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Could you please provide a live preview of Novelti for mobile devices, or at least screenshots of what the theme looks like as viewed on a mobile device? I am considering purchasing this theme for my student newspaper’s site, but I want to show my fellow newsroom people how it’ll look on mobile. Thanks.


Also, is it possible to extend the dark background (that appears at the top of the page) throughout the entire page? I really love that look. Easy on the eyes.



Please submit official support ticket.

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- Djordje

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hey there. it looks like a great theme and im on my way to purches it. One questions though: I have read that the theme is translation ready, but is it RTL ready as well? *when activating on an RTL based wordpress installation. I know most themes are not and I have spent hours on rtl’ing themes. but recently I found some that are, which made my life a lot easyer :)


hi.. can i please get an answer?