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Having major problems with the theme after a move from my localhost to a test server: (still in development). Not only are the links to the images broken, but I can’t, for example, create new slider posts.

I have 3 different ways I can move a WordPress site and I tried them all with the same results. I did notice that most of the pictures we’d used for testing locally had spaces in their names, so I tried an image with no spaces and that didn’t work either.

Slider images don’t show up at all. In the portfolio, the thumbnails don’t show up, but the large images do. Was supposed to get this done this week.

The only major change I’ve made is to delete the map from the contact page template.

@flojnel i’m not sure but sometimes when i move my wordpress to another server, i have to use the plugin “get image” to pull all the images back into the theme. worth a try..

i would like to purchase this theme right now. i just need to know is it possible to make the landing page the blog? i want the blog to be the first page people see. thank you.

i have purchased the theme. i have gone to “reading” and set the page to static and blog. however, the blog is still not appearing as the main index page. please advise as soon as possible. thank you.

@cheeks21 – thanks for the input. I found out it’s a HostGator permissions issue. This article addresses it: http://www.thecreatology.com/unable-to-generate-thumbnail-using-timthumb-issue-with-hostgator.html.

I don’t use HostGator. I need the blog posts to appear on the main page. Please help.

My issue is not the same as @flojnel’s…

Hello and sorry for late response, please submit all issues to info@themesaholic.com.

Another issue:

On all the main pages of the Novica theme, the content won’t show paragraphs. I commented out this line in fuctions.php:

remove_filter( 'the_content', 'wpautop' );

but that hasn’t solved the problem. Can you tell me where to make the change?

My client also tells me that in Safari on the Mac, the images popup below the middle of the page – they’re near the top in other browsers. Any solution?


I now have it at a regular domain and am still experiencing the same issue.

@cssmania – Paragraph problem solved. There’s a second instance of the removal code in the header. Commented it out and now working.

Would still like to know if you have a solution for the placement of the popups in Safari on the Mac.

@flojnel Please submit all issues to info@themesaholic.com.

i have purchased the theme. i have gone to “reading” and set the page to static and blog. however, the blog is still not appearing as the main index page. please advise as soon as possible. thank you.!! contact me, i’ve contacted you many times.

Please check your email

The documentation for this theme mentions using short codes and states “While writing a page or post, you will see some additional buttons below the editing area”... I don’t see any buttons to add those short codes to the pages. Do I have to activate them somewhere first?

What I would really like is to utilize the Lobster font in a few select areas such as some headlines, by using the quote feature.


When creating a post or page you will see two tabs on top right of text box, switch to HTML and now you will see the shortcodes.

While I can read the html tabs on each page to get the shortcodes, csite owners who are not programmers/designers have a difficult time. It would be SO helpful if you had a page in your documentation that simply lists a ledger or key to what the short codes are and the actual shortcode. Your documentation only shows what they look like, but a user still has to browse all over the site to find the exact shortcode that they want to copy/paste.

Thanks for your suggestion, we will probably add this to themes documentation with the update.

Hi, firstly great theme, I’d like to know how I can add extra fields to the contact form, I need to the form to have the following;

subject name email tel no address postcode message

can you please help me do this.

Check your email please

We’re using this theme for http://www.bellalavitaphoto.com/. We have been dissatisfied with how the Lobster font does not show up consistent across all browsers, especially in Safari 5.0 which is not that outdated. Can you fix it please?

Hello and sorry for late response.

We have tested your site on Safari 5.1.5 and it was showing fine. If you have more questions please send e-mail to info@themesaholic.com.

I sent an email through ThemeForest but haven’t heard back yet. I’m trying to set this theme up at www.AJKleinBooks.com and I want the blog page to be the homepage—no slider or any other static homepage material, just the blog page as the homepage.

Normally this is as simple as leaving WP defaults in place or setting a static “blog” page as the homepage in the Wordpress Reading settings. But that didn’t work with this theme. If anyone has figured out how to do this, please let me know. I absolutely love the look of this theme, but if it can’t be used as an actual blog theme w/o the static homepage that I don’t want, then I can’t use this.



Sorry for the delayed answer, please check your e-mail and let us know if the solution we provided worked.

Brilliant. The new file worked. Thank you! :)

My question is regarding the blog at http://AJKleinBooks.com.

The site previously showed excerpts on the home page blog. After upgrading to WP 3.5 those excerpts have disappeared. Any ideas as to why that might happen? I have over 50 WP installations, and while there have been a few other upgrade glitches, I haven’t seen this particular problem with other themes I’m currently using.

If you have any thoughts on a fix, I’d be very grateful.

Thank you!

Originally, the theme was not build thinking in WP 3.5 . We will have a look and see the way to fix it. Have you checked if there is some known bug/change in the WP 3.5 “list of changes” regarding the_excerpt() ?

It looks like it fixed itself. I’ve never seen something like that happen—gone one day, and back the next with no other changes made. No clue what happened, but it seems okay again now. If anyone else saw something similar they might know more about it. Thanks for looking into it. :)

Mmmm! Ok. :D

Hi. Please respond to your emails. I have sent several already and have not heard from you. - How do we add paragraphs in the content? Pressing the return key does nothing. - Can 2 portfolio pages be added to feature photos from different categories for each portfolio? - Theme does not work with the latest version of wordpress. The html tab in the content areas does not function and the widgets cannot be customised with the latest version. Are there any plans to update the theme? - In the content panel, when you click on shortcode to add 3 columns, the interface goes off the screen so you can’t click the OK button to actually add it.


Hello? Is anybody there? No email and no response here either?

We are overloaded right now updating themes to support 3.5.1. You should get an answer in the next 24hours.

This theme has been broken since Wordpress 3.6 (apparently because you’re loading your own jquery which is no longer allowed).

Any updates coming out soon, or tips to fix this? It ruins a lot of admin functionality (fly-out menus, media uploads from the post edit screen, comment responses from the admin area, etc.). I’d just hate to have to start all over with another theme over it, but 3.6 has been out a while now and I can’t keep operating a broken site.





Any news on this? I like the others above have a major issue with jquery and its effecting almost everything on the admin side as well as the front end. Any update?