/piecemaker/ but file not there?

Many thanks


i can not get the “contact form” to work, please could somebody help me with this? i created a page and on the right sidebar i put the contact form template but it doesnt seems to work, maybe there are several steps that im missing, ill be grateful if someone help me out by telling me how to setup properly the contact form. thanks in advance.

Documentation is limited, to say the least!... The “free download” (2 months ago), which it was without the XML with the Demo content, is almost unusable.

It looks close to impossible to build any page that resembles even vaguely a page from the demo…

The XML with the Demo content (which it was added recently) might be of some help but of course I won’t risk buying it since the “free download” gives such a bad experience (for so many users it seems!)... Who can guarantee if the Demo content works since so many other things seem not to work or we can’t find out how they work because the documentation is so limited?!....

I wonder how this project got approved by the Envato’s evaluation team when most comments are about complaints how this theme doesn’t work as it’s supposed to…

Now this theme is work! Just when i thought i had it all setup..i just noticed that my images are not linked all throughout..one part of the image is linked and the other part is not…seriously!!!!!?? I thought the image was the problem but when i change to twenty twelve it all good..something is wrong and this time i can’t find it! Has anyone had this problem or got it fixed?

hi is it herd to switch the theme 2 RTL ?

Hi, installing the plug all in one seo but does not work with the library powered. What should I do to make this plugin to work. thank you.

Found the solution to my image link problem..before my images were partially linked..one part of the image was linked and the other part was not..looks like the text elements were overlapping the images so what i did was to ad a positon: relative and z index: 100 something like image.jpg” style=”width: 180px; height: 283px; float: right; position:relative; z-index:100;”

Am all set now..i like this theme and i have spent a lot of time figuring it out to make sure it works great. I understand with free themes we don’t guarantee support. I promise to buy it just to give tribute to the maker..